Pregnancy After A Myomectomy

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futurebabymama - October 15

Has anyone had a v____al hysterescopy/resectescope to remove fibroids? After getting an MRI, my doctor informed me that I had a predunculated fibroid (4cm) a subserous (4cm) , two submucous small half way in the endometrial cavity and an INUMERABLE amount of tiny fibroids outside. My first reaction was to forget about my hopes of having another baby :( I sat in the car and cried for about 30 minutes.... Anyways, the doc, whom I've had since I was 18, says that I just need to focus on removing the ones that are inside my uterus and this can be done without invasive surgery. That's the GOOD news! After they are removed we can TTC as early as a month later! :) I am still worried about all the other fibroids since they can grow during the pregnancy but my husband and I are still going for it. Next week we have an appt. with the perinatal specialist to discuss all the possible complications with a high risk pregnancy (especially with me turning 36) My own obgyn said that she had mixed feelings about me TTC but that she supports me either way and will take care of me. I've also heard mixed reviews about the procedure. Some women get a general anesthetic while others get a local and actually watch the whole thing through a monitor. Has anyone had this done? Also has anyone had serious complications due to age? I am taking more than enough folic acid, and Im trying to get more in shape ahead of time...


cdance - October 15

Thank you ladies, so helpful! I am trying to just take it one day at a seems as though these next 7 months cannot go fast enough! I appreciate your responses, it is comforting to hear.


cdance - October 15

Thank you ladies, so helpful! I am trying to just take it one day at a seems as though these next 7 months cannot go fast enough! I appreciate your responses, it is comforting to hear.


Suzy Q - October 15

Hello Ladies! It really has been a pleasure reading your stories over the past 5 year (well not all of them of course!) but it has been rather comforting knowing how other women like me have handled this. I had my first myo in Jan 2007 and now I am contemplating another one with a lot of confusions. The fibroids have come back although there are not as bad as the first time around but now that I am ready to try to conceive I am not sure whether I need to go for surgery again the biggest one is about 6cm as of last visit (about 6 months ago). The scary part is that the doctor who did a fantastic job for my first myo doesn’t take my insurance. Does anyone of you live in Atlanta and has good doctor to recommend? Thank you!


alid23 - December 2

Hi everyone. I was so relieved to find stories like these that can give me hope. My story: I am young for someone experiencing fibroids of my severity. I am only 22. Since I started having periods about 10 years ago I have been having trouble with debilitating cramps and horrible bleeding. I was put on birth control at the age of 13. Anyway, this past year has been very hard with excruciating pain and bleeding, especially since I am still in college. I went to the doctor several times, insisting that I had a history of fibroids (every single woman in my family has had to have a hysterectomy, on BOTH sides) but none of the doctors took me seriously since fibroids are "incredibly unlikely" at my age. Finally, I went in almost in tears after I pa__sed out from severe anemia. An ultrasound revealed what the doctors called "a ton of uterine fibroids" Now, I am 5 days away from my Myomectomy (laparotomy) and I am very nervous. At first, the doctor told me I had a lot of fibroids. After an MRI, my specialist told me that there are only three large ones that need to be removed. Two tennis ball size and one grapefruit sized. Being 22, I obviously want to have children but I always thought that I would have many years before I would even think of getting pregnant. I am, however, so blessed to be getting married in September to the most amazing man and he has been so supportive with the fact that we may have to have children earlier than expected. I am terrified of waiting even a year after my surgery because I am afraid the fibroids will return. I am also nervous of my surgeon finding more fibroids than expected and having to perform a hysterectomy. I am balancing the shock that I could never be able to have children if the surgery doesn't go well with the shock that I might have to get pregnant very soon. How long did your doctors recommend to start TTC? I don't want to wait too long after the surgery and put my fertility at risk, but at the same time I am very nervous about the whole process.


Down, not Out - December 2

Hi alid 23, I'm never on this site any more, but I will never forget how reading the stories of the ladies here helped me stay hopeful at a really painful time. I had an open myomectomy and my doctor removed 11 fibroids. I was worried about a hysterectomy too, and she a__sured me that she had performed hundreds of myomectomies and had never had to do an emergency hysterectomy during one. I felt a lot better after I had a really honest talk with her about my fears. The surgery and my recovery went well. My doctor told me to wait 4 months before TTC. I ovulated at 3 1/2 months and didn't wait to another cycle, so we decided to go for it. We conceived that cycle and I had a very uneventful pregnancy. Two years later I had another uneventful pregnancy. My kids are 2 and 4 years old now. I wish you the very best of luck for a successful surgery and lots of happy, healthy babies!


LotusFlower - March 4

Sparkette which doctor did you have?


Yannica - August 26


I'm 32 yrs old, and I just had a Myomectomy procedure done which removed 2 Fibriods, i'm actually home recovering from the procedure. I've never been pregnant and my husband I had been activitely trying for the pass 2 years. I was going to this one OBGYN doctor who ran all these test to make sure my tubes were open which they were, and my husband had a sperm analysis which came back fine. We could not figure out why I wasn't getting pregnant. I decided to go to another doctor who was alittle more proactive in my desire to get pregnant, my first visit with him he gave me an ultrasound and saw that I had Fibriods. Now let me start by saying that Fibriods run in my family, my mother had it, my aunt had it as well and not to mention about 60% of women suffer from Fibriods. My issue was that I did not know I had from going to my last doctor. She never thought to give me an ultrasound even though my Hormone levels came back high from one of my blood test I took, which is a direct correlation to Fibriods. None the less I was happy I listened to my instinct and decided to see a new doctor. I had about 3 or 4 Fibriods, however 2 of them were larger than the others so me and my new OBGYN decided to take them out, only if he thought it was necessary once he opened me up. I had my procedure probably a month and half after i found out I had Fibriods.  Now that I've had the procedure I'm really hoping that I will get pregnant, has anyone had success in getting pregnant after the myomectomy procedure?


JayMaiden - September 2

How many years ago was this thread active? It doesn't say year. I want to jump in, but no clue if people are even communicating here anymore.


kikisf - September 2

 My last post was 2012! But am pregnant again and around.


Myo31 - February 15

Hi everyone I am Kat and I am new to this forum. I had an abdominal myomectomy 6 weeks ago and am recovering well. I had  a 12cm fibroid removed from the wall of my uterus. The surgeon said it was pressing into one of my tubes and he thinks this tube may be damaged (but will check properly once I've healed.)

Can anyone tell me how long after abdominal myomectomy you have to wait before ttc. I think I only have one working tube and probably scar tissue :(


Little Chris - April 20

Hi im having surgery in june to get my fibroids removed, I have about ten. I'm 33 and have been trying to get pregnant. When I went to to infertility clinic to see about getting IVF done the doctor said it wouldnt be a good idea with all my fibroids. So I went back to my doctor and now I'm going along with the surgery. I have been very up and down about it all and hearing all of your stories has REALLY HELPED ME!!!


Little Chris - April 20

how was your recovery?


Widleinethomas84 - August 3

Hi! Everyone my name is widdy I had myomectomy surgery removed fibroids from my uterus for 9 months;even I have one ?? Little boy he is 6 years old before my surgery but can I have chance to get pregnant? because I'm really scared guys.


leahwlkr - November 9

jacky_connacher : I too and 28 and Had my surgery March 23, 2016. Proir to surgery May 10, 2014 I gave birth to my babyboy Keegen at 4.5 months and he died afrer one breath. I have an appointment on the 14th to see if I am preggo and for my yearly check up but I've been praying Gods will be done and that I will be able to conceive after this surgery everyday. I love reading these post they are both encouraging and supportive in everything relating to this surgery and conceiving.


Kins101s - August 12

Hi everyone. I'm new to this thread but wanted to give you all hope who ever is going through painful fibroids. In 2016 my period started to worsen.  I went to the doctor and did a u/s only to discover I had 4 fibroids. Doctors stated I take birth control or go through with surgery.  I didn't want to try birth control because of all side affects I heard of. (I never took birth control  beforr) so I opted for surgery. This was back in October 2016.Instead of 4 I had 21 fibroids all ranging from a size a a grapefruit to the size of a pea. My doc also told me after surgery that it would be ideal after I healed that it would be best if I try to have a baby. I always felt I couldn't have children.  I never had a scare. 8 months after surgery i found out i was pregnant.  Im happy to say that march of 2018 my daughter was born Healthy and strong. I say all this to give all of you struggling to have babies due to fibroids hope. I strongly believe had I not gone through with this surgery I would of never had a baby.  Unfortunately I now have 4 fibroids that grew back.  Im going they don't cause any trouble this time around.  Good luck to all



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