Possible Misscarage

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lucero - March 16

Hi am about 5 weeks pregnant, I began to bleed. I was just one time and now I am having brownish color dishcharge.I when to a F.N.P and she had me go and have some lab work done. I was tested to see my hormone levels. She could not tell me for sure if i lost my baby. Is this a sign that i lost me baby?


Stacey - March 16

I M/C at 5 weeks...some of the same symptons, first red..then brown...dr. said it could be just that my progesterone level....but alas it was just not meant to be...sit tight though..it could be alot of different things..no need to get all worried just yet...


michelle - March 16

I was pregnant with my first child, 5 weeks, when I started bleeding very heavy. I went to the emergancy room but they could not tell if I had lost her or not for sure but they all believed that I had. The next week I saw by babies heartbeat on the u/s. I hope the same thing happens for you.


sheree - March 26

hey michelle. thank you for saying what you did im almost 6 weeks preggers and have been bleedin for last 4 days not too heavy but good to know that your baby had a heartbeat hope mine does too. when i thought i had m/c i had a cry but not im not really stressing when something changes


marytabares - March 29

hi im about 5 weeks pregnant my hormons lavel 26000. stiil no cardioc hart found is posible that will be no baby formation


Sandra - May 11

I had 2 miscarrieges in the past. In both of them I started bleeding in the week 4. A light brown color on and off. We managed to see the cardioc pulse some days after but it disapeared around the week 7, in both cases. Doctors explained that among many reasons, one could be a cromossomic problem in the embrio that leads to miscarriage. It is very common, manly after the age of 35 years old. Other friends, including my mother, bleed during certain stages of their preganancies, however managed to develop it succesfully, till the end. Good luck.


denise - June 19

i had s_x a day right after my period, and now it's been about a month later and i got my period and it was so painful. the cramps never felt that painful and i was bleeding more than normal. did i have a micarage?


Tracy - June 20

I was 12wks preg and starting bleeding a lot. went to doc and they did not know what was happening. lost baby at 15wks due to placental abruption


sam - July 20

i am aprox 8 weeks pregnant and i started to bleed 2 days ago,the hospital cant tell me much except wait and see what happens but it brings me some hope to know that other mums have gone through this and still carried their babies full term. i hope we are both as lucky.


kelly - July 30

I am 7 weeks pregnant and we had a scan last week and found a fetal heart beat i had to have my iud pulled out and I have been bleeding on and off for about 4 days we have another scan in 2 weeks.Extremerly worried.This is good to know there are people out there who are experiencing the same things as me.I wish you all good luck for the future.


brandy - August 26

i m/c last febuary at about 4 weeks--my m/c started off with bleeding , but very painfull.I am now 12 weeks pregnant with new baby, had bleeding at 5 weeks with this baby,no pain and we have seen heart beat at 9 weeks --have faith ,Best of luck



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