Pregnancy After A Myomectomy

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moon - October 5

How is everyone doing? I got my first shot of Lupron today... This is supposed to shrink my multipe fibroids within the next 3 months, so that I can have the myomectomy in january. Am a bit worried - not yet about the surgery but about the symptoms of menopause that are expected to occur within the next weeks... Anybody else in the same situation? I hope you are all doing fine.


Joker - October 5

Hi everyone. I'm glad to see inspite of our difficult times everyone is doing well and staying hopeful. Moon, I haven't been back to see my doc yet..I had a US done and was suppose to see him in a few weeks to get the results but with his busy schd and me working I haven't had the time yet. I will be seen him at the end of the month and hopefully then I will get my fist shot of Lupron..hopefully I will have the surgery in Jan/Feb of 07. I am looking forward to having the surgery because right now that is the only thing that gives my hope. Although I am very excited and can't wait to have the surgery I am also like you Moon..very very worried about complications such as scarring or too much blood loss during surgery..blah blah the list goes on. I believe I will be having the traditional myomectomy because of the size and locations of my fibroids. I will know more once I get to go over the results with doc. Also, I had read a lot on the internet and there is more evidence to support traditional myo as the best option for women who want to have children...don't let this scare you there just isn't alot of follow up with the other surgeries to really say for sure..but from what I read they are able to better remove the fibroids because they can see the uterus and the fibroids more and able to remove them completely. if you want I can give you the websites I have found on the internet so you can read them also. The thought of getting pregnant again with these fibroids scares me to death...some women are able to carry full or close to term with little or no complications but it truly depends on the size, locations and the number of fibroids. I only had 4...but they were big and just kept on getting I think just the growth rate alone is a reason for me to get them removed. Keep in touch and let me know how you are doing on the drugs... I can't wait to start mine. SKN!! thanks for posting. How is Simon? I'm going to check the fibroids thread and see how everyone is doing :)


Joker - October 13

How is everyone doing? Moon is the Lupron making you feel?


moon - October 13

Hey Joker! Good to hear from you! I guess you have no new developments yet? I'm doing allright so far... The bleeding has stopped and I only have occasional stomach pain/bloathing in the evenings. Nothing heavy though. Don't know if that's the fibroids or side effects from the Luprons? Aside from that I'm just happy I have finally made the decision to go ahead and start the treatment. This way, I can see light at the end of the tunnel ;-) I guess every women is different and every treatment has its dis/advantages.So, I still don't know if the traditional surgery is the best option, but in someway I have to trust my doc, who recommended this treatment. It's funny that it hasn't been my biggest wish to have a Baby until I had the mc. With my complications now I can't wait to be pregnant again ;-) First step is done, now we have to wait for the next one...I can't say yet if the fibroids are decreasing, I hope they will have by the end of the year, so that we can take them out in jan/feb07. When will you see your doc again? Hope you can start on the drugs soon. I root for you! It feels good to have "found" someone who is going through the same...I hope we can continue sharing our stories.


Juliane - October 14

Hi Joker and Moon! I was recently advised by my ob/gyn to have my 10cm fibroid removed before getting pregnant because of miscarriage or pre-term labor risks. I don't really have bad symptoms from the fibroid, but she says that it is significantly distorting my uterine cavity. I just turned 37... so because of my age, she says it would be better to remove the fibroid and then try to get pregnant, rather than try to get pregnant with the possible risk of miscarriage/pre-term labor... with the possibility that I would have to have the myo at a later stage. She wants to give me three months of Lupron and then have the myo in Jan/Feb 07. Right now they are checking to see if my insurance will cover the injections. I should find out next week and if so, she wants to start the injections immediately. It seems to make sense, but the idea of postponing pregnancy to have surgery for a fibroid that doesn't really cause any symptoms is frustrating, too. Any thoughts/feedback. It has been interesting to read your posts because the situations seem REALLY similar!


Joker - October 14

Hi Juliane, I know you are in a difficult place right now..but if you trust your doctor then I would listen to what they have to say and get a second opinion. Fibroids showing now symptoms now are no indication of how they will act when you become pregnant. I had no signs/symptoms of having fibroids..and I have more then one..I have a regualr cycle normal cycle..when I say no symptoms I mean no symptoms that even the doctors were suprised. Fibroids do increase your risk for complications when you are pregnant and if it is distorting your uterus I would get them removed. I have 4..from what they can see on the U/S there might be more but my uterus now is the size of a 23 weeks pregnancy so I am definetly getting mine taken out. Perhaps your doc wants you to get it removed because of the size and they tend to grow bigger when you get pregnant. Given my history with a pre-term labor I would advise to get it removed but get a second opinion if you aren't sure yet what you want to do.


Pryncss1013 - October 15

Hi Ladies, It's been a while for me, since my last posting. Since getting my Myo in July, I no longer deal w/ intense menstrual cramps or the excessive bleeding. I've even gone down 1 pants size since getting rid of them. I was told to wait 3 menstrual cycles so this month puts me at that mark. I'm looking forward next month to get started again. Just celebrated a birthday on Friday (10/13) and really didn't enjoy w/ the idea of looking back how my year has gone. My surgeon never recommended the idea of the injections before the surgery. However, I did develop anemia (didn't come out until the pre-surgery blood test) and DID indeed need a blood-transfusion 2 days after the surgery. During my pregnancy one of mine (not the biggest though) measured in at 10cm. & that was the one (based on its location) that gave me a great deal of pain and throbbing sensation when I was prego. In addition to everything else you should have to deal w/ the PAIN women w/ fibroids deal w/ when they get pregnant - during my entire short pregnancy I had been to the emergency room on several occasions. Juliane, I would recommend you ask about the pain factor when you do become prego, if you decide against the myo. I wouldn't want to go back to dealing w/ that kind of pain one really understands it unless they've gone through it themselves. I too know women that've had fibroids but yet had a somewhat full pregnancy (on bedrest) & delivery. But unfortunately, I wasn't one of those persons. If I could help another woman to avoid my horrific occurrence, I would. You should definitely get a 2nd opinion if you are currently on the fence. For your Dr. to recommend you to get them removed (as Joker stated) definitely means the size and location (and the fact that they actually grow when you're prego), may present some dangers in the near future to your fetus. Juliane best of luck on whatever decision you choose.


moon - October 15

Hi Ladies, nice to hear from all of you. Juliane, I too think that you should seriously consider taking the fibroids out if your doc recommends it. I had the exact same fears about postponing a new pregnancy and undergo the Lupron treatment and then the myo. (And then wait another couple of month until trying to get pregnant again). But I am willing to “sacrifice” 6 to 8 months to have surgery and fewer problems in a new pregnancy rather than go ahead and risk another miscarriage, deal with that emotionally and then start the treatment anyway. I also never had any problems with fibroids before I got pregnant. But during and since pregnancy they have been giving me a hard time… I guess they are decreasing now that I am on Lupron. Just yesterday I had really bad cramps and I can confirm pryncss1013’s experiences with the pain…Thank God, I didn’t have to deal with any menopause symptoms so far… But that’s just my story. I understand your doubts, Juliane. I take it you haven’t been pregnant and the fibroids have grown anyway? Hm, I think one important factor is the position of the fibroids. So if your doc is concerned about their location, I would take them out. Either way, I wish you strength for making this decision. - Pryncess1013 (BTW: Happy birthday!) it was good to read that you are doing well since you had the myo, although the surgery must have been horrible. Do you think the anemia developed because you didn’t undergo the Lupron treatment?? Did everything heal nicely? I keep my fingers crossed for you and am awaiting happy news ;-))


Juliane - October 16

Thanks Joker, Moon and Pryncss1013! I really appreciate the feedback and the suggestions. Pryncss1013, would you mind givineg the name of the surgeon you used at Mt. Sinai? I am also in NY and would like to use a surgeon who specializes in myos. I have done some research online and have an appt. scheduled with Dr. Ascher-Walsh for a second opinion. Have you heard of him? Good luck to everyone! Moon, I am glad that the Lupron injections are manageable! Thanks Joker for your encouraging words and support.


Joker - October 17

Hi everyone, I'm glad to see everyone is doing well considering..and you are all posting and sharing your experiences, thoughts, and feelings. If I hadn't said it before I would like to say it now.. I truly appreciate your post. It is soo hard to talk to my friends and family about this..not hard to talk to them but just know that they don't have the slightest idea of how I feel makes it hard for me. Juliane I'm glad I was some help to you. Moon how is Lupron working out it is probably still too early to tell. I will hopefully get my first shot in Nov and finally feel like I'm on my way. In a way I feel like my life is on hold! Pryncss, I'm soo glad that your surgery went well. Hearing stories like yours helps me to keep my courage up because GOD knows I'm scared to death of the outcome of mine! Thank you again for sharing.


Joker - October 20

MelissaK please check in and let me know how you are doing?


MsMonet - October 20

Thanks for inviting me over Joker. It's so wonderful to have a website such as this one. I will share my story with all of you. Sorry, if it's lengthy but hopefully it will help someone... I was orginally diagnosed with fibroids in 2000. I had heavy periods. I used at least 9 or more tampons a day and my cramps were unbearable. I'd become anemic. Didn't realize I had fibroids until I was at the gym doing a crunch. I'd done them daily but on this particular day, I couldn't squeeze in. It was painful. Something was stopping me from crunching in. So, I went to the doctors and was told that I was preg. Unless my name name was Mary that was not possible... So, after 2 preg tests they figured it was some type of tumor that had teeth and hair. I kid you not. I was terrified. I could only think about Sigourney Weaver in "Alien". Lol! Back then, not alot of doctors knew alot about fibroids. So, I was refered to another dr and he told me that I was not preg (Duh) but I had many tumors in my uterus. Crying, I asked if the tumor really had teeth and hair... The doctor told me that the tumors were benign and were called Fibroid Tumors. So, I went to get another opinion and did alot of research online. This time, I wanted to be prepared with knowledge on the topic and I wanted to be able to ask the right questions. Too make a long story shorter, I went to 7 different drs who said I would have to get a hysterectomy and would have to adopt. I wasn't going to hear this so I decided to press on to one more dr. When I entered her office, there were photos of all the children that she'd delivered. I knew that I would have children at that point. I felt so confident. So, I met the dr and she did a sonogram etc. She said that I would have to get a Myo. She eventually told me that I would have children by C-Section only. I then cried about this too but then alittle voice told me to not focus on that and too focus on being blessed to conceive. I was told that I had over 56 tumors. The largest was the size of a large football. Mind you my stomach wasn't that big... So, 3 months after I was scheduled for the procedure. During the 3 months, I prayed nightly before this day. It really helped because I was calm although it was my first time going in for any type of surgery. I recall being in the surgical room. The anesthiolgist told me to count down from 10 and I was out by 9. Although, i was told that the surgery was 4 hours, it felt like 5 minutes. MY BIG MISTAKE-I offered to pay the nurse to not make me walk. She didn't accept the money but I paid for it because I was in more pain than necessary. Pls, walk when you are told too. Pain was bad. I went home after 4 days. (Lost alot of blood-almost had too do a blood transfusion. Period came down the same day as surgery. Sometimes, it remains the same as before for a cycle or two.) BTW, after going in for surgery there were only 7 fibroids found. 6 small ones and the large football shaped one. Within 3 months, the rest had disappeared. I was amazed! The only change in my life was alot my fresh natural fruits, increased prayer life and letting go of the past. The dr couldn't believe it... Recovery got better as each day unfolded. Pls, walk. So, after all of this I was told to get preg. Sure I thought, if I had a mate... So, now we fast fwd to Sept 2006. (Happily married for a few months) My new dr in the new state that i live in told me that I had fibroids again. Ugghhh! But she said they were OK and to go ahead and continue trying and get preg. Something told me to get another opinion because we hadn't gotten preg. So, I went online and entered the best ob/gyn in nyc. I got the drs name and called. His sec who is so kind and lovely listened to my experience and complaints. She told me I could come in asap. So, I went in 2 days later. the dr was so kind and patient. He called a friend at Cornell and asked if I could come over right away. So, 15 minutes later my husband and I were there for a ultra sonogram. This was a blessing. I found out that there were tumors on the inside and outside of my uterus. There was a cyst on my right ovarie and I was told that I had a endometrium uterus. Ugghhh! None of the other drs told me this and I get examines yearly. So, I cried because I was told that one particular fibroid may be in a dangerous place which acted as a birth control. I was told that I would not be able to get preg if I didn't get a hystereocopy, cysectomy and d & c. So, I scheduled to get all of this done in 2 wks. Although, I cried again. At least I didn't have to get a Myo again, I thought. So, I then the dr called me in and told me that I would indeed need a Myo. With a big inhale and exhale, I cried and wiped my tears. So, now I was scheduled for a Myo one wk away. I had a fibroid in a dangerous place. So, my dr called me daily to check up on me until the day of. He explained the entire process and made sure that all of my questions were answered. Again, I prayed and read many healing scriptures up until the day. )Again, I had to continue work on letting go of my past. I was abused by my parents and hadn't gotten complete closure.) The day of surgery, I was nervous. My dr told me jokes as we walked to the surgical room. When we entered, there were about 15 people looking at me with masks on. They all greeted me. Blood Transfusion team, etc. My dr made me feel so comfortable probably because I looked like I was going to cry. I thought it would be easier the 2nd time. That's not true. It was like a new experience... So, after all the questions and poking. I was told to open my legs and I was out. My surgery took 5 1/2 hours. It even felt long. It was wonderful to see my husband after... I made sure I walked as soon as allowed. It's amazing how wonderful you feel the more you walk. the drugs were great, also. The dr told me that the fibroids had shrunk. The dangerous fibroid could not be removed but only shaved down to the size of a walnut. If he removed it, I would loose my womb. It's been alittle over 2 wks since my surgery. I feel so good and I healed so quickly. just got my staples out yesterday. That's another story... But anyway, I go in next wk for him to check my uterus. Also, after surgery my dr called me everyday including wknds to check on me. I made it. Now I want to look fwd to children. Writing my parents and ltr to get closure so that I can close that chapter. Some may have a different view point but I held my secret in for over 2o something years and I am only 35. I believe it played apart. I was holding alot in and didn't have no place to release it. Well, that's my story and as each day unfolds I am becoming a better person. God bless! PS-I wrote alot so forgive the errors.


moon - October 20

Hello everybody! Yes, let’s just keep hanging in there! We will all make it through this, right? It gives so much hope to read stories such as the one from MsMonet. On one hand, it is horrible to read that you had to undergo two surgeries (and that long ones too!) and you had to see so many different doctors until one finally had the right diagnosis. But on the other hand it is great, that this is now all behind you and you can soon go ahead and try to get pregnant. Did you shrink the fibroids before having the surgery or did they take them out just how they were? I don’t yet want to deal with the surgery. I’m sure I am going to be scared to death when the day comes… But I try to take one step after the other and worry about that later… Ms Monet, I wish you all the best and please, continue sharing your story! - Joker, it feels good for me too, to have found you guys, with similar stories. Although I try not to focus too much on the fibroids or the surgery and just continue enjoying my life, that’s not always easy – especially since my cousin just gave birth to her second girl yesterday and my sis is expecting her 4th child…. But one day, we will all be there too, won’t we? So far, I didn’t experience any side effects (hot flashes etc.) from the Lupron. But I am having bad cramps daily. Is this the fibroids shrinking or what? Anyway, don’t want to take pain medication every day so now I’m trying to control the pain with some herbal (yarrow) tea I read about. Whatever helps, right? ;-) Juliane, did you see the doc yet? Are you having the surgery? I’m rooting for all of you! M.


MsMonet - October 21

Moon- Hope all is well. I decided not too take Lupron or anything that would shrink them. I was afraid of the side effects. I do know of many people who have had positive results. My fibroid was so large... I just wanted to get it out. My periods were so horrible. Not too be gross but to sit on the toilet and to see and feel blood pour out of you is draining. My sheets were bloody and my pants become bloody. My cramps were so unbearable the first go around. I know the surgery may seem scary but pls just focus on your future children. This is the route I had to go to have children.... I would do it again. (Pls, God. Don't want to put any thoughts... Just a statement... Lol!) Moon and Joker, you guys will be OK. You have this forum that is full of many who've gone through. You can ask all the questions you want... God knows what you need to prepare you... This last Myo, happened so so quickly. I can't believe it was Oct 03. (Pls, remember to walk after surgery!!!) I made it and you guys can make it through. I didn't know until after the surgery if I could have kids are not. It all depended on if the doctor could shave down the fibroid that was in a dangerous spot. My doctor wasn't sure how much he could shave down or if I would bleed too much before he finished shaving. It was scary but I had to be positive. I have purchased books and magazines on pregnancy. I am preparing... We must always be positive and claim it. Sometimes, we hate to hear it but God won't give us more than we can bear. Each of us have a unique story to tell. I was s_xually and physically abused by my parent as a child. All I ever wanted was love from my parents. I never got it and this is something I had to accept but I've got to move fwd and strive to be the best person that I can be. I may have waken up late when parents were being given out but God has been my parent. He has guided me and taught me to love others. What he has taught me is priceless because it's all prepared me to be a good parent. My love is so strong for my children and they haven't arrived yet. We all have hurts but we have all made it through... I applaud all of you. Sure, we've been up all night crying but the next day we saw sunshine... As each day unfolds we become stronger. That's a wonderful thing! Keep up the great work ladies!!!! God Bless!


Joker - October 21

Hi everyone. Monet thank you for sharing your story with us. You have been through a lot. I pray that everything works out great for you and your husband. I really appreciate you telling us about your two surgeries. It is encouraging to know of someone who has gotten a myo twice and have made it through just fine. I am scared to death of having mind done..and it is not death that scares me but waking up and hearing the awful news that they had to take my uterus. That would just be the worse thing. Even if I never get pregnant at least I would have the hope of having children but if I loose my uterus then all hope is lost. (This is not meant to scare anyone I am just sharing my feelings because no one that I know have any idea of what I'm going through.) Monet, how long were you out of work after your first myo? Moon thats great that you haven't had any side effects. I am hoping I will be as lucky as you. I am nervous about my up coming appointment in Nov. I am hoping that all will go well and I don't leave thier in tears. The doctor that I see the the same doctor I saw when I was pregnant. Which means everytime I go see him I have to sit in the waiting room with all these other pregnant women and try not to cry. Not that I wish them any harm..I'm actually happy for them and thier little babies but it just makes me sad for myself. Does anyone know where I can go to research a doctor? My doctor is the chief Ob/Gyn surgeon but that doesn't really mean much to me. He told me he has done this type of surgery countless times..I'm not his first and certainly won't be the last. But it doesn't mean he is any good. I'm just so scared that I'm knit picking at everything! Take Care everyone and please keep in touch. This is the only place I have that makes me feel like I'm not alone. I'm sure other women read this also. Some may not be going through this but they may someone who is and they may share our stories with that person and that may give that person a little comfort, courage, or hope. I once heard someone say when you share your experiences no matter how good or bad yourself and others are able to learn from it. Thank you all and keep in touch :)


Pryncss1013 - October 21

Hi Ladies, Thanks Moon!! I am pretty sure that w/out any shrinkage, it made the surgery much bloodier (excuse me ladies) that it could have been. However, I honestly would not have wanted to wait longer to go through the Lupron if I didn't have to. My surgeon, didn't even mention it, during our consultation and after he saw the sonogram a few weeks before the surgery. Juliane, the surgeon I used at Mt. Sinai (The Group for Women) was Dr. Peter Dottino. He can be reached at 212.888.8439. He's an awesome surgeon w/ a great reputation. My friend Janet who's a nurse at Mt. Sinai highly recommend him. He actually performed her myomectomy 5 years ago, and she became pregnant less than 6 mos later. Before the surgery...she was told it would be impossible for her to conceive because of the size and location of her fibroids. He doesn't take insurance. So be willing to come out of pocket, because of the way this surgery is looked at to insurance companies. They'd just prefer you to have a hysterectomy instead. At 31 years old, that was totally out of the question for me. I'm sorry, I haven't heard of Dr. Ascher-Walsh only because I was pretty much set on Dr. Dottino after hearing the rep. he had at the hospital. He doesn't take insurance. The consultation will also come out of pocket. But his office does attempt to help w/ getting refunds for you from your insurance company for seeing him. The actual surgery came out of our pocket, however, the hospital stay (5 nights) was taken care of by our insurance. Monet, thanks so much for sharing your experience. And yes, w/ all the crying I knew that everything happens for a reason. My God, Joker when I went back to see my GYN (3 weeks after my nightmare), I left the Dr's office & sat in the car and literally lost it. I started the car and was driving through the streets in pieces just wanting to just die. I finally had to pull over it got so bad. When I looked up when I calmed myself down, I saw that I actually pulled over in front of a church. I so know there is hope and something better down the road. Sometimes people have to travel a rockier path for a longer period of time than others to get to the same destination. Our experience will help us appreciate our blessings so much more than anyone else around us will ever know. Joker, the more experience a surgeon has w/ this kind of surgery the better. I understand your depth of nerves about the surgery. But you must stay positive & prayerful & yes know the importance of walking. We cannot allow negitivity along w/ everything else that's occured w/ us to settle into our thinking of the future.



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