Possible Miscarriage

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LaceyL - December 19

I just found out about 1 1/2 weeks ago that I am pregnant. Had preg symptoms for approx 2 weeks before that (tiredness, nausea, very tender br___ts, you name it) but thought that I was sick, and then though that it was just my normal period symptoms. 4 home preg tests came back positive on 12/10. Approx 5 days ago (starting 12/16 AM when I woke) all pregnancy symptoms are gone! Completely gone....and I have started getting mild cramping which has progressed to my "normal" pre-period feelings. I go for HCG level blood test today to "reassure" myself (as my doctor put it) b/c it is too early for an ultra sound. Just think it is strange that all symptoms have stopped at the same time cramping has started. No bleeding though. Does anybody have any advice? Although my Dr. says it is too early to worry about it yet and if it's going to happen, it will happen, I just feel like something is not right.....


LaceyL - December 19

If anybody can help, can somebody please get back to me??? Thanks. :-)


rl - December 19

I have heard that symptoms can sometimes go away...just go for the blood work at first it is easy to think something may have happened but all is ok when I was first pregnant I kept checking to see if my b___bs were still sore and one morning they were not as sore as usual and I freaked all out but everything was fine I am now 33wks prego so see everything will be ok try not to worry so much ( :


kitty - December 22

I've had the same thing on and off. I'm 10 weeks and have seen a baby with a heart beat. I've read that this can be normal.


Jaime - December 22

Lacey L-What you are going thru is normal.You may feeel pregnant one day and the next day you may not.I had the same thing with my 7 year old and the one I'm having now.I am 28 weeks along, and last week I felt great and now I feel like a great big pile of c___p.As long as you'r doctor says you fine don't panic.I thought for sure at first I was going to get my period the first 3 months I was pg.Now I have days I feel the same way.It's normal.....Relax , I'm sure you will be fine.Good luck


LaceyL - December 22

Thanks for all the encouragement. :-) I have heard that it is normal also and my hCG level is normal for 6 weeks (its the only test they've done so they don't have anything to compare it to). The Doc is having me do an early ultra sound this friday just to make sure there is a baby and a heart beat. :-)



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