Pregnancy After Clamydia

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Lee - April 28

Has anyone been able to get pregnant and have a healthy pregnancy after being treated for Clamydia?


Pennie - May 4

I tested post_tive for Clamydia in Jan. (a present from my ex) I took the dose of antibotics and now I am 8 weeks pregnet. I conceived about 2 months after having the positive test results. From everything I have read I don't think I effects your chances of being able to get pregnet unless it progresses into Pelvic Inflamitory Disease. Good Luck to you and god bless : )


Yep - May 4

Yees and there was no problem have since carried 3 babies and preggo again!


jo - May 6

i have had clamydia twice when i was younger. i got it taken care of and am now 13 weeks pregnant. no problems


twist - May 11

I am 14 weeks preg and just been treated for chlamydia, I didn't know I had it and it was only after routine swabs that it showed up. I must have had it for at least 8 years without knowing and still managed to get preg, so there is definitly hope. I read that about 40% of untreated cases cause pelvic inflammatory disease, so your chances are good. Best of luck.


Analy - June 4

Can you please told me what was the medicament used to clean the clamydia?


L - June 5

I had clamydia when I was 14, went on to have 2 healthy children and getting ready to deliver my third.


rebecca - June 19

i got pregnant while i had clamydia however i was unaware i had it until my 1st dr visit. it's ok you should be able to get pregnant no problem! good luck


Jamie - June 20

I was diagnosed with Chlamydia on Dec. 7. I was discovered to be 8 weeks pregnant on Dec. 31. I took the medication, and so far, there have been no *obvious* effects on the baby - but, since baby's still in utero...


louise - June 21

i had chlamydia when 7 years ago and alothough not trying for a baby now i was constantly worried that i might have problems when I do try. Thanks to the positive comments on this site i feel much better! thanks!!


chelle - July 10

i turned to this sight to see if i would have a problem getting pregnant but with the positive comments i feel like i might be lucky and be able to have to children thanks so much god bless keep it up


DeDe - September 8

There has been women who have had a successful pregnancy and delivery after giving birth. while in delivery you will get antibiotics for the baby to be very healthy.


starlyght 24 - September 10

Hi I had chlamydia when I was 16. It progressed into Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and my dr said that I maybe infertile. I ended up having my son at age 19 and my daughter at 21. But I just had an ectopic August 13, 2005 and had my right tube removed. I am thinking that the PID must have messed up right tube and that my kids came from the other tube.


stacie - September 10

I was tested positive for clamydia and got it taken care of last Sep. I have been trying to conceive, but have not been able to since trying.


Mary - September 11

I had clamydia when I was 16 and something that started with a" T" when I was 20 and about a week after I Got that taken care of I met my husband. We have 2 unsecsessful pregnancys. We have only been Married for 1 year and I am only 21.


birttney - September 21

i donno


playwithlights - September 25

it wasn't a problem for me. did you have it treated properly?



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