Possible Intrauterine Growth Restriction

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jll1870 - January 22

Last Monday I had my ultra sound and found out I was having another little girl.... I have not gained any weght this entire pregnancy and I am 21 weeks and 4 days... I have actually lost 7 pounds... The person that did my ultra sound told me everything looked great.... But I went to the doctors today and my baby is really tiny I guess... She is in the 10th to 30th percentile for everything except weight.... I am scared and dont really know what it is.... People think it might be intrauterine growth restriction but I dont know I go back for another ultra sound on Feb 13th.... I feel like I should be doing something to help my baby grow.... I just dont know what to do....


JuJu - January 23

jll1870; my situation is similar to yours - I was told at my 28 weeks ultrasound that my little girl was on the smaller end of normal - about the 15th percentile. Of course I was worried, especially because my 2 yr old DD was in the 90th percentile when she was born. But my OB was very relaxed at this stage - doctors don't consider a smaller size to be a problem until the baby is definitely below the 10th percentile over a multiple week period. At that point they start to really look into potential causes/issues. But until then; I was told that my baby could simply be more pet_tie.....or it could be as a result of my placenta praevia, which can cause slightly lower birthweights than normal. Having said all of that, unless you were quite overweight to begin with, why have you lost wieght during your pregnancy?? In general, that's not good! Are you eating well? Personally, I am focussing on eating a decent, balanced diet and that's all I can really do at the moment. I am having another u/s tomorrow to see how my baby is tracking - hoping she's put on some weight over the past 2 weeks. Anyway, hope that everything sorts out well for you, keep us posted- j


lunamoo - January 23

Hi ladies, I posted with the same concern about 2 months ago, but didn't get must response as from people in simliar situations. I am 30 weeks, but at my 20 week u/s I was told my baby was also quite small, especially the head circ_mference which at the 5th percentile! Well I also didn't look very pregnant so I always heard "oh wow, you are X months pregnant! You don't look it!" So that didn't help my insecurities. Anyway, subsequent u/s has shown some growth, but I have had different drs do the u/s so measurements range from near the 50th down to the 20th range. They don't seem concerned at this point, but I am still uneasy about the whole thing. Juju, how often do you have u/s and what week are you in? Update us about tomorrow please!!!


Hope2007 - January 24

Hi. jll1870. I am 35 weeks pregnant and have been monitored for possible IUGR since I was 20 weeks. Actually, even before, my baby measured small. I was put on bedrest on Oct 31st and ate and rested as much as possible. In addition, I went to a perinatologist weekly for measurements. They have been concerned with hypertension from the beginning, however, I have low BP. My situation has changed almost weekly. He has measured almost consistantly 8 to 10 weeks behind. His growth is minimal. He does have a hole in his heart but apparently this is minor. 2x in the last 15 weeks the doplar flow in my placenta has "reversed" which usually indicates pending death. I was told in November I would most likely lose him within days. I continued to check for a heart beat weekly, check my blood pressure and have him measured. He continues to suprise my and my doctors. As of 3 weeks ago, he developed fluid around his heart. Yet another bad sign. I have still weekly gone to check for a heart beat. I was also advised that I might as well pick a date for induction. I want him to have every opportunity so I am going to be induced at 37 weeks since this is technically full term. I cannot have a c-section because my uteris is so small ( no growth), they would have to filet it (the DR.'s term) and this would most likely cause hemorraging and more than likely a hysterectomy. I am 34 years old and not ready for that. As of 30 weeks, his head measured 24 weeks, his abdomon measured 23 weeks and his arms and legs measured 21 weeks. I have to make it 14 more days and pray he survives and they can a__sist him more once he is outside. A baby can measure small but it is bi-weekly measurements where they can graph the babies growth. Small or not, it is growth that is more important. They have to continue to monitor this and your blood pressure. Placental issues are also looked at. I had a amnio to see if this was genetic and it came out clean. It is scarier that they can't always tell you exactly what is going on. Ask lots of questions and request to be monitored often. Good Luck, if I learn anything else, I will keep yo updated. -Rachel


lunamoo - January 25

Dear Hope2007, wow what a story! You seem to be strong and positive and I really admire that. When is your induction date...? I will have positive thoughts for younow and then. I am amazed that son has defeated the odds and has held on so long and it looks like he will hold on for the next 2 weeks! Did the drs come to the conclusion it is a placental issue? how many weeks does a baby have to measure behind before a red flag is raised. I find the measurements a bit confusing. My girl measured small but not thatt small. But it was strange for me to hear the head measures 2 weeks behind the rest of the body...? Do they have a weight estimate for your little one? Do you feel like you are getting all the answers you need...? HOpe you are well and to hear from you soon. xx


JuJu - January 26

Hi everyone; jll1870 - I hope you're doing ok and not worrying too much. February 13th is a long way off, but a lot can change for the better in that time too ;) lumamoo; I fully understand your uneasiness - especailly when you are getting differing reports from different doctors. Are you have level 2/ or high res. ultrasounds where they measure amniotic fluid as well as the baby? And as Hope2007 mentioned, are they also looking at your placenta and checking the blood flows in your cord? It is nerve-wracking, I know. Thank you for asking after my situation :) My appointments generally went well - although the baby is still measuring at the smaller end of average, she has had good proprtional growth over the past 2 weeks - put on about 400grams over that time! She is still about the 15th percentile though. My OB said he is not worried, unless her growth suddently starts dropping off. So I am off to have another u/s in just over 2 weeks to see how she's going. My Cord-flow, amniotic levels were all good. However, my OB mentioned that I am still not out of the woods about my potential 'placenta accreta' situation yet. So he is more concerned about that. So far, I still haven't had any bleeding from my praevia, so that's another thing to be grateful for. My OB has booked my c-section in for the 19th March, when I will be 38 weeks - not too far away really! Hope2007; wow; your situation is truly challenging - it's great that you are able to face it with such courage! Have you had a recent u/s to see where he's at now? He must be a little fighter, that for sure! What did your placenta/cord flow readings show? So it sounds like you will be meeting your little man in 2 weeks time!! I wanted to let you know that I personally know 2 people who had very small babies at birth - my friend gave birth to a little girl last year at 37 weeks and she weighed in at 3 pound 3 ounces, which is very small for a full term baby. Apparently she wasn't putting on any weight at all from 31 weeks onwards, which was really concerning for them. But, all ended well; although she was small she was perfectly formed and has no issues. She was even b___stfeeding 4 days after birth! Anyway, looking forward to hearing how everything goes for us all; hopefully we will all have some positive stories to share with our pregnancy/birth stories :) {{Hugs}} JuJu P.S. Lunamoo; you asked how small a baby has to be before the red flag is raised; my specialist told me that the 5th percentile and below is when things become concerning for docs. Although he did say even 10th percentile can be concerning for specialists, dependant on a few variables. He also said that docs tend to 'look into things' when babies are also in the 95th percentile and above, because very large babies can have other issues.


Hope2007 - January 27

I knew I was horrible on the computer but never thought I was this bad. It is 12am and I am trying to figure out how to respond to the different posts... lunamoo- thank you for your message. I am scheduled to be induced on Feb 7th. At this point, the doctors are sure this can't be only the placenta as he has measured small since about 22 or so weeks. If it were just the placenta, they say it would have given out by now. I must have made a mistake about his measurements...At 34 weeks, his head measured at a 24 weeks, his abdomin measured 23 weeks and his arms and legs measure at 21 weeks with an approx weight of 1 lb 4 oz. I went to my ob on Wed to confirm the heartbeat was still there ( I do this every week). I go again next Thursday, then on Friday for a final measurement and sonogram before my Wednesday induction....I am at such a loss at this point. To be told for the last 16 weeks that he is going to die, he isn't growing, his heart is failing ect but week after week to see him still hanging on...it has been a very long road. To make it worse, I am counting down the days now, I don't sleep at all. It's all I can do to put on a happy face for my husband and 9 year old son. I actually felt him move last night for the first time in over 2 months. It actually scared me. Can you imagine? I should be happy but anything out of the ordinary always makes me worry more. IThanks again. If I can figure out how to respond to individual postings....I will keep everyone posted. :)


jll1870 - January 27

JuJu- your being induced on March 19th that is when I was induced with my first daughter... She will be 2 years old that day... Thanks to everyone for responding and I am glad to know that I am not alone in this whole thing... Everyone tells me not to worry but as the mother carrying the child how can you not... Hope2007- Your son is a big fighter.... My cousin was born at like 25 weeks or so and weighed just over a pound and he is now almost 28 years old.... It is scary to go through any situation with your unborn child.... I thought that I was scared when my firsts heart rate dropped during labor and kept dropping but that was not being scared at all.... I hate the waiting game that I currently have to play... But what else can I do.... Everyone keep me posted and I will be praying for you guys


JuJu - January 28

Hi there; just a quick one for me today :) Hope you are all well; Hope2007; it's really easy to post to other people - you just keep writing on the same post! You just type the person's name that you're responding to and off you go! Please let us know how it goes on Thursday; my thoughts are with you. I can't imagine how difficult the past few months have been for you - it will such a relief for you when he is out in the world - at least the doctors will be able to help him a little more then. It's great that you felt him move too! Although I can see why it was a shock to you after so long. But definitely see it as a good thing! jll1870; so March 19 is a good date then :) Hope you're doing well - have you been able to put any weight on lately? Something bizarre with my situation.....when I had my u/s last week, I was 30.5 weeks and the u/s doc told me that my baby was still in the bottom 15th percentile, weighing in at approx 1.5kgs (3pounds 3 oz). However, when I got home and check average gestational weights for 30-31 weeks on a few websites - the sites suggested that 1.5 was the average for this gestation!!! I am going to discuss it with my OB again next week......see what he thinks. My OB actually said last week that the baby didn't seem as small as what the u/s doc suggests (my doc was just 'feeling' the baby through my belly though)....so anyway, will be interesting to see what's going on. With the praevia/potential accreta situation it would be nice to be rea__sured about something! Anyway, hope you all have a good day :)


Hope2007 - January 28

JuJu - thanks. I guess I a__sumed you could go to a particular post and respond from there. Anyway, I am exactly 36 weeks on Tuesday. I can't believe I made it this far but as usual, I don't "feel" as pregnant as I should. I get so scared leading up to my weekly appointment. If nothing else jll1870, just know your baby sounds very strong! I will keep you posted on my situation and anything else I learn along the way. Lunamoo - I didn't think I had responded yet to you. Thank you for your message. I am to be induced on Feb 7th. I will be exactly 37 weeks. I go to my OB on Feb 1st to check for a heart beat. If still ok, on Feb 2nd, I go to the perinatologist to check the fluid again (he has always had minimal fluid), his head, abdomine, arms and legs measurements and weight. He only weighed 1 lb 4oz at 31 weeks. If he can just make it 9 more days. Maybe they can help him put on weight once he is outside. I notice that most people don't hear of their baby's slowing growth until later in pregnancy. I don't know what to think about the fact that he has been small almost from the beginning. Anyway, thanks for your message. i will keep everyone posted, especially if I learn anything else. Take care:)


lunamoo - January 29

Hi Juju, well you are right about the weight of 1.5 kg being spot on for 30-31 weeks! And even if it was in the 15th percentil that is absolutely NORMAL range for weight. Also as you know u/s have a estimation error rate of something like 15% at least...so it all seems just fine with 1.5 kgs. How far along are you...or did you already say. I am 31 weeks today, due April 1st. I have my next u/s Feb 8th. Anyway, what got me worried about my baby, was that the head circ_mference was what measured the smallest, at the 5th percentile. Well it was actually the BPD measurement which is the width of the head which measured small, the length was normal. But I get confused when they say that beyond 30 weeks, these measurements can be off by 2 weeks, so when a measuremement is "2 weeks behind" is that really something to worry about...? It is wierd when I think that the head, femur, stomach etc all measure in different weeks...HOpe 2007 please let us know about your OB appointment on the first, good luck! Sorry if I aks questions already asked, I got confused. If anyone wants to write to my email, that would be very nice too!! sylviafrances at gmail(dot)com XX


jll1870 - January 30

JuJu- march 19th is a good date... I actually was 10 days early with my first daughter... I have yet to put on any weight and I have been trying but at least I am not losing weight right now... I am just hoping that she is growing in there... I know she gets very active and mad at me when it is my bed time or time to rest... I hope that all of you are doing well and will get good news soon enough.... I am not a godly person but I have prayed every night since I found out I was pregnant with my first daughter so I am praying for all of you guys too...


JuJu - February 2

Hope2007; have been thinking of you and hope that your apointment went well, please post and let us know. I just can't imgine how nerve-wracking all this waiting must be for you. Lunamoo; thanks for your rea__surance - I think what is happening is that my baby is on the smaller side for Aussie standards, but is average by UK/US standards. The websites that say my baby is average size are US & UK based, whereas the info I am getting from the books/sites etc saying that my baby is small - they tend to be Aussie. So I am going to have a chat with my OB next week to try and get to the bottom of it. jll1870 - that's great that you're not losing any more weight! Can I ask why it is so hard for you to put on weight? A friend of mine (I wrote about her in an earlier post) finds it very difficult to put on weight too (she is very tiny), and her OB sent her to a special dietician....they put her on 6 meals a day, lots of carbs/dairy/protein etc, and it did work after a while. She eventually delivered her baby at 37 weeks, and her bub was very tiny for that gestation. But her bub is now 6 months old and thriving, which is great! j


jll1870 - February 2

I am not sure why it is so hard to put on weight this time... I gained like 30 pounds with my first daughter.... But I craved junk food with her... Now I crave orange juice milk and raw veggies and salad.... Meat makes me sick this time around... But since I found out that my baby was small I have been taking my prenatals plus some more vitamins to help... I have lost 7 pounds since I have been pregnant and maybe another pound.... The past couple days I have weighed a pound less... But I have felt my baby become very active today... She is going crazy in there... Only a week and a half till my u/s but another 2 and a half for my doctors visit... This waiting is the worst


Hope2007 - February 15

Hi jll1870, lunamoo, JuJu- Everyone was so kind when I began reading and responding to the below. I thought I would offer an update. I was to have my son on Feb6th at 37 weeks but at 36 weeks 2 days something was wrong. I was admitted and went into labor. Christian Rae was born on Feb 2nd at 8:23am weighing 1lb 5 oz and 11 1/2 inches long. He never took a breath. He was small and beautiful. We still don't know exactly what happened and are still stuggeling day to day with the sadness. Thank you for all your kind thoughts. If I learn any more, I will share the information...Thanks again!


DownbutnotOUT - February 15

Hope I am so sorry for your loss I will pray for you and your little angel that grew his wings too soon. *~*Big hugz*~*


jll1870 - February 16

I am so sorry to hear about your loss... I can not imagine what you are going through.... I was getting on here to tell some good news and now I am in shock.... I wish that you never had to go through that.... I did have my u/s tues and things look pretty good... She measures only a week and a half behind schedule... But I still have not had my doctors appointment... Yesterday I did get shocking news my grandfather pa__sed away at meijers.... So Hope2007 I know that it sounds silly but my grandpa is up there with your baby and will help take care of him....



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