Placental Separation URGENT

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moonjockey - July 6

Hi. It is with great concern and urgency that I'm asking for information on the following. My wife is 6weeks+ pregnant from a Frozen Embryo Transfer and has been diagnosed with hyperemesis. The real problem occurred when two days ago she had a significant bleed which has since subsided. A scan by our RE has revealed that the baby is ok and has a heartbeat (Thank God) but that there is some placental separation. She's been placed on bedrest, taken off baby aspirin, and told that this happens to many women and that often everything turns out all right. The problem is that this is her second pregnancy. Her first, which was a year ago had an almost identical pattern with everything happening a little earlier, the hyperemesis and a bleed. But two weeks after her bleed a year ago, the baby lost its heartbeat. Now that the pattern seems so similar, our RE and I are both very suspicious that there is something hematologically or immunologically wrong that's causing this. The freaky thing is the solution to either of those problems would be to put her on some type of blood thinner, which seems crazy considering she's had a bleeding problem. I feel like I'm racing against the clock to save my baby's life. If anyone has any experience with this, or knows the world's best expert on these kinds of problems please tell me. Below I'll list some of her additional issues: * slight hypothyroidism (taking synthroid to compensate) * slightly raised cardiolipid antibody present during last pregnancy * currently taking Zofran to treat hyperemesis * also taking estrogen pills +patch and progesterone injections Please help! Any info appreciated!


yetanothertripletmom - July 7

With my triplet pregnancy I had a placental ubruption with Baby A at 8 weeks. I was put on bedrest and the separation healed. Baby A is now a healthy 2 1/2 year old. That being said, I do have a bloodclotting disorder and was on heparin shots (bloodthinner) and baby aspirin. Had I gone off the bloodthinners I would have lost the whole pregnancy. Has your wife had extensive m/c testing? I wish I had more advice to give you. I hope everything turns out okay.


moonjockey - July 7

Wow. Thanks for the response. Two questions though. First, was the abruption discovered because of a bleed that you had? Secondly, were you on Heparin (and/or aspirin) before the abruption? If so, were you told whether or not the bleed happened as a result of the blood thinners? I'm asking because my wife is not currently on Heparin, but we're suspicious that she might have a clotting problem. But we're scared that putting her on Heparin might cause more bleeds. Let me know, Thanks!!!!



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