Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

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Amanda - January 30

my tubes were cut and tied and now i would like to have another baby since i am re married how would i go by of doing so?


Laney - January 31

I am 35 and had a tubal ligation in 2001. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it is +. I have an appointment w/Dr tomorrow. As shocked as I was that I was preganant, now I am really hoping that it is not etopic. Maybe the Lord is trying to tell me something. I have all the signs of being pregnant and feel okay, just worried about etopic preg. How long until symptoms of etopic show up? I am only about 4 weeks.


ZiggiWiggi - February 4

I just got off of my period 13 days ago and i have been bleeding and spotting for about a week and i have had this pain in my stomach that moves from side to side and it hurts. What do i do?


Kelly - February 4

I have had my period right on time for the last two months but there is something strange happening. I am 37 and my b___sts are tender even though I my period has come and gone and I am spotting in between. I am really tired all the time and well I am wondering can one be pregnant and have more than one period? With a tubal done in 2000 besides?


Caroline - February 7

Hi Christy: I've been reading these emails constantly. I had a tubal 11 years ago after my last child, so I thought. I had the full cut and tie deal. Well in October of 2004 I was pregnant I couldn't believe it, but after awhile I was excited thinking this has to be a miracle child. Unfortunantly Dec 2nd I lost it, what a bad experience. Now I'm wanting another child and I"m hopeing it will happen again cause my body craves tohave another child. Does any one out have had two pregnancies after a tubal and its worked for them. I'm scared if it does take that I"m going to loose it again... anyone...


MISSISSIPPI - February 8

hello ladies,my period is2months late and i had my tubes tied 4yrs ago,could i be pregnant


Dana - February 10

I had my tubal ligation in 1992. They are not cut. I would like to have another baby. Until I found this website I thought I was crazy for wanting another one. I'm 36 and really can't afford to pay 5,000 to 8,000 for a reversal. Is there hope after all these years? Is it possible to become pregnant?


Lori - February 10

Sandra - what happened? Your posting sounds exactly like me!!!!


Kathy - February 14

Hello girls,I have my tubs burn 5 years ago after my second son was born and I will love to have one more,maybe I will go for reversal,but my husband don't wont have any more kids so I will see.Good luck to you all


CJ - February 18

Hey everyone - I had a tubal ligation in 8-2002. I have been having severe problems with endometriosis for as long as a could remember. Well last month I went to the Gyn and she suggested a hysterectomy. I told her I would have to think about it. My cycle for January didnt come until Feb 1 - and before that I had painful b___st which I thought a bit weird. But once I started my cycle - I noticed it was the worst one as far as pain that I have ever had. After my cycle all the way till today I have had these excruciating lower abdomen pains and lower back pains - that dont go away with Tylenol or Advil. I have also been spotting a rusty red color. Not to mention that - I have gained 7 lbs in a couple of weeks. I have a call in to my doctor - but just wondering what everyone else thinks? Thanks, CJ


Hilary - February 18

Hi everyone. I am 27 years old, and had my tubes cut, burned and tied 5 years ago, aas much as I didn't want the procedure to be done, I did it for the the sake of keeping my life, dureing the pregnancy of my only child I developed blood clots in my legs and lungs .. nearly died.. after my son was born in 2000 the doctors recommended the tubal surgery to prevent future pregnancys cause I would not be so lucky to survive again...I have had symptoms of being pregnant... back pain, nausea, dizziness, peeing alot, and stronger sence of smell is it possable that I could be pregnant??


Joy - February 20

Hey everyone. It's good to hear that I'm not the only one who is having symptoms after having my tubes tied. I had my tubes tied in December 2000 and I am never late with my peroid. Well, I am about 2 weeks late and I am wondering if I might be pregnant. I already have 3 kids but I would love to have another one.


Gina - February 21

Almost three years ago, I got my tubes tied. Well it was suppose to be just that but my doctor also burned them as well. At the time I just said great because this was mys second child. Now I really want to have at least two more in a couple of years but that may not be possible. I wanted to know is there another way that I could get pregnant again after the mistake I and my doctor made.


carla - February 23

i need to know if i can get a doctor to inject eggs, instead of untieing my tubes? i just don't want to go through the surgery!


debby - February 28

hi am 27 and i had my tubes tied in nov 2002 with my fifth child . but now iam a month late on my period and iam never late . i love my kids and wouldnt mind having one more iwth my new husband .


Debbie - March 1

Do people ovulate with tube ligation?



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