Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

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JoniFaul - October 14

Well I had a tubal done in feb 2008 and this is the second time I found out I was p/g the last time I only carried for a couple of weeks but this time I am almost 7 weeks!! I thought it would be perment!!!!


nher - October 16

I was 22 when i had my tubal, burned, cauterized?, im 35 and feeling weird, very weird!! had my "period" last week, or so I thought, all I saw was brown like spotting with little discomfort, that lasted 2 days, I am a pet_te 5' 1" 110 pounds, with a tiny waist but Im noticing I am looking like spongebob squarepants, and I weight the same!! I will wait and see but I feel like something is going on with my abdomen and is not gas LOL! I crave milk, like with my sons pregnancy... I'll wait and see what happens, and hope all the moms that had become pregnant after a tubal do well...


cchardt - October 19

I had a tubal done in March of 2003. I had a missed period in September. I had a miscarriage and had a very bad period right after. Very heavy. I regretted having the tubal done so me and my husband are going to try again.


alliebyrant98 - October 20

hi iam 28 an have 3 kids i had my tubes cut a burnd could i still have a baby


alliebyrant98 - October 20

hi iam 28 an have 3 kids i had my tubes cut a burnd could i still have a baby if there is someone that has had it happen let me know


alliebyrant98 - October 20

i was so happy when i found this web page i would have never thought there was uther women that wanted to know the samething i do iam so glad i found yall


rttj2000 - October 20

Hi all. If it can happen to some women that are on this site, you would think it could happen to you. I had my tubes clipped in 2000, it was the biggest mistake I've ever done. I'm now 35, and would really like to have another baby, but hubby says no way. So I'm hoping it will happen....


2plustwins - November 12

I am 26 and have 4 children. I had my tubes cut,burnt and tied 2 yrs ago after the twins. My periods have been like clockwork since then.. until now. My last one was around the 1st week of October. I dont remember the exact dates, but I know Im late. I have been having heart burn, and every time I eat I dont feel well afterwards. I also woke up in the middle of the night with a nasty taste like I was going to throw up, but I didnt get sick, and that only happens when Im preggo. I have never thought I was pregnant and been wrong. I am just soo unsure b/c I had the tubal and I feel silly taking a Pt.. After reading everyone elses posts, I will probably get one asap in case i am I will be able to find out if it is ectopic. I would be devastated if I was pregnant and couldnt have the baby.


joannie - November 12

i've had my tubes cauterized in 2000 after my four child one side was cauterized in three different location and the other once.But i just remarried and we want one together.can i possibily get pregnant now at the age of 35?


nomi2008 - November 30

I am 26 and a moher of 3 girls 6,5, and 3. Had a tubal in march of 2005 after the birth of my third daughter. I also have had my right tube removed b/c of a laporoscopy surgery due to endometriosis. I have never been no later than 4 days late in my life and here i am 2 weeks late and a neg hpt this morning could i be pregnant? i have been having all the symptoms of my other three pregnancies.


bibbyrat - January 17

i had my tubes cut, burnt, and tied in Feb 07 during my c- section with my 4th child. Mentally and financially I knew that 4 was enough for me. My dr. promised that I wouldn't get pregnant again after that. i had begged him to take out my uterus, but he wouldn't. I am also taking birth control pills as treatment for PCOS and taking anti seizure meds. Those meds are a cla__s D for pregnancy. I never thought that it was possible with all that, but on Wednesday morning, after a 3 week period had ended the day before, I started bleeding very heavy ( I thought something had ruptured and I was hemmoraging), severe back pains and cramping and then pa__sed tissue that looked like a tiny pregnancy sac. I went to the Dr,he sent it to the lab. Pregnancy test in the office was negative, but so were the ones in office for my 2 youngest kids. I am not sure what to feel, I didn't want anymore babies, but I feel that the meds I was on may have killed one that I didn't know was even there. I am in shock almost and don't know what to even think. I have to wait about 9 more days to go back to the Dr. and find out if it was indeed a baby. Has this happened to anyone else and what else could it be?


jibby - January 22

I have 4 kids and had my tubes clamped in Jan 06. I split with my husband a year and a half ago and now have an amazing boyfriend. We've been together a year and are wanting to have a baby of our own some day. I'm just wondering if any of you have had this procedure reversed or what happens if you get pregnant with your tubes it possible to have a healthy baby? Any advice???


horserider - January 24

I want to have another child but my tubes have been 'burned'. I wonder, if I have my tubal reversed, can a Dr. tell you have it reversed just by looking at you during a female exam or do they have to run a test, or open you back up?


Neka - February 1

Hi everyone! I had a tubal about 3 years ago after my 5th child and I am now experiencing nausea, the smell of food makes me sick, back pains, my feet are swelling daily, my b___st ache and they itch as if they are growing, I have gained weight but I work out everyday! I am also experiencing tiredness and I can feel well what it feels like kicking in my lower abdomen. O and not mention those 4am wake ups that I experienced during my other pregnancies, that I really don't miss. Even though I feel like I'm practically a pro when it comes to knowing pregnancy, I am not experienced on pregnancy after a tubal. Can someone give me some advice. Has anyone experienced this after a tubal?


jsprigglet35 - February 2

I have three kids now youngest is 8 months.I had my tubes burt and tied one month after the 8 month old was born. Do you really think they could possibly heal and grow back together?


vivi0220 - February 11

I am turning 43 and had a tubal reversal followed by an HSG test over a year ago and am still not pregnant. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips?



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