Please Help Me Not To Worry I M Scared

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jajigirl - May 12

My husband and I just found out 2 nights ago that we're expecting our first child. I want to feel excited, but I'm really scared because I've been on allergy medication for the last 2 weeks. (Before I knew I was pregnant). I can't see my doctor until Tuesday, and she hasn't been able to talk to me..only to tell me to not take the medicine anymore. Have any of you ever experienced this? I don't want it to effect our baby, and I'm trying not to worry. I just know a lot of medications you shouldn't take while you are pregnant. I took Alegre-D, Singulair, and another medication to help clear up my congestion in my lungs. Someone please help me! Thanks!


sara b - May 12

I have to tell you that I'm a smoker and before I knew I was pg I drank and did some things that were not too good. I never did quit smoking. I still gave birth to a healthy 8lb. 10 oz. baby girl last year. If you have stopped taking the meds than I would not worry. Also since you obviously have the net you could look up the meds on their specific sites. Don't get too worked up though. Everything will be fine. Best wishes


mcatherine - May 12

I took Alegra-D before I found out I was pregnant and so far I have a healthy baby (23.5 weeks). My doctor's office lists medications in groups A, B and C (based on FDA ratings) during your pregnancy. A is the safe list - meaning they are proven not to cause harm during pregnancy, B is the list where effects are unproven and C, of course, is the list to stay away from. I'm sure your doc's office will have the same sort of system. Alegra-D was on the B list. My doctor told me not to worry and switched my medication to a daily dose of loratadine and regular sudafed - both on the safe list. I really wouldn't worry if I were you. All will be just fine.


Been There - May 13

With my last two children, I was totally sloshed both times, the day before I found out I was pregnant. Both are perfectly fine. I'm sure everything is fine with your baby. Plus, you can't blame yourself for not knowing. Most of the things pregnant women have to stop taking is just for extra precaution. So please don't stress over it. Just look forward to seeing your baby who will be just fine.


Lynne - May 16

You are just fine. Don't worry. What type of allergy meds are you taking? Also, being this early I don't think the meds can affect it yet. Also, its okay to take benadryl during pregnancy so if that is what you were taking its fine. But I would discontinue the med until your first appt. Congrats on your pregnancy!!


KaylynnzMom - May 16

You've had a lot of responces but I thought I would go ahead and tell you my store too....I went to the doct. when I was like 6 weeks pg (had all the symptoms of being pg) but they didn't give me a test. The doct. didn't know what was wrong so he just gave me all kinds of med. Although it made me feel better I was REALLY scared when I found out that I was pg 2 weeks later, but I'm 24 weeks pg now and every thing is fine. As a matter of fact I have had a GREAT pregnancy. You have nothing to worry about. PS~My mom took Allegre D the whole time she was pg with my little sister and brother.


kee - June 12

Dont worry and congrats. Youd be amazed at what women take not knowing theyre pregnant. you havent taken anything known to cause birth defects so chill out. from this point on youll monitor all you take.



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