Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

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msdee - November 29

hi! i just had twins on june 8,2007 and my son jayden pa__sed away on august 25, i had a tubal when i had them ,and now i regret it ,i know a new baby won't replace him but i feel it will fill a little of the void.


Nonblondmom - December 1

I had my tubal ligation in OCT. 2003 with my third child. I had to have cesareans with all of them so I was afraid to have to go through major surgery with my third child my doc. cut, tied and cauterized my tubes. Now I fear I may be about six weeks pregnant....I took a hpt...came out neg. but I showed negative with my second child until I went to docs.....I have an appt. on DEC. 7th....I want to finally know what is "up" with my body. I am never late unless I was preggo...I am not having morning sickness but with my last baby I had NO MORNING SICKNESS whatsoever with her...the strange thing is.....I am squeezing what looks like COLOSTRUM from my b___sts!!!!!!!! I haven't nursed for years in fact with my last one I never nursed because I had to work out of home. I NEED to know whats up, anyone having the same problem like me? Oh and I am very sensitive to smells.....I am just afraid that if I have a neg. hpt at home now that may be ectopic.....I even called planned parenthood and the nurse said hpt may not show up pos. I will let you all know next week when my appt comes up....I hope that it isnt cancer, etc. Baby dust to all ttc......i wasnt, but now I think I wouldnt mind giving pregnancy another go......


ggd6979 - December 8

I had my tubes clamped with the fallope rings in 2002 & found out that I was between 5-6 wks pregnant around the first of Dec. 07. However, I did have a miscarriage shortly after we found out. So, it is possible and my OB/GYN told me that the chances are about 1 in every 250.


telly - December 19

I to had my tubes burned and constantly having kicking in my stomach, sleeping a lot and wondering if i am pregnant or have fibroid tumors that can be moving around making me feel as though i am pregnant


Chantelle0811 - January 3

I am 23 years old and had a tubal ligation 3 months ago. I am now naseaus, have sore b___sts, and have highly irregular periods. I am late for my period although it has started three times and lasted about ten minutes each time very light flow though. I am worried because my husband does not want anymore kids. What do you think??


rttj2000 - January 4

Hi chantelle, It might be best if you get a test and see, sounds like you might be. And I think if you pregnant your hubby might understand, because you did'nt get pregnant to hurt him, these things happen. And Telly have you done a test to see.


djwebb - January 11

I don't know about being pregnant or not. I have two little girls, 5 and 2 and I had my tubes tied 2 years ago after my last child. I regretted it the moment I was out of surgery. I am remarried and all I want is a baby with him. I just had a clip placed on my tubes, the yare not cut or burned or anything, do you think i could get pregnant. I feel tired, and my b___st are sore and growing, i felt sick the last three days. I took one test yesterday evening and it was negative, but is it always right??? i can't remember if i had my period last month and i am still waiting for january!!! I hope it doesn't come! pls let me know what you girls think!


rttj2000 - January 13

djwebb. When is AF due this month. If your feeling sick and tried, and your b___bs are sore, then maybe you might be pregnant. But don't get your hopes up to soon. I am like you I've been wanting to have another baby for the last 7 years, but hubby says no. I had my tubes clipped in 2000 when our son was 10 months old, the biggest regret I've ever done. But it can happen, wait and see if you get AF this month, and if you don't go and see your doc. Best of luck, hope you are.


Lise in BC - January 21

Yes it can happen as it happened to my son's friend's Mom. I had a tubal (not sure what kind) in September 2001. My period is regular however the first day of my last period was November 22, 2007. I have several pregnancy symptoms: tingely and very sore b___sts, pink discharge 3 weeks ago, fatique, and just a little bit of nausea. I have taken 2 tests both being negative. However, the EPT tests have not worked well for me so I do not trust. I will do one more EPT this Friday as I well and if no period the I am off to the doctor. I will keep posted. :)


cors1wfe - January 24



Charlane - March 8

Ugh. I usually have my period every month about the 5th and sometimes it might be a day or two late but never more. Well, it went to the 20th of the month and I still hadn't had my period and my man was asking where Aunt Flo was, lol. I didn't think anything of it believing that my tubes were 'done' by a doctor and it wasn't possible. I had to have a D&C before, in 2001 for horrid periods, with the results sent to pathology and the doctor a__sured me that I would not have to worry about pregnancy in the future. Bam! Knocked up! When I finally bled, I knew it was miscarriage and I told my son that I might have to go to the emergency room and for about 6 hours, I was in hell. After that, I felt fine...until the next period then I was in hell again. What upsets me is the resistance I get when I tell my doctor that I have symptoms of pregnancy as if doctors are perfect and of course, the pathology says different. I am scheduling for a D&C again.


ginny2208 - April 13

i had my tubes tied last november and my period is 9 days late i took a hpt and it was negative should i go to the drs or just wait it out


latisha26 - April 14

hi i am a 26 yr old mother of two. An almost 8 yr old daughter and a 2 year old son. I had c-sections with both of my kids and decided that since i had one of each i would go ahead and get my tubes tied during my c section with my son. im not too sure if im pregnant or not tho. i usually get my period 28-31 days after my last cycle. however this month i was due on the 5th and today nothing still. i took a hpt on saturaday and it was negative. then for some reason i looked at it again on sunday(no real reason as to why i didnt through it away) anyway it showed a + sign that was barely visible. i know that the tests say to disregard any results after 10 min but i only looked at mine for about 3-5 min and after that determined that i was not prego. so i have no idea whether it changed within those other 5 min or not. but i have never taken a test where it was negative and then when i checked again later it was positive. they have always remained the same. i dont know what to think now. is it possible that i am pregnant? if i am im hoping its not an ectopic. im calling a doc tomorrow tho for an appt. being that my tubes are tied they should see me soon. i will keep u guys posted. wish me luck.


Mere. - April 28

OK so I'm probably just paranoid but I had my baby Feb 18th 2008 and had my tubes burned & tied after they delivered him. I haven't had my first post part um period yet but have been nauseous and feeling bloated for the past couple of weeks. I don't know if I've ovulated or not in the past 10 weeks and was just wondering if it's even possible I could be pregnant?


davyt - May 27

My tubes were tied in 2003 using the modified Pomeroy method and I found out that I was preggo but had a miscarriage (which was not in the tubes)


JoniFaul - October 14

Well I had a tubal done in feb 2008 and this is the second time I found out I was p/g the last time I only carried for a couple of weeks but this time I am almost 7 weeks!! I thought it would be perment!!!!



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