Pregnancy And Gastroparesis

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cristinaishot - May 19

Hi everyone! Im 23 and 6 weeks pregnant. I have A condition that is called gastroparesis. Which means delayed stomach emptying. I can eat but just not alot because I get full quick. My condition is mild and I usually only have burping and at times feel queasy. Now that Im pregnant Im always nauseated. I get up at 4 in the morning sick. I was wondering if anyone else gets up sick in the morning? thank you


Audrea - May 20

I am now 20 weeks pregnant. I also have the gastroparesis, and it is also mild. From week 7-18 is was constantly vomiting and had to be put on a med called Zofran. It is the only thing that kept me from vomiting. I lost a lot of weight and would also wake up sick. If I was awake, I was sick. It was horrible. I was told that it gets better at the end of the first trimester. Well, it came and went and I was still sick. It has finally gotten better to where I want to eat now and I only vomit about a couple times a week now. So much better. I only have to take the Zofran a couple times a week so I don't continue to vomit all day on those days. It is great for nausea.


cristina - May 20

Thank you for responding. I really didnt think anyone would have gastroparesis on this ite this is great to hear. Im sick alot to and Im going to ask my doctor for some nausea medication. I never threw up with gp and I havne yet but I feel like it now. This morning sickness is killing me. Gp is one of the worst things to deal with on top of pregnancy. I get scared some times thinking my gp has gotten worse but I know its the pregnancy. Write back I would like to hear how things are going.


Geanne - June 2

I started violently vomiting at the end of my first trimester with my first child. The ob doctor thought it was morning sickness but when it didn't go away or get better he sent me to a specialist. The specialist put me on pepcid and I was fine. After my daughter was born, magically it went away. Apparently, the way the baby was positioned, hormones and slow down of my body was the cause. I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant with my second and it is starting again, but at least we know what the deal is.


Kellie - June 17

I also have gastroparesis and am pregnant. (27 years old). My nausea is getting worse as well. My GI doctor told me that if I need it, he will give me Zofran. I am also taking MiraLax to fight the extreme constipation (due to GP dietary restrictions of fiber). That is helping a bit, but I am still nervous. I have found prune juice to help because it is a diuretic but also a major source of iron (which my OBGYN has taken me off of because of constipation). I have been rea__sured by my GP doctor that he has had pregnant GP patients before and they all delivered healthy babies.


cristina - June 19

to the women who have gastroparesis I would love to talk. My email is Thank you.


Christina - June 27

For those of you with gastroparesis...are you still taking medication? I have gastroparesis and am 13 weeks. My OB/GYN decided to keep me on Zelnorm (which I take for the gastroparesis). He has a__sured me that it will not effect the baby, but I am still nervous. So far, the pregnancy has actually made my gastroparesis feel a bit better. I have been able to eat more and some different foods that I haven't been able to tolerate since I was diagnosed with GP. I have still been getting nauseous, but it is hard to tell if it is just my "normal" stomach ails or the pregnancy. I don't know how all this will change as the baby gets bigger and my stomach slows even more.


kellie - July 5

I stopped miralax and am now off medications altogether. I am a bit worried because my nausea is getting unbearable at times. I threw up today for the first time. I also haven't had that problem with GP, so it makes me nervous. I still feel like there isn't much I can eat, but chicken noodle soup actually helped calm down my stomach for a little while. I also eat alot of smoothies with frozen yogurt, bananas and protein powder. It's good to know there are other women going through the same struggles. hang in there.


lsdags - May 8

i just got diagnosed with mild gastroparesis and my husband and I are trying to get pregnant. Any information that anyone can provide on gastroparesis itself and how it is affecting their pregnancy would be helpful. My doc wants me to try Zelnorm, says it will be ok during pregnancy..little nervous both to start and to take when pregnant. Has it really helped anyone? Will the Gp get worse with the pregnancy? Does diet really help? maybe instead of meds? Is anyone worried about nutrition needs with GP and pregnancy? I know alot of questions in this posting, just really confussed. Can anyone help? Thanks


tryingourbest - July 8

All, My wife developed GP after 32 weeks of her pregnancy. She is unable to keep any food, water down. The doctors have put her on IV fluids and are planning on installing a tube to provide her with nutrition. The tube is expected to bypa__s the stomach. They tried Reglan, Zofran and other medications with no results. My wife also has Gestational Diabetes. Is there anyone else with similar kind of issues or has some else been through the same experience as she is? Any guidance from anyone will be very helpfull. We are trying to understand if this GP will go away or is here to stay after the baby is delivered.


GPMom - August 8

I was diagnosed with gastroparesis in 2000. My son is now 6 months old and healthy. I had a very hard ist trimester without medication until I ended up in the ER with a complete intestinal blockage that coincided with a burst ovarian cyst. My OB put me back on Reglan for the duration of the pregancy and it made a world of difference. I was nervous about taking it, but my growing baby wasn't getting any nutrition from my low fat, low fiber diet. After I went back on Reglan I could tolerate fruits and vegetables and whole grains again. I found out that reglan is routinely given to pregnant women and nursing moms, as well as babies and children. If you are in misery, ask your doctor about it. Hang in there.


charchar - August 25

Hi I also have GP and would love to talk to any of you ladies. My email addy is I was diagnosed in January and got pregnant in February and then miscarried in late March. I was REALLY sick during week 5 of my pregnancy and then I woke up one morning and felt tons better. I found out week 7 that my baby had stopped growing hence the end to my morning sickness. I am so afraid to get pregnant again because I worry I will end up in the hospital. To make matters worse I have a fear of vomiting. I feel like it is so ironic that I end up with GP. Can any of you ladies tell me if your GP got permanently worse even after your babies were born and for those ladies who are currently pregnant -how are you doing? Thanks -Charisse


WannaBeAMommy - May 17

congratulations! I am 32 and just trying to get pregnant, but I too, have gastroparesis. I just had a repeat test to see if I am doing better. I have moderate delayed emptying. I am wondering if there is anything available to read up on for this condition during pregnancy. I am nauseated most of the time and i am not pregnant yet so i am nervous about that. I am wondering if you have any information that you could share with me? Thank you.


prissabrown - December 26



sarahdylan - June 20

Hi I am in my late 20s and have gastroparesis, diagnosed 6 months ago. I am wanting to get pregnant, but extremely scared to. My PCP told me that I shouldn't have children because of GP but it's my greatest desire, I don't want to adopt, I want to have my own baby. I am scared about nutrition, I can't eat fruits, veggies or whole grains, all low-fat low-fiber foods...very bland and boring. I'm wondering if it is dangerous to get pregnant, or if a lot of women with gastroparesis go through a successful pregnancy with a health baby???? Any advice or info would be GREATLY appreciated. thank you!


losingmymalemind - October 27

Hello All, My wife and I are pregnant. She was ill for all of our marriage. No one could figure out what was wrong with her. We went through teams of doctors in different offices and hospitals. The doc's tried to say she just had IBS and toss her to the wind. They sent her home with two grocery bags full of different sample medications. Needless to say we switched docs again but to no avail and my wife just tried to deal with it. Then we were pregnant and we were happy but then we lost it at 6 weeks. My wife was not vomiting at all during this pregnancy. It probably would have been useful if our OBGYN told us no s_x for s_x weeks or use protection. Yes, got pregnant with Joshua right after. My wife has been pregnant before and had no sickness what so ever but this has been the pregnancy from crazy town. My wife vomits like crazy from what ever she eats or drinks. We have been back and forth to the ER, labor and delivery triage for hydration and trying to figure out what is going on. We have had three different teams of doc's, admitted to the hospital three times and medications out the wazoo. We are on our third gastrointestinal specialist who said that she has gastroparesis. Now the same OBGYN from the miscarriage has already said she had hyper-emphasis and didn't really do anything to treat it. The first time we were admitted they put us on Protonix because we tried all the weaker antacids. They worked great for about 3 weeks but better in the hospital so now we were back in the hospital. They doubled the protonix and tried her with reglan through the IV. They sent us home with the double dose of protonix. Two weeks down and they stop working so we get the reglan. One week down and it stops working. We call the GI doc and he says he doesn't know what else to say. On to hospital and OBGYN number two. Much better care and consideration of my wife, the baby, and me. We just had an amnio and it said we were too early to induce. We wanted to induce because we have almost lost my wife 4 times during this pregnancy due to dehydration/malnutrition. My have vomits early in the morning and through the day if it is a hard one. She has constant pain/pressure in her chest and early on she had horrible GERD. She says her throat feels like a clogged pipe in the mornings. My wife orders mostly off the kids menu when she can and it doesn't matter because we always bring her left overs home. She can hardly eat anything and started this pregnancy at 190lbs, hit her lowest at 168lbs went back up to 183lbs, and now we are at 177lbs. Because of the malnutrition/fatigue I do most things for my step son and my wife. She pushes through what she can but has been on bed rest since week 6. We have two due dates, one on December 13 and one on November 29. The dates are because we had two OBGYN's and by size he is going on 36 weeks but by time he will be 34 weeks. But, wait for it, we have a grade 3 placenta which is the most severe. So now out placenta is giving out before his lungs are mature enough to be born. My wife is six feet tall and normally weighed in at an athletic 190. And, I am 5'10" and weigh 250. So we expect him to be big but he is around 6lbs at 34 weeks and the bigger he gets the less she can eat/move/anything. We are trying to push through but I have not heard of anyone going through like this. All I want to know is if you have had it bad like this: did it stop? What did you do? When did you not have the issue after the pregnancy ended? Any help would be great.


Cajunkyl99 - November 10

I am 31 yrs old and 23 weeks preg. and have had gastroparesis for 3 yrs now, for the women who were wondering about getting pregnant with gp, I had no problem getting pregnant. I had the 5 yr mirana and I had it taken out in march of this year and had a period in april and found out I was preggo in may, so very quickly. Now the problems I have had due to the gp is bad trapped gas, I looked 9 months preggo before I ever even got pregnant and still do, I have bad gas all the time, from when I wake till I go to sleep, and usually after I eat dinner I get sick, I think its cuz I dont have anymore room for anything in my stomach with the gas I have in there and the severe constipation, my doc prescribed me the reglan, but I have been scared to take it for its one of the drugs they have on the t.v. lawsuits. My doc said to just discontinue if I have any side effects and I will b ok, but I am still not sure about that. Is there anyone on reglan? and has it helped with gas?



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