Pregnancy After Depo The B C Shot

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Tori - October 27

I was on the birth control shot Depo Provera for six years straight . I took my last shot in Oct of 2004 its now Oct 2005. I have a healthy 7 year old. My dilemma is why is it taking me this long to get pregnant? Can the shot make me totally infertal? I really want another child I'm grateful for any answers or advice.


to Tori - October 27

I don't want to worry you but I have heard bad things about the depo shot if fact a friend I work with took it for a couple of years and it stopped her cycle and now she has been off of it for quite awhile and she never got her cycle back and the doctors do not know why the have run tons of tests and they can't tell her anything I know it is too late to change the fact that you took it for so long but maybe you should have some tests done to see if that is the cause of you now being able to get pregnant...has your cycle returned to normal?


Beth - October 28

I dont want to be a downer either but there has studies that have shown that it can impare your fertility but on the other hand I took it and did not get my peroid for a year and then a couple years later I have a 17 week little baby in my belly so everyone is different


Michelle - October 30

I was on the depo for 8 years, then the mini-pill for one year straight after, never had a period in all of that time, then stopped the mini-pill to ttc, and got pregnant in the 2nd month of trying. It can happen. Everyone is different. Lots of baby dust and happy thoughts to you all, x


Amberlyn - October 31

My last depo shot was Aug 2003, and I finally got pregnant in Aug 2005... Sometimes it takes a very long time ... I started charting in Sept 2004, and it really helped me understand my body.. :)


Tori - November 2

Thank you for all of your responses. I was on Depo from 1998 until 2004. I was a teen mother and didnt get off the shot until I had married for obvious reasons. In March of 2005 my cycle hadn't come on so the doctor suggested I get on the Ortho Evra Patch to see if it would help start my cycle and it did. I was only on the patch for one month and stopped. My period did start and since March its come every month. Could I be menstrating without ovulating? Has anyone every used those home ovulation tests or fertility monitors? I'm desperate to know. I would love to see a doctor but currently I have no medical coverage. Thanks for all the words of wisdom, I really appreciate it :)



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