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gracie - April 24

hi, I am currently 27 weeks and over the last couple weeks my blood pressure has been rising. This is my second child and my pressure stayed soooo low with my son. it was always around 105/65. Last week it was at 120/70 and today it was at 140/75. The one from today was taken at the pharmacy by one of those auto cuffs. I called my doc and go in tommarow morning to be checked, but am quite nervous. Please share your stories with this if you know about it or have experianced it. Just curious when it started for you or friend and what your symptoms were and outcome, if known yet. Thanks for all imput...


3babies - April 26

Hi Gracie, I have had BP problems with all three of my pregnancies. It usually starts to rise about23-24 weeks and I take medication. I have to have regular BP checks, blood tests to check urate levels, urine tests for protein, and ultrasounds to check if it is affecting placental function. My first pregnancy developed into pre-eclampsia, so bubs was born by c/s at 35 weeks. This was because the medication and bedrest didnt control the BP and he wasnt growing. Having said that , once he was out he was healthy as ... no probs at all. With my second the medication just had to be adjusted as i went along, but I got to 38 weeks with a healthy 7lb bubs. This time I'm hoping for the similar scenario! My numbers were quite a bit higher than yours, but from what I know they worry about the rise relative to what your bp was initially, so although its not very high, you started off low. Are you working? I had to stop work with my second which I think probably bought me an extra few weeks. Good luck. Oh and also, I really didnt have any symptoms at all. Even the other night I had a great day with my family, felt fine in the evening, but when I had to check my BP it was 163/101 ... so not trying to scare you but sometimes you dont get the spots in front of the eyes and headaches or swelling (all symptoms of pre-e) ... I never did. There is also a difference between pre-e, and pregnancy induced hypertension/gestational hypertension. If you google it you get heaps of info. :-)


Jamie - April 26

I had pre-eclampsia during my one and (thus far) only pregnancy. I started displaying the symptoms as early as 16 weeks, with excessive weight gain. (I gained 16 pounds in 3 weeks.) At 30 weeks, I experienced severe pain in my upper right quadrant, just below my right b___st. I called my OB, who told me to go to the nearest ER and be checked out. The doctor there is the one who determined I had pre-eclampsia, and wanted to perform an emergency c-section. My husband and I discussed it, and felt we would be more comfortable at an American hospital (I live in Germany), and so refused the c-section. The next day, we went to an American hospital several hours away, and relayed all the info. The doctors there ran tons of tests, including blood, urine, and an NST. They determined that I did have pre-eclampsia, but they also felt that, with monitoring and bedrest, I could stay pregnant for at least another week, and sent me home, under orders that I only get out of bed to pee. EVery week, I went back, and had the same tests run on me; finally, when I was 37 weeks, my doctors felt that I needed to deliver my baby, and I was induced. After 24 hours of labor, and 2 hours of pushing, the doctor decided that I needed a c-section, because the baby's head was caught on my pelvic bone. After the c-section, my blood pressure pretty much went through the roof, and was in the 190s over something. I was kept in the hospital for a week, on a magnesium sulfate drip. Since then, I have had issues with high blood pressure, but I am usually able to bring it down just by laying down for a little while.


Jamie - April 26

Oh. My daughter was 8 lbs, 1 oz, and perfectly healthy when she was born. (She scored a 9 on her APGAR!)



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