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jasp - November 24

I can not tell you how happy I was to find this forum and how I wish I had found it earlier. I too had fibroids I found that out the same month I found out I was preg ended up with a mc at 41/2 wksin feb my gyn said it was ok to try and get preg again and not do anything about the fibroids got preg again and again I had a mc at 8 wks in may that was one of the most unhappy time in my life.We decided that I would have a myomectomy by now my fibroid was like about 16cm because of the preg and I had to wait 3months for my body to go back to normal.My periods were so heavy and painful the month after my 2nd mc. I had my mymectomy in august and everything went well thank God.Now I have to wait at least 6 months before we try again so feb we will start. I just wanted to know if any of you guys went thru the surgery and if anyone is pregnant and how long it took. i know everyone is different just need some hope. And for anyone having or thinking of having the surgery good luck and It gets better so dont worry yourself too much get as much rest as pos before and start moving as soon as you can after sur. It really helps. They made me get out of the bed and at least stand by the end of the of my surgery day. The scar to me is worth it cause I was in so much pain it was affecting my daily living.It helped to that my dr was supper nice and never showed any hesitation about any of the many ?s I had and believe me I had tones.Thats why I was saying I wish I found thi forum earlier it would have helped.


Joker - November 25

Hi Jasp, I'm am truly sorry to hear about your MCs. Thank goodness you had the surgery and you are starting the healing process and on your way to TTC..come on over to the other pregnancy after a myo started by Joker..I think you meant to post but instead started a topic...and there are a few women on there who are already just has her baby a month ago and many more who are TTC, in recovery after the myo and are waiting to TTC..and others who are going to get a myo..



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