Preeclampsia And Fibromyalgia

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Mommy2B - June 22

Hello everyone. I was just diagnosed with preeclampsia. I am 35 wks. and I have been put on strict bed rest until they induce my labor at 37 wks. I have been wondering why this happened and I was reading in oneof my books that preeclampsia can be caused by a rhumatologic disease. I also have fibromyalgia and I was wondering if anyone else is / has gone through any of this. There is so little known about both of these diseases and Im trying to find out all I can. Please answer...


3babies - June 23

Hi mommy2B. I too have had pre-eclampsia. It is a disease that is not well understood, but there does appear to be a link with other auto immune diseases. Having said that a huge percentage of girls get it that have no other medical problems. My first bubs was born at 35 weeks, with growth restriction due to p-e, but he was fine once out. Get onto the pre-eclampsia foundation website. It has heaps of info on it. Good luck!


lovemy3 - June 23

Hi there. I have 3 kids. I had preeclampsia with my first two. the first time it was very severe, the second time mild, and the third time I didn't get it at all. Preeclampsia is a disease of pregnancy that affects many parts of the body, your blood pressure, your heart, your liver and kidneys. If you are at home still that is a good sign. Is your OB at a large hospital that is able to handle such a thing? With my first that was the mistake I made. They put me on bedrest on and off starting at 27 weeks. <My dr was not experienced enough nor was the hospital and I became very sick. After that, I sought care from a high risk clinic in a downtown hospital that specialized in maternal illness. They were awesome and I went on to have a third and are ttc #4 now. I did end up having all c-sections with my kids but that wasn't only because of the preeclampsia. My best advice to you would be to stay on top of any symptoms you have and be sure that the hospital you are going to can handle high risk cases. I don't want to scare you, just be your own advocate. With my first I ended up being very sick, with seizures etc and I feel that it progressed that far because of improper care. A maternal illness and fetal medicine unit is where you need to be. as far , as systemic diseases, i do know they say there is a link. i was tested for lupus but don't have anything that I know of. they say you have a 25% chance of this reoccuring with future pregnancies but in a lesser form and that is what happended with myself. Good luck and I'll watch the board to see how you are.



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