Pregnancy And Latent Stage Syphilis

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Anon. - October 27

I would love to hear from anyone that can relate or has gone through treatment of syphilis in the 1st trimester and the outcome of the pregnancy and the health of baby. I have unknownly had this for 12 years and am filled with shame, guilt etc. My partner of 10 years does not have it-thankfully and is supportive.


Anon - October 27

PS Thankyou to anyone that replies and does not judge xx


rl - October 27

I know I should not post cause I do not have this but I just want to give you some moral support and say good luck to you and your baby...I really hope all turns out well for you and I hope nobody here hurts your feelings which is prolly gonna happen most on here are very judgmental and hurtful but I just wanted to start you off on a positive note and wish you all the best!! You should feel lucky you have a supportive partner just lean on him when you need to!! Take care


Anon - October 28

Thankyou so much for your supportive words. Its a strange experience to be going through...I have asked doctors over the years to test me for STD's -as I'm overly paranoid-but it seems because I'm cucasian the demographics have worked against me. Apprently its not tested for as a routine. Where I live I am the 2nd person to have it in 20years-the other being a man! It only takes 1 person to transmit it and unfortunately that was my first ever long term relationship from highschool! I just feel very isolated-not something you can openly discuss! Thankyou again for your kind words x


g - October 29

I agree with rl- although i have not gone through a pregnancy with an STD i just want to give you support to. This is not your fault STDS don't always show up rite away. My boyfriend-well-now ex cheated on me-again and although we were using protection he took it off without my conscent. I should of never gone back with him knowing he might cheat again so i am at fault for my chances. I am 16+ weeks along and scared as hell ! Excuse my mouth. But just do as you need to and hang in there.Your not at fault and lucky to have a real partner who is there for you. Good luck.


g - October 29

the planned parent hood suggested to wear condoms even though i was pregnant already just incase he cheated-thats when he took it off! Just wanted to clear that up.



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