Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

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Debbie - March 1

Do people ovulate with tube ligation?


la prieta - March 1

theres any way to know if your tubes get loose?


blessed - March 3

Hi ladies! I have been looking all over for answers and it's funny how this just popped up while i wa searching for something else. Anyway, I had a tubal 7/1996 and I am now 30 yrs. old with a new husband. I have never missed a period unless I was pregnant. My last cycle was jan.14, 2005. It is now March 3, 2005. My husband really wants a child and he is such a wonderful man. I love him dearly and I would love to be able to give him one. I didn't think it was possible, but I want to thank you ladies for giving me hope. Do you think I could really be pregnant?


Caroline - March 4

HI Christy: I never thought it could happen to me but it did. My youngest is 11 years old and I was 40 when I got pregnant. My tube were tied cut and cuterized and it still got through 11 years later. I lost it in December, I was very sad about it and now my body is craving tohave another child. I've had my three periods and my husband and myself are just going to see what happens, I don't know if it will happen again but if it does I sure hope it stays, I would like to have a fith child, but I'm putting this in Gods hands, if its meant to be its meant to be. There is a reason for everything that happens, even if we don't know why...


Orlena - March 5

I had my tubes cut and tied in 2000 while I was open for a c-section. My last period was 12/25/04. My stomach has gotten bigger and harder(I lost 5 pounds). My b___sts have gotten bigger, my areolas are darker as are my nipples and they are shiny, when I squeeze them gently there are white bubbles that pop out(no liquid comes out yet), I feel movement in my stomach(different then gas bubbles), I am nauseated when I smell different foods, my b___sts hurt, I have some white discharge. I took HPT, came up negative but my last son did not show up on HPT's, Blood test or ultrasound, they told me I had a cyst and a few weeks later I was told to name my cyst. When they do a pregnancy ultrasound are they supposed to put it on top of your pubic hair?


nicki - March 8

i had a tubal/burn two years ago and have not had a period since dec. one test came up neg. now im scared to death . i have 4 kids already . if you find out yoou are id like to know


natasha - March 11

i want a baby but had my tubal out can it happed


CATI PATTI - March 14



silva - March 16

had my last son in 12/1995 and 35 years old. had a tubal done burnt and cut. is there anyone out there who has gotten pregnant?


Renee - March 16

My tubes where tied in 1998 i have sighn of having a baby weight gain missed period morning sickness you name it i have it could i be having a baby


Kiki - March 17

Well, I do have something to add.I had my Tubal after my fourth child was born in Dec of 1999, and now I am experiencing symptoms of pregnancy just like my other children. I am almost 3 weeks late and I've taken 2 tests and both were neg. Just looking for answers too. Think I should go ahead and see the Doc?


Tamara - March 18

Hello, everyone. Let me first say that if it's God's will, then he can get pa__sed anything for us to be able to have more children after a tubal ligation. That's what I really want in life. I am almost 2 weeks late for my period also. Everyone please pray for me that if it is God's will, then I will have a healthy pregnancy. I will pray for you also.


Theresa - March 20

I had my tubes tied in 2000. I have always had irregular periods. Some months I might not have a period and some months it might be late. I have not taken a pregnancy test but my last cycle was Feb 5, 2005. I never asked God if it was for me to tie my tubes so I am really wanting to be pregnant right now. It was also prophesied that my husband and I would have a son. According to an online pregnancy calculator, I am three to five weeks pregnant. I want this to be so. If I have not gotten my period by mid April, I will go and see a doctor. God Bless everyone, babies are gifts from Above.


Jennifer - March 20

hey all..i had my tubal ligation done back in 1998 with my last child..,i have never been late except when i got pregnant with my other 3 children..but now i'm late 4 days..i havent taken a HPT yet..but i am having adominal pain like i'm cramping but no i'm getting a little worried...should i wait it out or get a pregnancy test done?And is it as common as i'm reading to get pregnant that easily after having a tubal done?


lisa - March 21

well it is funny I found this message board,im going through the same thing I had my tubes tied in 2001,the day after my last child who is 3 now, I am 40, and about 18days late for my period,about 3 weeks ago I felt like morning sickness and tend to pee more,and bad pain in my shoulder and lower back(i heard shoulder pain has to do with pregnancy after a tubal) Hmm I wonder after hearing all this if it happened to me..


marcia anderson - March 21

hi i want to know why my period is miss for two days but i do sitll have tublal ligation my last time period was feb 18th 2005 sence after my period was finsh at feb 21st me and my boyfriend have s_x for whole month stop till march 14th for no s_x i should be get period on march 18th sitll not get it !



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