Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

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sspires31 - June 19

have your doctor do a prolactin level test.... i sported the same symptoms along with headaches since i was 14. it ended up being a pituitary tumor.


KMS - June 29

I have a 5 yr old and a 6mo old and just had a tubal on March 2nd. Both in April and May I had my regular periods and have always been regular. I was again due to have period on June 11th and it was a no show. My friends suggested for me to do hpt and it was negative on the 24th. I put a call in to doctor today and they said if it is still a no show by the begining of next week to come in for blood test. When I mention I just had my tubal in March the nurse said to me nothing is 100% fool proof I wanted to die. I got the surgery so this would not happen. Anyone out there been in this situation or know of someone? I was seriously told I would not ever need another form of birth control. If I am not pregnant, I know now to be more careful.


rttj2000 - June 30

KMS- it is possible for you to get pregnant after having your tube's clamped. I have read alot of story's of women you have gotten pregger's or know someone who has. It's best you go to the doc to see. Best of luck. And the nurse was right nothing is 100%.


Fam31 - July 24

Okay here's mine.... I am 23. I have 4 kids.... 6yr old son, 4 yr old daughter, twins girls 2yrs 3mos. I had c-section with our daughter apr 2005. I have had a pregnancy since by IVF. It was a surrogate pregnancy healty full term etc... I never b___st feed me surro son, I did pump a little to ease off the tenderness. I blead from 21/2 wks after his birth, and stopped. Now he is 1owks old and for me I would have already had 2 periods by now or alteast starting my second. I Have been crampy for over 3wks, feeling sick to sents and nausious all differant times of the day. I am grouchy at my Husband like all my pregnancies. My b___bs are still tender. the y do leak when were intimate, but I haven't pumped for over 3wks also. After all my pregnancies I bleed 21/2 wls and stopped but recive a normal cycle 2wks later and was right back on track. This time I have not recived a cycle as of yet, I when into the hosptial last fri and the DR. said that it's unlikely to be pregnant. I went in becouse lack of a cycle, I had two gushes one wed night and one fri morning both were very little more like spotting but it the total amount would not even come close to filling a panty liner, it was brown no trace of pink at all. the Dr said to come back if i get a fever or if I don't get a normal period. My hubby and I had been thinking of having another later when we saved up, but lately befor I went in he kept saying, so when are you goingto have another one of my babies? when are we due etc.... Thought it was great and joked around with him, then it hit me ,Where was my flow gone to??? so now he is convinced that we are pregnant, and says to go test, but I am way to nervious, If we are I will be so excited, but also scarred as I have seen so many tubel pregnancies on here and I really don't want that. Also If I'm not I will be kind dissapointed, but if not why am I so outta wacked? What would you do? what do ya all think?


rttj2000 - July 24

Fam31, I think it might be best to do a test and see. If you are then you should go to the doc and ask for an ultrasound to see where the baby is. Because if it's in your tube then they will need to get it out before it burst's and make you really sick, but if it's where it's ment to be then congrats. Let me know how you go.


Kit Kat - July 29

Well, I have put this information in a few spots. But here it is again. Pregnancy is the sole decision of God! My mother suffered severe endometriosis and due to scarring was told she would never have children. Had 4 children. My sister had 2 children, husband got vasectomy and 2 years later they had another girl. My other sister had 2 children, got divorced and remarried a man significantly older than she and he had had a vasectomy years ago when he was done having children with his first wife. They had a baby boy! Now, after 3 beautiful boys, I started on the patch and the pill and we used condoms while we debated over him getting a vasectomy or me getting my tubes tied. Well, I am proud mommy of 4 boys - 7, 5, 3, and soon to be 1. I had my tubes TIED, CUT, AND CAUTERIZED in August 2006. I now sit here about 8 weeks pregnant with a UTERINE IMPLANTED pregnancy. I can only hope for a GIRL!! Respectfully, I am also a Registered Nurse and really did some research!!


DKT - August 22

Hi Ladies, I am 35 and had my TL done 4 years ago after the birth of my son. For the past month I have had a "period" 3 times which were all abnormal being dark brown and with clots. Lately I have been having really bad headaches, being tired and a sharp burning pain on my right side by my pelvic area. I took a hpt last week and it was negative, I would love to have another child and know that it is up to God, I am just scared because I have had 4 previous c-sections and don't know how safe it would be. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. ?


okimom - August 26

DKT, I had the same thing happen to me. I took a hpt and it was negative, but continued to feel pregnant, I had sore b___st, nausea, vomiting and browninsh spotting so I went into to the Dr. I was told I was pregnant, but it was ectopic. I was very sad about it. You should definantly go in and just get checked to make sure. I have had a tubal, but now am considering getting it reversed.


Super Pickle - August 27

I had a tubal ligation with my 3rd c section last October(2006) I had my first post partum period in July and now I am 7 days late with preg symptoms and nothing abnormal(side pains, spotting etc) Had a faint postive hpt. Does anyone know the % chance it is normal preg or ectopic? I have tried to research it but have not come across any solid #'s


okimom - August 28

To super pickle. The docs I spoke with make it seem like it is rare to get pregnant after a tubal, but if it does happen chances are high it is ectopic. I have read lots of comments where woman have had viable pregnancies. All the experts say though, if you think you are pregnant after a TL then get seen asap by a Dr. in case it is ectopic. You could not have any symptoms, eg. (pain in side, vomiting, pain in shoulder, brownish spotting). Good luck to you.


Kelly1974 - September 6

I have been reading everyone's posting on the subject of pregnacy after a tubal and I am more confused than ever. I had my tubes cut 1 inch, burned and tied on Jan. 12, 2004, the day after giving birth to my 4th child. The dr. said it would be almost impossible for me to get pregnant again. I just turned 33 on yesterday and I haven't had my period since approx. the 2nd week of July. My periods are a bit irregular, but I always get them every month just really never know what day. I spotted once in August. Not one day, just one spot on my bathing suit. Nothing since then. I have been having pregnacy symptons, but haven't taken a test. Scared to take test for two reasons. What if I am or what if I'm not. Not sure how to feel about it. A part of me feels like it is all in my head and I am not pregnant, that it wouldn't happen to me. Why waste time on a test for a negative result. The other part of me is what if I am, I need to know. I thought that this was a rare thing, to get pregnant after a tubal. But as I am reading these stories, it is more common than I thought.


lovemy3 - September 12

Hello. I ma having my 4th c-section in a few months and have been thinking about a tubal done. Has anyone had bad side effects from having their tubal done? What do drs say the pregnancy rate is after a tubal. Thanks for sharing.


babysaab5 - September 16

I am 27 and a proud mother of 3 beautiful children. I had my tubes tied and burnt in 2002 after my last child. (the morning after.) My periods have always been on track and last month I was a couple of days late, but I did start. I was due on the 4th but didn't start till the 9th. This month, I expected to start on the 9th and here it is the 17th and still NO PERIOD!!! I am very s_xually active with my wonderful boyfriend of 1 year. We have never used any contraceptives. I took a cheap test at home 3 days ago and it said NEGATIVE. My b___sts were sore last week. I have been really tired lately but figured it was just due to the fact of the kids and carrying 18 hours of cla__s every week in college. I have not even had a breakout on my face like I ALWAYS do and I am really stressing. Does anybody have any advise or had anything similar like this happen to them? And if so, what was the outcome??? Please help!


bellasmom168 - September 19

I just want to say i wish you all the best of luck! I learned something with my last baby. (I have 3) When I took a preganancy test and it showed up negative..well I thought I wasn't preganant. Later on I looked at the test. It had dried completely and there was a very faint line in the positive. I had my tubal over 2 and half years ago and now regret it. I advise anyone wanting to have there tubes tied to not do it. Years, months later we all feel different. I am sorry I did it now. Wish I could have another one. But I put in God's hands.


mknight - September 23

I had a tubal ligation about 4 years ago. I really want another baby. but didn't think that I could. I am a little over a week late and experiencing symptoms of pregnancy. I have taken two test and all say no. I was told that if it was tubal I would know and be in pain. Could the tests be wrong?


mdawn - September 24

Hi ladies! I will be 30 in Oct and have 2 daughters, 8 & 6, both by c-section. I had a tubal, cut and burn, in Feb of 2001. My husband and I thought 2 was enough but I have wanted another one for a long time. I have always wanted a son but would be happy with whatever God blessed me with. My main concern is this: When I was about 8 weeks pregnant with my second child, I had terrible pains in my right side. My husband rushed to the hospital, both of us thinking that the pregnancy was ectopic. Thank God it was not. The doc told me that I had a cyst, one needed to keep the baby alive, but that it was larger than it should be. They kept an eye on it and it did go down over the course of the pregnancy. When my daughter was about 6 wks old, the pain came back, stronger than ever. They ran test on me and decided that it was my gallbladder and took it out. I have continued to have constant pain in my right side for the past 6 1/2 years, some days more painful than others. I have had docs tell me that it is all in my head, that I was having phantom pains from my gallbladder and so on. Now I am sitting here, 8 days late and desperatly wanting to be pregnant again. I have been having cramps and the "normal" pain in my side but not sure what make of it. I have been late before but I am having other syptoms as well. Has anyone had a similar long lasting pain and what has ever come of it? God Bless to all!



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