Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

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mary - December 13

Hi Linda.........Life seems a little crazy doesn't it? I have an appointment this afternoon at 4:30. I don't really expect to get a complete answer this afternoon. Too many variables. I also have a history of just agreeing with whatever the doctor's office says. Got me in to trouble when I was pregnant with my son. My husband and I waited 17 years to start a family (by choice) and I got pregnant right away and had a virtually symptom free pregnancy. 10 days post-delivery I was in ICU with CHF brought on by peripartum cardiomyopathy. Was told not to have more kids. I really feel like this is the start of menopause because the alternative would be too grim for me to handle. My poor husband is in deep denial, ha-ha, but I am a little concerned about the possibility of an eptopic pregnancy. I just want all the facts so I can start to deal with the situation whatever it is!! Please keep us updated. Best of luck. (also Linda.....I will be 46 in 13 days!!


mary - December 15

Up date....negative pregnancy test. Positive for UTI. Go back in 10 days for recheck and blood work to check hormones, etc. Doc thinks it is menopause.


carol - December 16

update: just wanted to let everyone know i got my period on the 10th, at least i think it was a period. It started out clumpy brown , then i was bleeding, the next couple of days, very light, and half normal. I still feel like i'm pregnant, sore b___st, and i am still gaining weight with no appet_te? Its like i'm filling up with fluid! also no s_xual desire. What it going on? i still urinate alot , like every 15 minutes.


Linda - December 16

Still no period !!!!!!!!! haven't taken any test yet still thinking is menopause...Mary hang in there... Thanks for the update Happy Birthday


mary - January 2

Got my blood test results yesterday. I am in a peri-menopausal state. No pregnancy. Hope everyone has a Happy New Year.


K. PEREZ - January 5

I had my tubes tied in March of 2004. I always start my period on the day I am supposed to, but somehow this time around I missd it. Is it possible that I could be pregnant and my body just doesn't know it yet? I have taken 2 pregnancy tests and the both came back negative. I started feeling nausea for about 2 days now, please help with any advice or answers. Thank you!


Christina - January 7

I have had 3 c-sections, had my tubes tied 4 years ago, and I am feeling all the symtons of pregnancy now. I'm only a couple of days late. What are the chances?


Caroline - January 11

I am 40 and had my tubal 11 years ago, I got prenant before christmas, I took my home test at 6 weeks and was positive, but have since lost the baby, but I thinkI would like to try again , am I nuts I don't know but it becomes part of you and now I would like to be pregant, yes you can definitely get pregnant after a tubal, never say never...


cathy - January 13

I 'm 36. Had my tubes tied 7yrs ago. My period I only had for 2 day but was spotting only. I have all the same symtoms as my other pregnacies. I went to the dr. on 1/12/05.test was -. I am going to have an ultrasound on wed 1/19. I was told 1 in every700 tubal ligations the lady get pregnat. Please let me know if this has happened to you. What where your symtoms? please e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you Cathy


Gabbie - January 14

I am 31 I had my tubes tied at age 24. My kids are from my X now my boyfriend and I are looking into have my surgery reversed......But I have been feeling alot of nasea lateley and my perios is 11 days late. I went to my doctor today and they drew my blood for an Hcg test. I will know the answer tomarrow...... I am hoping and praying that it is a positive test.......Cant wait.... But it looks to me on all the research I have done that its very common for women to regret having there tubes tied.... wish me luck all...... : )


Autumn - January 20

Hello ok for all you ladies that actually got pregnant after a tubal, what were your symptoms like? I had mine tied almost 3 yrs ago at age 23. I am late like probably 2 days I took a test it was neg but I wonder if I still might be...anyways just kinda hangin out and waiting but was curious what others experienced!


natalie - January 25

hello everyone, never thought i would be typing in a forum like this - i had a tubal done this past summer (burning the tubes) and i am late 4 days, which is unusual. i am nervous about being pregnant and not sure how much of a risk there is getting pregnant when the tubes are burned - anyone have a similar experience?


Michelle - January 27

I had a tubal done 5 years ago. I have been celibac for about 3-1/2 years. I recently had intercourse and now have been experiencing nausea, vomitting, and tenderness in my b___st. I have had very irregular periods, so I checked my hospital records and because I was only 21 at the time only a 1-inch cut was done to my tubes (no burning). I don't think that they would "heal" back. Any feedback would be great. I am about 4 days late so far on my cycle.


tf - January 28

Does anyone have a pregnancy to report after having your tubes tied?


Sandra - January 29

I had my tubes tide in 2003 of January. And I tide them right after I had my baby. I started my period last moth on christmas eve and I usually last five days and only lasted 3 and wasn't very heavy. I haven't started this moth at all,and I'm worried coould I be preganant? I took 3 pregnancy test all were negative. But I heard it's best to get a blood test to determine weither your pregnant. Especially if you tubes are tide.I'm just worried about having a ectopic pregnancy.


Amanda - January 30

my tubes were cut and tied and now i would like to have another baby since i am re married how would i go by of doing so?



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