Pregnancy After Gential Warts HPV

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Emma - March 22

I was diagnosied with gential warts a few months ago and I am now pregnant. But I am feeling very shameful of the fact that I contracted a STD and now more afraid to pass it on to my unborn child. I feel like a - well you know, even though I have not had many partners ( one hand). I know maybe its all these new hormones and I know that even if you sleep with one person, who has had other partners, you risk contracting an STD. Any other mothers or soon to be mothers with the same condition? I hope I am not alone.


Jellybabe - March 23

Hi. I read your message and know exactly how you feel. Although I am wart-free now, I had warts aswell. And really bad. I think I contracted them from my previous partner. (I too have only had 1 serious relationship with a partner). I was so ashamed aswell, I didnt go to the doctor. Instead I treated it myself. I was crazy and used wartproduct intended for warts on the body, not genitals. Boy, was I stupid. Although it got rid of it, I went through horrible pain, so I dont recommend doing that to anyone! But I am now 6 months pregnant and often wondered if the hormones would cause them to come back as they never go away completely and may return later on. So far my baby is fine with no problems shown on the scan or bloodtests. I dont know if it can be pa__sed on the unborn babies, but you should ask your doctor or someone with medical advice so that you can be sure your baby is ok. Good luck, its c___p, i know!


millerstac0878 - March 23

Hi Ladies...congrats on being pg. I just m/c at 9wks (baby measured 8wk1day), but thats not why I'm joining this thread. I too contracted both HPV and HSV-1 a few years back. For the HPV I had to have a leep and cryo where they freeze part of your cervix...not fun. I have the higher risk HPV, but my OB seems to thinkt hat I should be ok to carry to full term. I will have to be monitored a bit more then normal just to make sure my cervix remains stron. On the other hand I contracted HSV-1 (which is the form of herpes that causes cold sores) down under in a way not many people think of...I had a cold sore, kissed my bf at the time and a little while later we had "relations" of the oral nature. Long story short, a few weeks later in in the urgent care with this blister on my v____a going what IS this...they tested it and turns otu you can pa__s herpes (or cold sores) from mouth to genitals that way! I had no clue. Anyway, my OB says that neither should be a problem for carrying to full term as long as we keep an eye on things throughout the pg. Unfortunately, my first pg, which is the one i just m/c, didn't go long enough for us to even find out if I'd have any complicactions because of the STDs. My point is...and I'm getting there..I promise. You have nothing to be embarrased or ashamed about...ALOT of us out there have it. Its quite common, and alot of women, even some of my friends, have gone on to have healthy babys with no complications. My best to you both :) Stacie


emilys mom - April 1

Hi , I am so glad to find this post. I am a married mother one one very busy 18 month old and wanting to get pregnant in the next year. And, I just yeasterday found out I have HSV-1. My husband had a cold sore and had some oral "relations" and boom, I've got herpes. I had no idea that you could get it that way. So here I am a wife and mommy , never been with anyone s_xually other thatn my husband and I have an STD. How embaressing!!! I am very concerned about having a healthy baby. What if I am having an outbreak , not knowing and get pregnant? Does that affect the baby or just the delivery? Please help me.


millerstac0878 - April 3

Hi Emilys Mom - sorry to hear about your recent discovery. I too came about getting mine that very same way...shocking isn't it? I never even would have thought that it can be contracted that way..who knew! Unfortantely neither of us can change the past (although it would be cool to go back still knowing what we now know!). Have you spoke with your OB/GYN about this? I have been on teh maintenance dosage of valtre for the past few years, when I recently found out that I was pg, I was really nervous and immediately stopped taking the valtrex. When I called my Dr. office to say i was pg and what do i do..she said KEEP TAKING IT. Apparently its not harmful to the baby and it keeps down outbreaks during pg. She also said that when I reached my 3rd trimester, which I never did because I miscarried, I would have to up my dosage to 1gram a day in order to prevent an outbreak. In the event that i had an outbreak while in labor, she that didn't mean I could have a v____al birth, it depended on the severity, location, etc and that it is not nomrally a complication during pregnancy. She did say if there was any cause for concern, they could do a C-section and it there would be no harm to the baby..unfortunatly I didn't make it that far. Hope this answers some of your wishes :) Stac


tke295 - May 2

It is nice to know that I am not the only one out there. I found out I was pregnant in February and after that I found out that I had contracted genital warts before and it was just now showing up. The doctors told me that it is very likely to show up or come back with pregnant women because their bodies can't fight off disease as well. I am devistated and feel the same way that you do Emma even though I haven't been with very many people either. From the research I have done, there is not a very high chance that the baby will contract the STD but I am scared of having a c-section and this STD is so devistating to live with. The doctors told me that there was nothing they could do until after delivery because if they removed the warts now they would most likely just come back again while I am pregnant. If any of you were able to have treatment while you were pregnant I would like to hear about it. Good luck to everyone else dealing with this.


samantha87 - May 3

Hi there god i thought i was the only one, i have been with my partner for just over a year and recently found out i have genital warts plus i am 5 months pregnant,when my partnerand i got together he had just came out of a relelationship where he had been constantly cheated on, and we think thats where it has came from, i felt so as shamed and i feel terrible about this as i dont want this to cause any complications during or after the birth of our little one, i have a appointment to get this dealt with, i hope this can be dealt with and nothing affects my baby.


sa__sifras - May 4

I was diagnosed with high risk HPV with my last pregnancy that I miscarried in October. The D&C that I had completely cleared out my cervix and my last PAP in January came back negative. I know that I still have it, but it isnt going to be an issue with this pregnancy. I am now 18 wks. This is something that I could have gotten as long ago as high school, but I never had an abnormal PAP. My dr said to ask my future boyfriends(which I won't have ) if their girlfriends hav ever had an abnormal pap, if so , they have HPV. Guys cant test for it and I was told 1 out of 4 people ages 18-28 have it. Its a sad thing, but if you have a bad enough case they might recommend a c-section to prevent the baby from getting polyps on his voice box. Other than that it hits your pride pretty hard. But you are noowhere near alone. Stay positive, you and your baby will be fine.


littlemama1022 - May 5

I've never had an STD but I've heard if you have genital warts and you have an outbreak at the time of labor, you will need a c-section so it won't pa__s to the baby. And also I have actually seen this on "Birth Day"..


krissy79 - May 5

Hello! I am currently 17 weeks pregnant. I also have genital warts. Alot of websites say that you have a possibility of pa__sing this virus on to your baby; this however, is only during delivery. I asked my doctor if I should have a c-section and he told me no....he said that my warts were not extensive enough. This is not all that bad of a thing. Any one been told differently?


Honey Bee - May 5

I went through the same thing and I had my baby v____ally, I know it is scary but your doc does know what she is talking about. Hpv is not easily contracted to a newborn, there is a 0.04 chance of it happening. 2000 out of 4 million get it a year. It is very, very rare and that is if you are showing signs at delivery. You have more of a chance of having a baby with downs then pa__sing it and a greater chance of dying or complications from a c section that is why docs just dont do it for that reason alone. Im scared just like you but it makes me feel better that I am not alone. Just in God and the doc and you will be fine.



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