Pregnancy And Hernia

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jane - March 28

Can an insicional hernia effect my ability to conceive?


Jbear - March 30

Is your hernia from a previous c-section? I have one and I'm 17 weeks pregnant. How long have you been trying to conceive? If you've had a depo shot, it can take up to 2 years to become fertile again. If you take melatonin (to help you sleep) it can prevent pregnancy. If you take ibuprofen, recent studies show that it can cause miscarriages before you know you're pregnant. Good luck!


CARMENA - April 30

Can i get pregnant when i have hernia?


Lisa - June 19

I also have an insicional hernia, but not from a c-section. I conceived fine, but does anyone know if it safe to deliver naturally? Or will I have to have a c-section? My doctor said natural should be fine, but he also had me lay on my back to feel the hernia and said he could hardly feel anything. Well duh, I am laying on my back. If I were standing, you could cup it in your hand!


Jbear - June 20

Lisa, my doctor couldn't feel my hernia either. I think maybe they're just not used to looking for daughter had inguinal hernias on both sides, and when I took her to the pediatrician she told me it was probably an allergy to laundry detergent, because she couldn't feel anything. I told our pediatrician very firmly that I needed a referral to a surgeon, and the surgeon could feel the hernias without a problem. I had only known about one, but she had them on both sides. I think I read in another post that your hernia was above your belly b___ton...lots of women have their abdominal muscles seperate during pregnancy and are able to deliver naturally. The way to tell if your abdominal muscles have separated is to lie on your back and then sit up a little. If you feel a bulge below your ribs and above your belly b___ton, they have. If your doctor says you can deliver naturally, then I'm sure you can. I wouldn't try for a home birth, just so that if you had a problem you would be in a facility where they could deal with it.



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