Pregnancy After A Myomectomy

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Pryncss1013 - October 21

Hi Ladies, Thanks Moon!! I am pretty sure that w/out any shrinkage, it made the surgery much bloodier (excuse me ladies) that it could have been. However, I honestly would not have wanted to wait longer to go through the Lupron if I didn't have to. My surgeon, didn't even mention it, during our consultation and after he saw the sonogram a few weeks before the surgery. Juliane, the surgeon I used at Mt. Sinai (The Group for Women) was Dr. Peter Dottino. He can be reached at 212.888.8439. He's an awesome surgeon w/ a great reputation. My friend Janet who's a nurse at Mt. Sinai highly recommend him. He actually performed her myomectomy 5 years ago, and she became pregnant less than 6 mos later. Before the surgery...she was told it would be impossible for her to conceive because of the size and location of her fibroids. He doesn't take insurance. So be willing to come out of pocket, because of the way this surgery is looked at to insurance companies. They'd just prefer you to have a hysterectomy instead. At 31 years old, that was totally out of the question for me. I'm sorry, I haven't heard of Dr. Ascher-Walsh only because I was pretty much set on Dr. Dottino after hearing the rep. he had at the hospital. He doesn't take insurance. The consultation will also come out of pocket. But his office does attempt to help w/ getting refunds for you from your insurance company for seeing him. The actual surgery came out of our pocket, however, the hospital stay (5 nights) was taken care of by our insurance. Monet, thanks so much for sharing your experience. And yes, w/ all the crying I knew that everything happens for a reason. My God, Joker when I went back to see my GYN (3 weeks after my nightmare), I left the Dr's office & sat in the car and literally lost it. I started the car and was driving through the streets in pieces just wanting to just die. I finally had to pull over it got so bad. When I looked up when I calmed myself down, I saw that I actually pulled over in front of a church. I so know there is hope and something better down the road. Sometimes people have to travel a rockier path for a longer period of time than others to get to the same destination. Our experience will help us appreciate our blessings so much more than anyone else around us will ever know. Joker, the more experience a surgeon has w/ this kind of surgery the better. I understand your depth of nerves about the surgery. But you must stay positive & prayerful & yes know the importance of walking. We cannot allow negitivity along w/ everything else that's occured w/ us to settle into our thinking of the future.


Juliane - October 22

Hi Everyone! Just wanted to give an update with me... not much to report, but I have an appointment next week for a second opinion with a doctor who I would like have perform the myo. I researched a lot of doctors in NYC and he has a good reputation and is on my insurance panel. I am a__suming he will recommend the myo... it seems to be the wisest approach. I think I would be too scared/nervous to try to get pregnant now with the fibroid after hearing the problems and complications others have had. I am much more emotionally prepared now for the surgery. I am still waiting for my insurance to clear the Lupron injections. Did anyone else have problems with their insurance companies approving Lupron? Moon, it is great to hear that you are not having any side effects! I hope your cramp pain diminishes! Pryncss1013, thanks for the info on your Doctor...he sounds wonderful. It seems so important to have a surgeon that you feel comfortable with. My ob/gyn who initially diagnosed my fibroids wants to do the surgery, but I find her really off putting. She was very pushy with me and not willing to give me much information. I am hoping I have a different experience with the new doctor. Ms. Monet, thanks for sharing your story. It sounds like you have a wealth of emotional strength... I wish you healing, closure, happiness and a Baby!! I am determined to keep a positive att_tude about this experience! It really is a great to have found this list... thanks to all of you! Juliane


MsMonet - October 22

Juliane-I also wish you the best! If you also need another opinion pls check out Ernst Bartisch online. He is an excellent ob/gyn!!! He is the founder of one of the Myo Techniques. He is an out of network doctor who does his surgery in a In Network Hospital which is NY Presb (Cornell Medical Inst). My insurance covered 70% for him and 90% for the hospital. He is a wonderful doctor. He just called me today to check on me... I don't have to see him for 6months. I can now have intercourse again. Although, I am alittle scared. My doctor had to remind me that nothing will pop or break! I am so nervous about that... Lol! It's great to hear that you are prepared emotionally. It makes such a difference. Pls, go with a doctor that you feel totally comfortable with. My last OB/GYN was so pushy. She would also speak over me and didn't like me to ask any questions. I never returned back to her and never received a call from her office. Hmm, I wonder if we had the same dr? Lol! Make sure you have complete peace with your doctor... Wishing you all the best!


Neenka - October 31

Hi Ladies.....I've been reading your posts and I am in the same boat. I had 2 miscarriages and most recently I lost a child at 22 weeks. It was probably due to fibroids. My doc wants to give me a myomectomy and a cerclage in the next pregnancy. I was wondering if you ladies were considering the new robotic surgery. Here is an article about a hospital in Newark, NJ who is now perfomring it. I am considering this:


MsMonet - October 31

Neenka-Make sure you say alittle pray on this... And do alot of research to find out the pros and cons. I did read the article. Sounds great but because it is new, I would definately continue to do more research to find out what other doctors and studies are saying about this. Wishing you the best.


Juliane - November 1

Hi Everyone, I have my 1st Lupron injection this afternoon. I have been pretty emotional the last few days... I guess it is becoming real for me. I am trying to stay positive, but I have been struggling. I am worried that I will have horrible side effects. I am not looking forward to the holidays and spending time with mine and my husbands families. Originally we were hoping to be pregnant by December. Anyway, how are other people doing? Any updates? Moon, have you been experiencing any side effects from the Lupron? Thanks for listening. Juliane


MsMonet - November 1

Juliane- My husband and I have starting trying now and from time to time I do think of all the things that could possibly happen because it seems that everything else has been so difficult but we've got to be very positive and believe not just for ourselves but we must have the strength for our children... Take sometime out and meditate. Talk to your future children. Let them know how your feeling. I did this and afterwhile I developed so much strength within. There is nothing that I won't do or go through to have children. I understand your emotions... Believe me, I do. We can get through this. Stay positive and stay strong.


Juliane - November 3

Ms. Monet, thanks for your encouraging words, I appreciate them. I actually felt so much better after my doctor's appt. She was encouraging and supportive and at least now I have an "action" plan and know how the next few months will proceed. The Lupron injection was OK... I haven't really felt anything. I will go back in four weeks for another injection and then have an examination to see how much the fibroid has shrunk. Depending on the size, I might have a 3rd injection before surgery, which will be scheduled around the end of Jan. 07. It also helps that I informed my job that I would be out for surgery for 4 weeks and they were also very supportive and willing to accomodate. So, in the end, I have a lot to be grateful for. I hope you are doing well, also. You seem to have a great att_tude! Take Care, Juliane


MsMonet - November 3

Juliane-Continue to tell yourself when you get the injections that all will be OK. You can get through this... Positive thinking, kiddo. My incision is healing. It itches alot. I will return back to work after Thanksgiving. Sometimes, I forget that I had the surgery but then my body always reminds me to slow down. Went out to the store and I was walking at a fast pace. Felt alittle pressure from within... Great reminder! Can't wait to return to the gym. Hope my next period is back to normal. The last wasn't... It wa kinda scary because I had gotten the surgery but I was told that it is normal...Keep in touch. Just remember to enjoy life and enjoy the holidays. I've been married a few months and therefore I now have a family. Before that I had no one to spend the holidays with. I prayed for it! Enjoy the holidays and be happy that you have found a solution to your problem with fibroids. Be a blessing to others.... You will get through this... The stork will be dropping a baby off at your house soon also. Keep the faith. Enjoy nature and the ability to breathe, walk, talk, etc,,,


ru93 - November 10

Hi...Can anyone recommend a good doctor for a myomectomy in the NJ/NY area? My obgyn was completely unhelpful and kind of cold truthfully. I have been doing research on my own and have 1 appointment with Dr. Pitter in Newark, NJ. He sounds great. However, I would really like a second opinion, especially if you have already had a myomectomy. Any info during this stressful time would be GREATLY appreciated. THANK U!!


avey - November 10

Juliane Did u see Dr. Ascher-walsh?? what did ou think of him, I saw him awhile ago and like him and I want him to do my myomectomy but I've gotten very nervous about it and I'm constantly going over our appointment and nitpicking everything and second gusessing myself...Did you like him?


ru93 - November 10

Hi Avey. Do you have dr Ascher-Walsh's info? I looked him/her up in my insurance network (empire blue cross blue shield) and no results were found. Did you like the doctor?


avey - November 10

ru93 here is his info I liked him alot when I met with him, he appeared very knowledgeble. I'm just getting very nervous about surgery and I'm having a hell of a time deciding between a abdominal myomectomy and laparscopic one. I am second guessing and I need a second opinion on my second opinion :). If you decide to see him would you let me know what you think of him. Btw, does anyone have any good or bad experience with Mt Sinai Maternity or women's health; I looked them up and they have a pretty low rating, I thought it was supposed to be a very good hospital. Good luck ru93.


ru93 - November 10

THANK YOU so much Avey- for the info and kind wishes that I wish for you as well. I'm going to look at the dr's website. Do you know if he is board certified? If I see him, I will definetly shoot you an email. And I completely understand about your wanting a second opinion on your second opinion b/c this is an important, emtional, life altering decision I, like most women, a__sumed and prayed that I was a healthy women. So when a dr. tells you otherwise, it effects not only your physical health but your mental health. I've cried alot about this so your being scared is completely normal. I sincerely wish you the best. Please keep in touch, as will I.


avey - November 10

Hi Again Ru93 Thank u for your kind words, makes me feel better I'm sitting here researching pro/con, possible complications and completely freaking myself out! He is board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Take care.


Juliane - November 10

Hi avey and ru93, I can completely understand your worrying, second-guessing and obsessing. I went through the same experience. I ended up not seeing Dr. Ascher-Walsh for a second opinion. I had a second opinion with Dr. Stein from Roosevelt (a fertility specialist), who confirmed my ob's recommendation for a myo. He a__sured me that my ob was highly skilled and qualified, so I decided to use her as my surgeon. I am undergoing Lupron therapy and will have my myo in Jan. 07. For me, having made a decision and chosen a doctor, has been a huge stress lifted. I am in a much calmer place as a result. I think everyone goes through that process in an individual way and it really depends on each person's unique circ_mstances. My fibroid wasn't causing me any major symptoms, but my ob recommended having it removed before getting pregnant because of the high risk of possible miscarriage or pre-term labor. Dr. Stein totally agreed with her. What was rea__suring about meeting with Dr. Stein was that he told me he was super conservative when it comes to surgery, but in my case, it was the only option. He also said that once the fibroid was removed, there was no reason why I wouldn't have a successful pregnancy without complications. Having the second opinion really solidified my decision to have the myo. Anyway, good luck to you both. Let me know if you have any other questions. Take Care! Juliane



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