Pregnancy And Panic Attacks

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KaylynnzMom - May 16

I am 24 weeks pregnant with my first child. I started having really bad panic attacks about 2 years ago, but hadn't had one since I got pregnant until last night. My hubby and I had got into an argument so I had been crying for a good 5 or 10 minutes when I started feeling really dizzy....The next thing I remember is waking up on the floor having a horrible panic attack. Any advice on what to do about bad panic attacks?


Newhoneybuns - May 18

I do anxiety attacks which is pretty much the same. I'm 18 weeks pregnant and before i got pregnant i was on medication one of my doctor told me to stop it right away when i got pregnant but now my OB says i can start them anytime if i want to. You should talk about it with your doctor or OB and see what he will tell you. The medication i was on is EFEXOR which is used to control depression, anxiety and panic. Hope all goes well for you :) Natacha


keti - May 23

I also had them really bad. what helped me alot was yoga,and practicing breathing slowly and deeply. actually,since i started doing yoga i never had a panic attack ever again. i still have periods where i feel panicky,but i automatically start slowing down my breathing and change my negative thoughts to something more comforting and then it stops! My yoga instuctor told me that it is physically impossible to have a panic attack if you are breathing slowly and deeply(she suffered once from panic attacks also) and you know what she was right, cause after i started practicing yoga and deep breathing....i never had one again!!! without yoga i would definately be on some type of anti-anxiety medication. There are alot of good pregnancy yoga videos,but the best is when you can participate in an actual cla__s...somehow i would feel better after a cla__s instead of just doing at home by myself. i am sure that there must be a yoga studio near you that offers a pregnancy yoga cla__s, and naturally ask your ob if they are ok with it. good luck...tell me how it goes.



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