Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

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Christy - August 20

How common is it to become prenant after a tubal ligation. Especially if the tubes were just tied, that is it. OB/GYn could not hardly get to the tubes for scar tissue on uterus. I am really just curious


jessica - July 3

well I am 7 weeks p/g after tubal 6 months ago! I read online that this happens once for every 200-300 tubals.


natalie ramirez - July 22

i had my tubal done in 2000. I was suppose to get my period on monday and it still hasnt came. i usually get it on the 26 to the 28th day. could i be pregnant?


Kara - July 26

I had my tubes cut and cauterized four years ago after my c-section. I am currently 6 months pregnant. The type I had is supposed to be the most effective type of sterilization. Just having the tubes tied is still extremely effective, but it does fail more often than the type of sterilization I had.


Amber - August 20

I was just wondering when any of you that are pregnant after having your tubes tied took the home pregnancy test, did it come back positive? How long did you wait after your period was due to take the test? Thank you.


Linda - September 22

I just had a tubal done, and am regretting it, what are the chances it didn't work.


Niecy T. - September 26

My tubes were just tied 20 months ago and i think i maybe pregnant now or can i become pregnant; need to know i already have triplets an 1 little lady...... pls. rspd.


Heather - October 13

My mother also had her tubes tied...before she had me! (Thank goodness it didn't work!)


Tiffany - October 20

It's been 4 years since my tubal ligation I'm now 26 Is it possible for me to get pregnant now because I'm having symtoms


kelly, - October 26

I had my tubes tied 6 years ago and now I regret it,what are the chances of becoming pregnat again?I truley want another baby!( can you get pregnat with your tubes tied?


Linda - November 20

I became pregnant almost 7 years after I had my tubes tied. Of course it was ectopic and I didn't know that I was even pregnant and my tube burst. The doctors don't tell you how common it is to become pregnant after this procedure but I have found out it is more common than I ever thought. Now that it has happened to me once it is likely to happen to me again on the other tube.


vicky in UK - November 25

I had a tubal in Dec.1993 and am now 2 month late for my period and showing signs of pregnancy. This morning I used a home pregnancy kit and it came with a positive test result.


carol - December 10

I am 41, had tubes tied over 18 years ago. This is the first time i have been late for my period, almost 2 weeks, having signs of being pregnant, took 4 test, all negative. could it possibly be menopause? My last period went regular, 4 days, then two days after, i spotted for a week. what is going on? my b___st are tender, i have gained like 7 lbs in the last week, no signs of period, no cramping, no nothing. A week ago i was sick, really sick, i'm always full of energy, now the last two weeks, i have been so tired with severe back pain, leg cramps and tender b___st with the bloating, and my milk ducts are huge. Can someone please explain what is going on? 4 negative test. I also urinate every 15 minutes. HELP!


Carolyn - December 12

I had a tubal ligation in 1978. I am now 49 and am having some of my old pregnancy symptoms. The smell of coffee knocks me backwards and my tummy feels pressure. My b___sts are getting bigger and I have gained 5 pounds. I am unusually tired as well and I also took a test and it was negative. It must be menopause...I started missing one period per year back in 1999. So that may be what is happening to you, Carol. If my symptoms continue for more than another week, I am going to go to the doctor....just in case it's something else. You just never know.....I have had 26 years free of birth control, if I am pregnant, it will truely be a MIRACLE. My husband and I would be happy about it. On the other hand, I would be happy to go through menopause too. I've been waiting for that since I was 12 years old!!! :)


mary - December 12

Hey Carol and Carolyn....please come back and post when you get some news. I am 45 and had a tubal in '95. My last period was in October and I have never missed a period except when I was pregnant with my son. HPT came back negative twice. I have a feeling this is menopause, but I am calling my doctor in the morning because my urine has an unusually strong smell and I may have a UTI. I usually don't have very severe symptoms with them, just the need to relieve myself more often. Anyway, I will post when I find out. That way new readers will have an idea what is going on in the future. Hope your situations work out for the best for each of you!!


Linda - December 13

Mary Carol Carolyn, Wow I read mary's post and I thought I was reading one I had ready posted...first let me say back in 1993 I had my first tubal then whamo I was pregnant with my 4 child (he was the best baby) . That was 9 years ago and now I'm 46 I had my second tubal in 1995 now its 9 years later and I have not had my period since october. I have not taken a test yet I keep thinking its menopause...but after reading all of these posts I'm starting to wonder now.


mary - December 13

Hi Linda.........Life seems a little crazy doesn't it? I have an appointment this afternoon at 4:30. I don't really expect to get a complete answer this afternoon. Too many variables. I also have a history of just agreeing with whatever the doctor's office says. Got me in to trouble when I was pregnant with my son. My husband and I waited 17 years to start a family (by choice) and I got pregnant right away and had a virtually symptom free pregnancy. 10 days post-delivery I was in ICU with CHF brought on by peripartum cardiomyopathy. Was told not to have more kids. I really feel like this is the start of menopause because the alternative would be too grim for me to handle. My poor husband is in deep denial, ha-ha, but I am a little concerned about the possibility of an eptopic pregnancy. I just want all the facts so I can start to deal with the situation whatever it is!! Please keep us updated. Best of luck. (also Linda.....I will be 46 in 13 days!!



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