Pre Term Labor Large For Gestational Age

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Concerned - April 14

Had an appt with my OB yesterday, and he measured my belly for the first time. Based on my LMP, I'm 22 weeks - based on my u/s, I'm 23 weeks; but, my belly measured at nearly 25 cm. OB said that either I'm really 25 weeks (impossible, as my husand was in a different country from me - the furthest I can be is 23 weeks), or I'm having a large baby, and he scheduled another u/s. He said that having a large baby increases my risk of pre-term labor, and changed my final fly date from July 11 to June 14. (Which sucks, since I'm in Germany, and wanted to fly home to the States from June 1 to July 1). Anyway - what complications come from having a large baby, and also what are the chances of a big baby causing pre-term labor?


June - April 14

Our friend recently had a baby- she was really big and baby was well over 9lbs, and he was born 2 weeks after due date! Also pre-term babies get really good care now so even if baby does decide to appear a little early chances are they will be just fine. Best wishes.


Concerned - April 15

I understand that chances are the baby will be fine - but I'd like to know what the possible complications are, and how likely is she to make an early appearance?


Concerned - April 18

So no one has any info for me?


Audrea - April 29

I hope I can give you some info you can use. I am a RN in the neonatal ICU. A baby that is large for gestational age is at risk for blood sugar problems when born. It can also mean you would need a C-section due to cephalopelvic disporportion, meaning the infant's head is too big to fit through your pelvis. If your baby is large for gestational age then a blood test will be done right after delivery to check it's blood sugar so it can be supplemented with formula, sugar water, or even an IV with sugar in it to help keep it's blood sugar in the normal range. It is checked quite vigilintly after birth because it is something to be taken seriously with a newborn. Make sure to discuss this with OB to help ease your anxiety. This is a very common thing that does happen and can be treated quite easily.



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