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Deb - October 7

I went into have my first scan. According to the doctor and my last period I was supposed to be 11 weeks pregnant. They did a normal ultrascan and could not find any heartbeat. So they then decided to do a internal scan and still again no heartbeat or movement. The scan showed that I was 6W2d which surprised me. This week I had been experiencing light cramps and light colored blood. It was barely even noticeable (the blood). The doctor did not take a blood test to check HCG or even tell me any but that I am most likely having a miscarriage. I have been given the options to have a miscarriage...but I am NOT sure at all if I am even miscarrying. Has anyone else experienced this before! Please let me know!


Natasha - October 7

Deb-Do not do a D&C and get another dr or tell him what is wrong with him! The cramps could be your uterus stretching and bleeding happens in many pregnant women who have had successful pregnancies! My sister bled off and on throughout her pregnancies and had "mild cramps". If you are showing to be 6w2d there could definitely be a possibility that there is no heartbeat or movement...you could have ovulated later than you had thought. If you do miscarry let it happen naturally so you know without a doubt that the baby will not survive. Your dr should have done bloodwork and like I have seen in other forums...drs do get paid for those D&C's! You need another opinion! Read the forums in low hcg numbers at 4 & 5 weeks and the "bleeding" forums. I may be miscarrying now but I am not sure, I went into the dr and was told that I was measuring 4w6d but according to my LMP, I was supposed to be 6w6d. The dr did an hcg test this past monday and another wed and it had went up but didn't double like it should have, he is having me come in this mon for another u/s to see where I am at. He never mentioned the options to have a miscarriage. Wait it out and pray. I will pray for you!


Natasha - October 7

Deb-to clarify something...when I said that there could be no heartbeat or movement at 6wks what I meant was that you could be only 6wks along and at that point it is normal not to see a heartbeat or movement...my dr don't see patient's until 7wks anyways because not much shows up on the ultrasound.


aac - October 7

I had ultra sound at 10 weeks of pregnancy. doctor told me the baby looked 9 weeks big, but no heart movement. 1 weeks later, I did ultra sound again, the baby was not growing. My HCG level is high like 1085. doctor said at this high HCG, we should have seen the heart movement from ultra. I scheduled D&C last weekend. Just get the secondary proof...second ultra sound or see if HCG level drops. If it is ture, don't panic. good luck!



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