Possible Miscarriage

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Meagan - September 10

How do you know that your having a miscarriage? Today I got a heavy period and cramping really bad. I don't ever cramp on my periods, so this is really irregular. I was supposed to get a test today to find out if I'm pregnant. If I am I will be about a month along. Is it possible that I'm having a miscarriage? Please help.


meagan - July 3

I really need help, and ya'll people are not helping me.


Beth - July 7

Megan, you need to see a doctor. It sounds like it could be a miscarriage, but then some people say that they bleed during their pregnancy too. So you really should get checked out. If it is a miscarriage, you need to get checked to make sure that everything is properly cleaned out. I hope that you are o.k.


Annie - July 7

How early can you have a miscarriage? i have been TTC. I had 5 days of spotting followed by 7 days of bleeding with lot of clotting. Am still bleeding.But through out i have had no pain or cramps. i usually have pain but his time no pain at all. Don't know if it's a very early period (can it be as early as 12 days before) or did something go wrong. Please help


Holly - July 7

Hi Meagan I did the same thing. I did up with a miscarriage. Now all women are different. It could be like implantation bleeding. You need to call your doctor. If you want you can email me at hollyebrooks29@aol.com Good luck. And I will be praying for you.


Meagan - July 8

I had really heavy bleeding and really bad cramps. The bleeding went on for four days. Today it stopped. It was really heavy the first two days. Is it possible to still be pregnant after really heavy bleeding like that? Is it possible to still take a pregnancy test and find out if I was pregnant? Please help me. If you have any advice you can e-mail me - Justordinarymmm@yahoo.com, or talk to me on AIM/AOL- UturnYouth17


riza - July 12

i am actually going through the same thing right now. i was spotting for about 3-4 days and everyone kept telling me that this was normal. then i started to bleed heavily and had pretty bad cramps. it's been about 3 days and i have been bleeding light to medium every day. i saw my doctor and he said that it was possible i had a miscarriage. you should see your doctor and ask them to do a hcg blood test to check your hcg level. they do it in a series of 3 tests about 3 days apart from each other. i took my first one on friday and am taking my second one tomorrow. if the level of hcg increases significantly, i may still be pregnant. having this test done will ease your mind. i know, personally, i just want to know already.


Sonja Petrovic - July 16

I'm having all of the symptoms that are descirbed above.


riza - July 19

unfortunately, my hcg levels have dropped and the doctor informed me that i probably did have a miscarriage. i am still bleeding so i'm seeing him today. my husband and i believe that everything happens for a reason so we're staying positive and can't wait to try again later. good luck to all of you.


Meagan - July 22

I never went to the doctor. It's probably too late to find out now. I think I may still be pregnant, but I'm not sure yet. I hope I find out soon. I want my mind to be at rest. Thank you all for your replies. Riza, let me know how it goes. My e-mail is praisebetoGod17@yahoo.com, or AIM UturnYouth17


Angie - July 23

Can you have a miscarriage without bleeding? I am 6 weeks along and suddenly stopped feeling pregnant, but I do not have any bleeding.


Laura - July 23

For those of you who want to become pregnant or simply want to understand your bodies better, I recommend a book by Toni Weschler called Taking Charge of Your Fertility. You can order it on Amazon.com (and probably lots of other places).


Meagan - August 2

Well, it's been about a month since I first posted. I never went to the doctor. Everything is fine right now. I haven't gotten my period yet, and I'm still not sure if it was a miscarriage or not. I plan on getting a home pregnancy test and testing myself anyways. Is it possible to bleed like that and still be pregnant?


sally - August 25

I am 6 weeks pregnant and this morning I had a little clump of white discharge with some tiny vein looking things in it? I am not bleeding, could I be staring a miscarriage? Please help.


Aimy - August 25

You would bleed if you were having a miscarriage. You couldn't a pa__s the fetus without pa__sing blood. The baby would also not be a white lump. Chances are it is just some v____al discharge.


Aimy - August 25

Also to Angie. The same applies, if you were miscarrying you would be bleeding. Many women don't even know they are pregnant at 6 weeks and there may be no symptoms. You can feel completely normal thoroughout the beginning of your pregnancy. If you were going to miscarry you would know.


sally - August 26

Thank you very much for your help this is my first pregnancy. I am only 6 weeks along. I am nervous because the doctor does not want to see me yet and I have so many questions. Thanks again



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