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jasp - February 20

Bumblebee with my first m/c mine was about 4-5cm and my ob told me it wasn't a problem when I hd my 2 m/c I was 8wks but my uterus was as if I was 26wks. When Ihad the myo cause I refused to go on lupron causeof all the S/E it she removed 7 the bigest being the size of a melon


angelkitty - February 20

Bumblebee my RE originally thought I only had 2-3 fibroids but during myomectomy he found 14 of them!!!


Bumblebee - February 20

jasp / angelkitty - thanks for the info. Jasp - Melon - oh my! Did your doc say it grew during your 2nd pg? I heard they can grow due to more blood / etc to the uterus. ANGELKitty - Do you know size of largest one by any chance? Also do any of you know if location of the fibroids makes a difference? I think mine are on anterior uterus muscle wall... ?? ? Thanks.


jasp - February 21

Yes it did grow with my 2nd pg cause of the extra blood supply my baby never had a chance with that monster that what made me have the myo because I could have taken the lupron to shrink it but if i was to get pg again which I will be starting to ttc next month it would have grown big again.mine were located on the uterine wall


angelkitty - February 21

Bumblebee - I had three lumped together that were EACH the size of a golf ball. My RE did not comment about the size of the others. I do think the location probably would make a difference.


Josie7 - February 21

Hi Bumblebee, I had 16 fibroids, my doc thought it was only 4-6 of them while I was pregnant but when I had the myo they saw and retrieved 16. While pregnant the largest was 11cm in diameter and then the other large one was 8cm in diameter and the others were like golf b___s. However, after I lost the baby, they decreased in size and either broke up to create 10 more or multiplied, God knows. The large one decreased to 5cm right before surgery and the second one was about 2cm and the others were gradually smaller with the smallest being about the size of a ball point pen point. So it was a similar case to Angelkitty, it is strange how it all those extra monsters either developed or broke down over a short period of time.


KM Williams - February 21

Hello everyone it's been awhile since I posted something. My story is in the previous thread for those who don't know I lost my daughter Makayla (1st child) on Dec 31, 2007. I was 19.5 weeks, I have a 9 cm fibroid (which they think is two bunched together) and I have another fibroid that's 5 cm. They are both located in the uterus. The 9 cm fibroid was located right next to the baby like a twin. I've been debating whether or not I should have the surgery. I am 80% for it and 20% against it. I was going to try with the fibroid this month and see what happens but the thought of loosing another child is something I definitely don't want to experience again. I went to the doctors last week to get a saline test done to determine whether it was the fibroid or my cervix that caused me to loose my daughter. At the appointment the Dr. said she was having a hard time finding my cervix which they always do and canceled the test after trying to find it for a few minutes. For some that don't know the saline is injected into your uterus through a tube that has to go through the cervix. I was so upset after the appointment I just went in my car and cried. My pastors wife had a myomectomy and I scheduled an appointment with her doctor for Thursday the 28th. Can any of you a__sist with some questions I should ask? Sometimes I feel like I am in a dream and will wake up but this is my reality. However, one thing I did learn from this whole experience is to praise God more. I also realized who is there for me and who isn't. It seems like the people I depended on the most during my pregnancy and would talk to the most are not the same or maybe I changed. People avoid me like the plague because they don't know what to do or say to me. Is it the same for any of you? Sorry for the long post.


KM Williams - February 21

Joker thank you for starting a new thread it's so much easier to log in and view. Also, keep the faith God is going to make a way for both you and your husband. You've touched so many people's lives just my startting ths forum. Remember to always keep God first in everything you do, in good time and in bad. That's true faith. God's Blessings and baby dust to all those who are ttc.


angelkitty - February 22

KM I am sorry for all you have been through. I do understand. Believe, I know all too well what you are going through. My journey of ttc and 2 m/c is enough to make a great lifetime movie. Hey maybe we should all do that!!! I hope that you will not ttc this month with those fibroids. I DO believe that God can do anything - HE can and you could very well have a problem free pregnancy but I just do not advise that. Not after all you have been through. The myo is a hard surgery - no lie. I am a little over 2 weeks after mine and I still have some pain but it is doable. Some questions you may want to ask...How many myo's has your dr done? How many have turned into emergency hysterectomy? Has the dr ever lost a patient while doing a myo? How many myo's a year do they do? Have they ever had anyone that needed a blood transfusion? You may want to consider banking blood at this point. I am o negative and should have banked blood but did not. By the grace of God did I not need a transfusion. I did come close. KM on the comment about people acting weird around you. I have been there too. Let me just offer some advice - in some form or fashion (even if it hurts like heck to do it) bring up your loss and put people at ease. People really do not know what to say to us in this situation. When I went back to work people just did not knwo what to say to me so they did nto say anything. I do not like tension so I just brought it up myself. I even made jokes about jumping back into the saddle when we could and trying again. it is hard for other people to know what to say or do in a situation so just try to put them at ease. And if you feel like crying just cry. People will cry with you. Take care!!! Hugs and more hugs!!!


healing . . . . - February 22

KM, I also understand your dilemma of whether to try again or have a myomectomy. I'm also sorry for the loss of your daughter. Let me ask you this: have the doctors eliminated other reasons for your miscarriage? Also, did you have any pain prior to your m/c? I think many women on this board had horrible fibroid degeneration pain, which if severe enough and in the right place, can bring on preterm labor. If so, you might want to seriously consider a myo. A doc once told me the greatest predictor of future pregnancies is what occured in prior pregnancies. But - if you don't want the myo and get pg again, you MUST find a high-risk OB. Please, do your homework!! On another note, I just had an HSG exam yesterday - my first one post surgery. I was so nervous, thinking about scar tissue and all, that I almost cried in the waiting room. Thank GOD, everything looks fine! My tubes are open and clear (prior to the myo, my tubes were closed shut- maybe spasmed, maybe fibroid related), and my uterine cavity shows no residual fibroids! That's just the radiologist's preliminary findings, hopefully the final report will say the same thing. This HSG was very painful, though, while the last one was not. The tech told me its because the dye actually made its way through my tubes this time. So we're still on track to start trying in March, which will be about 5.5 months post-surgery. Just wanted to share good news - I've had nothing but downer news over the past few months. It was good to walk away from a doctor's appointment with a smile.


angelkitty - February 22

Healing!!!! Yeah!!!!! I am so happy to hear your news. I am sorry the HSG hurt this time but with news like that I am sure the pain is well worth it. I am just so excited for you. I hope you get your BFP the very first cycle!!!!


Joker - February 23

Hi girls! I'm sorry I have not been make a long story short had to use a different computer and I could not remember my pa__sword since this one is stored on my usual computer..but I'm back and nothing has changed. Still not preggos and due to yet another scheduling conflict I will not be able to try this wasn't planned to be this way but that is how it turned out!! Why is this happening! I'm thinking about buying a storage locker at a fertility bank and store my husbands you know what so I can have it when I need it and he can be off saving the world whenever! Has anyone heard from MsMonet? I know she must be beyond tired but I'm still a little worried! MsMonet please post soon! We all miss you and want to know how the twins are doing! I'm sorry if I have missed any questions or concerns. KM I'm truly sorry for your loss. I wish I had the answers for you..but we will all try to help you. I know this has already been asked but I'm going to ask again...have they ruled out other reasons for your losses? This may soon cruel or cold but please do not take it that way...sometimes these things happen due to chromosones..I know they say it usually happens in the 1st tri but it can happen later on also, or it could be due to some blood issue or not enough progestorone..I'm sure your doctor has ruled these things out. I know this is a hard time for..but if your doctor can't find any other cause for your losses then I recommend you seriously consider the surgery. The fibroid of 9cm is big in medical terms and for the uterus and with a pregnancy will only get bigger..and it depends on the type of fibroid..I mean location..I think if it is in the uterus muscle it causes more problems than if it was attached outside or inside the uterus because it actually distorts the uterus more..this is just my opinion and it is not based on anything (although I might have read it somewhere but not sure) just picture a fibroid inside the uterine lining and it would create stress and IMHO cause more issues than another type..also, the ultrasound may say 9CM but it can be much larger than that, there are plenty of women included that after the surgery the doctors were shocked at how big the fibroids were.. angelkitty 's doctor thought she only had 2 or 3 and found 14, Jasp had a melon removed. KM, I'm not trying to talk you into the surgery I just want you to be aware of as much information so you can make the right decision for yourself. Be brave and be strong. Tell me why you are afraid of having the surgery. Maybe if you share your fears and concerns with us we can help you with them. I know the surgery is scary and there are sure answers, but we will be here to help you as much as we can. I was scared to have the surgery but since everyone I met (doctors) were like OMG! you need to have this surgery the decision was easy, but I understand it is not the same for others. I am now post surgery and I am glad I have it. I am now on to the next stage of trying to get pregnant which does not seem like it is going to be an easy one. HEALING! I wish I did not read your post! I'm sorry the HSG was painful but I was planning on demanding one when I go see my doc and from what I read it did say it would be painful but I was hoping others would say oh its no big deal! Now I'm scared...but at least I know what to expect. Did they offer you a sedative? Do you think they will knock me out for it? I'm very anti pain right isn't so much the pain but just the fact that after all I have been through I still have to go through more and feel pain and I guess what I'm feeling is that GOD owes me but all I keep on doing is suffering! But whatever, I will have to suck it up and go through with it. Anyone here on clomid or thinking of taking clomid? I'm a prescription away from taking clomid. Of course I haven't spoken with my doctor yet, but I'll clue him in on my plans..I think the next time I see him he will have me committed or ban me from seeing him :-) Let me know if anyone is taking clomid or something similar. For all the ladies who are TTC, do you know if your partner is "OK" with sperm? Any Sperm issues? If there is a sperm issue do you think clomid will help? I don't know if there is a sperm issue with me yet, I guess I'm thinking of a back up plan by taking clomid if there is one. Sorry if my post is long and rambles on..I just haven't posted in awhile so there was a lot to say :-) Take care everyone!


healing . . . . - February 23

Joker, yes the HSG hurt, but I don't want to mislead you. It feels like very very bad cramps, but is NO WAY as painful as fibroid degeneration pain. Plus, the HSG is usually over in about 10 minutes or so. No need to take a sedative. Many docs allow you to take ibuprofen an hour beforehand. But like angelkitty said, I'll take the pain in exchange for a good outcome!!


KM Williams - February 24

Hello Ladies thank you for your responses. Angle, Healing and Joker all of you are right. I've been debating whether or not to have the surgery. I've weighed the pros and the cons and the cons far outweigh the pros (not having the surgery). A 9 cm fibroid is large to have never mind having 2 a 9 cm and a 5cm. I've decided not to try this month and research more actively in having the surgery. To answer your question Joker no tests have been run on me after the delivery. I went to the doctors a week and a half ago to get a saline test done to determine whether it was the fibroid or my cervix that caused me to loose my daughter. At the appointment the Dr. said she was having a hard time finding my cervix which they always do and canceled the test after trying to find it for a few minutes. The doctor doesn't know why I went into preterm labor but has a strong feeling it had something to do with the fibroid. I had a slight pain that Thursday nothing too serious, that Friday I felt pressure in my v____a like I had a UTI. Saturday pain progressed and by Sunday night I was having contractions. Sorry for the ramble back to the subject. The doctor referred me to an infertility specialist and told me to make an appointment and pretty much deal with them for now on. I've made 2 appts with 2 different dr. I have an appt on the 28th and another on the 4th. I am honestly scared of the surgery.. I am scared something will go terribly wrong. While pregnant I was told that fibroids may not effect my pregnancy and that I had a strong cervix and nothing to worry about. That only a few people go into preterm labor. I am the statistic and I feel like I could be again with the surgery. I know that may sound crazy but it is true. However, in the same sense it is selfish for me to try and bring another child into the world knowing what I know (what happened in the last pregnancy). I will more than likely have the surgery... will know more once I speak with the doctors. Enough about me Healing congrats on you HSG report. God is going to continue to bless you and get you through this. Ladies just have faith he is going to make sure we all have children we just have to have patience. Best of luck and lots of baby dust.


Joker - February 24

Thanks healing.. I heard the pain is more like cramps but just the thought of what they have to do makes me very nervous and more tense, my mind has already made up that is going to hurt and I would just rather not deal with it. I'm going to ask my doc for a pill he will more than likely tell me no so I will just show up drunk.. :-) just joking. I will suck it up and just do it! KM I am truly sorry you are in this situation. I know exactly where feel like you are in limbo and while everyone else around you gets on with their life you are stuck in that place until you make a decision and once that decision is made you don't really feel any better because with either decision you are still uncertain you will be able to reach your goal..I was were the other ladies here and many of us or still dealing with the uncertainty of our decisions, we are still waiting for the OK to TTC or like myself trying and not getting the results we want. I can tell you one thing, I know (not personally) many women on this site and others who have had the myo and went on to have successful pregnancies. I don't know what my future holds but I can tell you one thing, I don't worry anymore about the fibroids causing any problems if I do become pregnant. Just think of your uterus the same way you would if you broke a leg..or both legs. Your legs would heal and you would be able to walk and run again, it is the same with your uterus, you get it repaired and it will function like it should. I know comparing our uterus to a broken leg is not the same but I'm just trying to show you the body is an amazing thing, it heals itself and sometimes it just needs a little help from doctors to function properly. I know how scared of the surgery you must be. I was there too..I was only 26 when I lost my little girl and I came face to face with how cruel life is..there I was lost, broken, and had to deal with having the surgeries and to be quiet honest.. I speak for myself only...I was not afraid to die on the operating table should something go wrong...I was more afraid of losing my uterus and living a life knowing I would not be able to have a child..and I don't know for certain but I think that might be what your fear is..and other women. The only thing I told myself to get through it and deal with the surgery is I would rather have the surgery than try again and lose or not have the surgery and not try but live each day tempted and bitter. I don't know if what I write makes any sense when it is makes sense in my mind and I only hope that when it is read it comes across as how I mean it. KM, please continue to post, we will be here to listen to you and support you with any decision you make. Take Care.


angelkitty - February 24

Joker I felt the exact same way about dying on the operating table. I would have rather died than to lost my uterus. Funny isn't. I was prepared for anything.



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