Placental Abruption In The First Trimester

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lilmum - May 1

I had some brown spotting the other day and i went to the hospital to get checked out. I am Rh- and needed a shot. They did an ultrasound and said it was only detached a very little bit, but i am only 10 weeks.. by the time i left the hospital the spotting had stopped, but it came back the next day (yesterday) and continued until this morning, and now has stopped again. It is a very light brown but i am still very concerned that i might lose this pregnancy. I did see my baby and it's little heart was beating away, but i'm really scared. Has anyone had this and gone ahead to have a completely healthy pregnancy? How long can i expect the spotting to continue?? It seemed lighter the second time so i'm hoping this means it's going away.


Audrea - May 1

I have seen this happen with many women to go on to have successful pregnancies. The brown blood is old blood from when you first bleed. If it is just a small area of detachment then it will usually reattach as your pregnancy goes on. Just make sure you take it easy as not to cause it to detach anymore. Your doctor should tell you what you need to be doing to improve the chances of this pregnancy. If you have more questions then you should call your doctor's office until ALL of your questions are answered, afterall that is what they are there for.


lilmum - May 3

thank you audrea for responding. I had a nurse tell me "prepare for misscarrage", which of course, had me thinking the worst. The spotting has stopped completely now (for over two days now, only had spotting for two days) and baby has a strong heartbeat. Things are looking really good :) The doctor told me there isn't much i can do but rest as much as possible for the next week to help healing, other than that, he said there's not much i can do, if i was meant to lose it, it was just meant to be, but he even thinks things are looking good and doesn't think i will lose it!



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