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Gaya - July 21

Hi , I am 15 week pregnant and have been told i have placenta previa. it is low lying.Has anyone has experience with this and does acupunture help to 'move' it up? i have read some articles that state it can help... but would love to hear your experience. Thanks Gaya



I am 14 weeks with complete previa and I am deathly terrified about it because I will have to juggle recovery my toddler and my newborn. I'm jus not hearing about the acupuncture and I think I'm gonna try to see if my insurance pays for that. Are your doctors puttin you on bedrest and waching you more losely or is it pretty much the same.


Gaya - July 25

hi here, i know how you feel. i am so worried. I have just started acupuncture with a fertility acupunturist. I do hope it works. My acupunturist says that some or her clients have seen positive changes.... i am going to try it till my 20 week scan.... my doctor has not put me on bed rest.... just wnats me to take it easy and watch out for any bleeding.... hope it all works out for the both of us... what has your doctor told you to do?



Yes I hope so too but I went to the er and they asked for me to get a sono within a week so now I'm going to go back tomorrow to get that sonogram


carlican - November 20

Hi ladies. I have been diagnosed with low lying placenta since around 15 weeks, after I had two heavy bleeds with blood clots, one at 12 weeks and one at 15 weeks. I had time off of work and bleeding slowed and eventually stopped at about 18 weeks. Apparently, it is unusual to bleed that early in the pregnancy with previa, as it is expected in the late third trimester, if you still have it by then. I was told at my 20 week scan that it is still low lying and hadn't "moved" round. I've now got to wait until 36 week scan to find out. I'm told it's very likely it will have moved by then, but if not, I will have to have c-section. I have never been put on bedrest, despite all the bleeding, but have been told to avoid heavy exercise, swimming, intercourse, and all the other regular pregnancy rules... lifting, straining etc. I'm not back at work as a barmaid at 26 weeks, and doing shorter shifts. I find the best thing is not to worry, as it is likely the previa will sort itself out, and it's not a direct harm to the baby. However, if any of you ladies experience any bleeding, even a tiny bit, please visit the emergency room straight away. That is what I have been told. Hope all goes well. :) :) p.s. - I personally wouldn't go for acupuncture - nature usually takes care of it and 90% of all previa's move. Nothing to be scared of if you take it easy and are careful.



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