Pregnancy And Heparin

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cheri - September 30

i am on heparin for a positive ana does anyone know when the safe time is to discontinue the heparin i am 35 weeks


Sue - October 19

Hi Cherie, I have read that the most common time to go off anti-inflammatory drugs is betwwen 34- 38 weeks depending on the medication. I have suffered 2 misscarriages & was tested low positive for IGg cardioplipin, and have been given baby aspirin & once I conceive will have to inject Clexane (similar to Heparin I think) up until approx 34 weeks. IT would be great to start a thread on this site to do with heparin/autoimmune disorders etc. I live in Australia so the treatment may be different here, there is a website if you go to the chat room and to pregnancy complications you'll find some interesting feedback there! What is your history like in regards to auto immune problems & miscarriage?


hi sue - October 19

luckily for me i tested positive by a fertility specialist before i had any miscarriages, i am now 38 weeks and stopped the heparin last week but i am still on the baby aspirin, the doctor a__sured me everything will be fine but it still makes me very nervous. thank you for your reply, and luckily thus far the baby and me have been fine.


Stacy - October 26

My Dr. found a hematoma between my placenta and uterus. I was told there was a chance I had a blood clotting disorder and would have to use a medication like heparin. I am nervous about this and would appreciate any information you could give me on what to expect. I am 16 weeks currently;


to stacy - October 26

hi stacy i wouldn't worry about he heparin it does not cross the placenta therefore it will not hurt the baby, the only bummer is that i had to get a shot twice a day and had a lot of bruises from the shots but other than that i felt better knowing the baby was better off, i was on heparin til about 37 weeks due to my blood clotting disorder and had absolutely no problems with it and my baby is looking great i am at 39 weeks now and he so far is perfect, the only thing is if you go into labor before you are off heparin you cannot get an epidural that is why they took me off at 37 weeeks just in case. let me know if you have any other questions. cheri



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