Possible Pregnancy 18 Yrs Old Advice Please

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kaylamarie16 - January 30

I have some questions to ask because I am not so sure what to think right now. I am 18 years old and could possibly be pregnant. Me and my boyfriend were s_xually active on the 8th of January (we had s_x a few days after than day, but those don't worry me as much as the 8th) and I am concerned because my period is usually around the 26th of every month, never later than the 26th. And according to the average ovulation times, the 8th would have been the time I ovulated, or right around the time. Well, we hadn't used a condom that time and we always do (Sometimes latex hurts me, and I stopped birth control because I was on it since I was 14 and quit it almost 6-7 months ago now) and he didn't pull out in time. Well, once the time of my period came around, I realized it didn't feel anything like it usually does before I get my period. I usually cramp really bad for 2-3 days before, I haven't HAD a cramp yet and it is now the night of the 30th. On Monday it will be a week late. I have never had a pregnancy before but something doesn't feel like it should, like somethings up. I do have these symptoms.. - VERY bloated. - going pee constantly. - sensitive nipples. - very tired, more than usual (no matter what time I went to bed or how much sleep I got). - increased appet_te, feel as if I can't get full for as long. - I had gotten a yeast infection about 9 days after that "night" happened on the 8th, and my mom would get a yeast infection everytime she became pregnant. I have never had one before til this time. - Back aches. - I had some lightly colored brownish discharge. - Irritablilty. Like I said I haven't been pregnant but this isn't how my body is. I haven't been late on my period since I was off birth control almost 7 months ago. The catch is, I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and they all have been negative, but still no period.. It's been 3 and a half weeks since that night, is there a chance the pregnancy hormone isnt at a high enough level to detect it? If anyone has any advice, please help.. I would like do know if this is a pregnancy chance or if something else could be wrong. Thank you! ps- I feel no extra stress in my life and I haven't been 'ill' so those I don't feel would cause my period to be late. I have been alot more stressed and pretty ill previous months and it didn't change my cycle. =).


iona - January 31

Yes you could very well be pregnant!! With all 3 of my daughters I didn't get a positive test until about 10-14 days AFTER I would expect my period.....which is very common. So keep testing or make an appointment with your OBGYN. Your symptoms sound VERY pregnancy like....Good luck!!!


kaylamarie16 - January 31

Thank you Iona for replying. I just have these 'feeling' that I am, and it's such a strong feeling but I don't know if it's just because I know it can be likely that I am or if I really am. And alright, I will keep trying. I am thinking of taking one on the 7-8th day of no period and another between the 10th-14th. I don't want to keep taking them and worrying about it more than necessary. Thanks again for replying! And also, what home pregnancy tests have you used? Like, what brands?


sandra_pst - February 5

Hi kayla, - the chances you are pg are high. However the stress due to your fear of being pregnant could very well delay your period. Any test is usually good, but works only up to 4/5 days before your next period... so you can wait a bit, but take the OB appointment, in case.. Good luck



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