Placenta Laying On Cervix

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Ema - February 17

i'm 20 weeks pregnant and just had my first ultrasound. when they went to look at my cervix they found that my placenta is covering the cervix. has anyone experienced this and what was the out come this is my 3rd child and i'm very scared and nervus


Christine - February 18

Its called placenta previa, and it can be dangerous...I have/had (they usually move) a marginal placenta previa which means that my placenta was/is right next to my cervix but not covering...chances are if it stays where it is they will do a c section...delivering v____ally with a placenta previa can cause a very bad hemorage...I had my sonogram at 18 weeks...where they say it is very common for the placenta to show may not be need to take it easy, and probably if you have a full placenta previa you may be placed on bed rest, light to heavy bleeding may your doc if you start to bleed any...try not to worry too much..(I know, I know) but there is nothing at this point that can be done to change things..just remember to take it easy...really...I am on my 3rd as well, and a single mom so I know how hard things get at home...but try to stay off your feet..good luck


E - February 18

I had an almost full previa at 20 weeks and it moved quickly. I no longer have a previa of any type. You have a higher risk of a previa with multiple pregnancies, theory being that an egg has implanted in your uterus before and those favorable "spots" are no longer available for future implantations. The result is that the egg implants in less favorable areas of the uterine wall. Same goes for women who miscarry or have had uterine surgery. I would not worry. There is a 95% chance that it will work its way up as the baby grows. Abstain from s_x completely and that includes orgasms from manual/nipple stimulation. You do not want the uterus to experience contractions while you have a previa. Good luck!


bonnie - February 23

my little boy is now 11 months (also my 3rd) at 20 week my ultra sound showed a grade 4 (total cover with the cord directly above the cervix) i was told i would have a miscarrage go home and wait but bed rest only get up to go to the toilet might help,and no s_x, like i wanted it anyway. my bleeding started that night but we hung on.... each appointment with doctors they said keep up what ever your doing if you can make it to 27 weeks he stands a 90 percent chance.. at 30 weeks i was taken to hospital as the risk for the baby and myself was to GREAT if you get my meaning at 37 weeks we delivered via c secton at 6lbs then discovered he was approx 7weeks early because the placenta was thick and so very low it gave them false dates so watch out for that !!!! the doctor can also give you shots to help with the babies lungs if you have to deliver early (i didnt due to having to travell didnt want to take any risks than had to ) listen to christine rest rest and more rest while in hospital i meet other women with our problem and in the end they all had healthy happy babies hang in there and keep us posted i know how scarred you are get help with kids stuff the housework ,buy the takeaway ,leave the laundry it will all still be there when your baby arrives


been there.. - February 25

i was placenta previa as well. i was put on bed rest in the hospital for two months. before i went in, i was bleeding with severe clots. five weeks before i was to give birth, i opted for induced labor and had my son naturally as opposed to c-section. the best thing you can do is try not to worry (although i know it's hard) and get lots of time OFF yoru feet. my son is VERY healthy and VERY happy. i'm sure everything will work out for you. good luck :)


Jennifer - March 1

I had a complete placenta previa with my little girl. They may tell you that it will move as the pregancy progresses or it may not. If it doesnt move you will need to have a csection. I carried my baby until 29 weeks. With modern science at the level it is now.. you will be fine..Its not how the baby gets into the world , just that they do!! All the best !



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