Preganat Within 1 Month Of Taking Vaccination

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L80 - April 17

hi Since I was accompanying my husband to a country in South America, I got myself vaccinated last month for hepatatis A, MMR, Yellow Fever and Typhoid. I immediatley got my periods within a couple of days. This month I have not got my period, and I feel quite preganant. I guess Women should not get preganat within 1 month of taking the MMR vaccine. If I test positive for preganacy that means that I have got pregnant within 28 days Has any body been thro the same situation, or if you know the affects of getting preganant after taking an MMR within 28 days please do let me know. I'll really apprecaite your help if u have any information for me. Thanks


iakram - April 20

Hi L80 - I am sorry unfortunately this has not happened to me but I reseached this quite a lot. So my story goes something like this...I have a MC in Feb 05 - I waited the traditional 3 month window that's recommended [although some ppl have different opinions on this] anyhow after my physical the Dr told me I was not immuned to MMR and had to re-vaccinated. Here was the dilemma - I didn't want to wait so I did some reseach. In Canada the recommended time to wait after receiving the MMR vacination is 3 months beofre tyring to conceive. In the US after reading different articles it says 1 month is fine. I would say instead of seaching the net and driving yourself crazy go see your Dr. I'm not sure what affects the MMR can have on the fetus - especially since you got a few more in addition to the MMR. I really hope everything works out for. Sorry if I only confused you even more - but see your Dr asap and get a few recommendations! Good Luck


newmommy - April 20

I'm having a similar dilemma. I had a miscarriage last month, and wanted to start trying right away. But--I had to get my MMR booster (two, in fact.). The paperwork that they gave me on the MMR said not to get pregnant within one month. But, my doctor said that although the reccommended time-frame after an MMR shot was a month, she hadn't heard of any specific risks to the baby if you do happen to get pregnant before then. I just got my 2nd booster, and plan on trying to conceive just as soon as I get that first period after D&C. I think that you're just fine if it was 28 days afterwards. Good luck on the pregnancy!!!!


andy - April 22

hi... I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks in Dec ... my dr told us that it was normal to miscarriage and that no evident thing had caused it ..i had a hepat_tis B vaccine when I was on my November period ... I had that vaccine without knowing that IT DOES NOT CAUSES ANYTHING TO THE BABY but (as the dr told us) to get a vaccine does increases the possibilities of miscarriage ... I´m not sure that this is what caused me to miscarriage , but PLEASE TALK TO YOUR DR AND EXPLAIN EVERYTHING TO HIM... when I was loosing my baby they gave my thousand pills anDsupositories so that I won´t lose it but it was too late ... I HOPE all of this could help you ask for something to prevent anything ... GOD BLESS ..


frettylie - December 21

hi L80, can i have some updates on your pregnancy? because  last month i got MmR vaccine and had my period days after but this month i'm delayed and i think might be pregnant.. i'm afraid what is the effect of the vaccine to my baby.. please reply.. thank you.. 



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