Pregancy And Blood Type

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gigi - August 26

what are the risks and dangers if you are pregnant and you have been told you are b neg?can you have a normal pregancy?


Theresa - August 7

You must have a Rh neg. blood type. The only time it is a danger to the pregancy is if the mother has a neg. blood type & the father has a possitive Rh blood type. In this case, you would need to be givin what is called a Rogam shot. I had it with all my pregnancies because my husband is A + & I am A -.If I remember correctly, they gave me a shot at the beginning of my pregancies, again during labor, & then again before I was dicharged from the Hospital. I hope this helps. Good luck!


bec79 - August 26

I am 26 weeks and 6 days and I am AB negative and my boyfriend is A positive. I had my rhogam shot at my last appointment 25 and 6 days. The doctor told me that as long as I have the other shot within 48 hours after delivery everything would be fine.


pregnency and blood type - September 19

what are the risk and dangers if you are pregnant and you have been told you are b neg? can you have a normal pregnancy?


donna - September 30

i am resus neg only found out because iwas bleeding while pregnant, my hcg levels have dropped ,so not looking good, i had a anti d injection which covers me for future pg you only need injection if bleeding occurs


coda - September 13

i am o rh neg i hat to have a d and c 8weeks ago due to a blightyed ovum when they tested my blood for possitive anti bodys they found they were high i had a anti d injection after the d and c the doctors think the miscarrage was due to my body attaking the embreo. i am now thinking i could be preg again and it worrys me as i dont want to go through the pain of losing another child feel kind of helpless! the doctor says that i would need to be closer monitored if i fell pregnant again i have to go back for another blood test soon too cheak the levels


Rebecca - September 13

I am 'O Rh negative' and 24 weeks pregnant. I am having an Anti D injection at 28 weeks, again at 34 weeks and then another when the baby is born. There is no risk to the baby in the first pregnancy unless your blood mixes with the baby's blood and the baby's blood type has to be positive for there to be a reaction. There IS a risk to future babies, so these injections are given so that in future pregnancies your body doesn't create an antigen to 'reject' the baby. My Aunty has had five children, she is rh negative and had no problems at all in her pregnancies! It's very important to receive the injections to prevent any probs!


coda - September 13

i had miscaryed b4 and not recived an anti d injection so unknown to me and my doctor i already had possitvie anti bodys and ur body does attak it as it thinks its a forine body but as long as u know and have had injections ur body does not build up anti bodys against the possitive blood type i was just unlucky i suppose


To Coda - September 13

I am just wondering if you had a blood test at the beginnning if your first pregnancy to check your blood type. I had about 5 vials of blood taken and they checked for various things (HIV, hepat_tis etc) including my blood type. That was how my OB knew that I needed these injections to prevent any probs! Apparantly if you have neg blood it is important to have an injection even after miscarriage or abortion, because even though the baby wasn't carried to full term, your body can react the same in future pregnancies. I am very sorry about your loss Coda. I hope all will be well for you in the future!


coda - September 13

my first loss was when i was 17 and i was only 4 and a half weeks i did not know i was preg till it had pa__sed and was a abnormal period the doctor told me its was likley i had miss carryed so i did not recive a injection the last pregnancy my doctor did not see any reason for me to have a injection this was ovusly a mistake on his part! thank you i hope my next pregnancy runs somthly will find out this weekend if we have managed to concive agin


I would like to add... - September 13

Coda, I need to know what blood type your partner is, and what blood types his parents are. If you are Rh negative, and he is Rh positive, but one of his parents is Rh negative, there is a chance (about 25%) that you can conceive an Rh negative baby, and your body won't attack the baby. If both of his parents are Rh positive, all of your babies will be Rh positive. If you already have the antibody (Called Anti-D in the medical field.) The RhoGam shot may help you. It fools you body into thinking that it already manufactured a ton of Anti-D, and so it doesn't make any more. Thus, these antibodies don't cross the placenta, and attack your baby. Of course you have to get a few shots throughout your pregnancy, but millions of Rh negative women have done it, and have gone on to have millions of healthy babies. This is part of being a mom, but it is worth it, isn't it?


coda - September 14

i am confussed i thought the anti d was to stop this happening? both troys parents are rh + both mine are rh- thanx for ur posts thou it has me thinking will need too look into this



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