Possible Need For Induction

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preggiepop02 - April 17

Im 36 weeks pregnant and at my 34 week appt found out that my kidneys are backed up due to the baby putting pressure on the tubes that go to my bladder. Today I went in and found out that its getting worse. At 34 weeks they told me that if things didnt improve or got worse, they wouldnt let me go beyond 37 weeks because it could end up causing kidney damage. So now it looks like they may need to induce once I hit 37 weeks. Has anyone else had this problem with their kidneys? Do any of you have any experience with inductions? I've read about inductions not being successful. Does the fact that the baby is at station 0, I'm 1+cm, and 80% effaced make a difference?


HannahBaby - April 19

Hi there!! I was induced at 37 weeks due to high blood pressure, Sorry to say but i will never ever be induced again. I was there for 5 days before i had my baby. The first day i was under observation, the 2nd they used a cervadil, i had lots of contractions and pain but as soon as they took it out,,,,,nothing. (it can only stay in for 12 hours) Then i had another cervadil on the 3rd day and NOTHING not one contratction!! So then the gave me Pitocin (the devil as i call it) I got it at 9am and my water broke at 2pm and then the torture began, I was in "transition pain" (the pain that natural laborers only feel for an hour or so) The entire time. It was terrible. The babys heart rate was dropping so they had to turn the pit off and insert a fetal monitor. I had my daughter at 1:03am. About 8 months later i worked on this maternity floor and realized how dangerous Pitocin is. Thought it is used often, it is a very dangerous drug. I am 15 weeks and already told my doctor that if i have to be induced i want a c-section. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. When i was induced i was station 0, 1 cm, and about 75% effaced. Nature doesnt like to be forced into doing something that it doesnt want to do. Good luck



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