Pregnancy At 45

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tammy - February 20

This is my 3rd attempt after having my son at 41. Last two were miscarriages at 9 and 10 week. Scared of downs but cannot bring myself to have the test.


$weetne$$ - February 21

the Question here is, would having a downs baby change the way you feel about the baby? if the answer is no, den theres no reason to take the test, but if the answer is yes then i think you should take the test and then think about the results. apart from that once your healthy your age shouldnt have any effect on your pregnancy, or if you still are a bit worried, jus take it easy and enjoy your pregnancy. Good luck :)


Leah - March 14

I am 43 and am looking at getting pregnant again, last child born 13 years ago, this is a concern of mine as well.. I feel that you would feel better if you knew, at least then you could deal with the results and take the next steps what ever they may be, the unknown makes us helpless, so empower yourself.


daphne - March 15

i have had 3 children in my 40's, last one at 44. all the test show it was possible that my babies could be downds syndrome. It was all caluclate by my age. To said all my babies were find. no downs, but i can almost bet the test would come back postivite just because of you age. I would not have the test unless you would want to abort the baby if it was downs. My husband did not want to abort the baby so we did not have any further tested that would show for sure. We knew it was base on age.


Lisa - April 2

I have a 21 year old son in college. I had him at 17. I was completely unaware of all the preg symtoms and took them as they came. Now I just turned 39 and want to have another for myself and for him to have a brother/sister. Are the symptoms and signs different when you are older?


kate - April 4

Im 43 and 5.5 weeks pregnant. Currently I have low HCG levels which is a concern. Im really taking things easy and not doing anything too strenuous at the moment, at least in the first 12 weeks. As much as I hate to admit it I (we) are in the high risk group and really need to take it easy. So if that means relaxing, even being lazy, do it for yourself and your little bubs. Good luck to you all..


Kate - April 10

Well I lost bubs jst after I wrote the last email. Guess i will keep trying good luck to you all.


Justine - April 11

If you are scared of having a Downs baby then I would recommend an amniocentisis. I had my first (and only at this stage) baby at 39 years of age and I too could not live with the worry of having a Downs baby. The test was quick, it was done by my obstetrician who has been an Obs for over 20 years and I had no complications from the procedure. The rea__surance of knowing that my son did not have Downs or any other spinal or neural defect was great. I would do it all again for the peace of mind.


tory - April 13

Sorry to hear about your loss Kate. It's so hard to almost make that 6 wk mark and m/c. I also lost my baby around that time. I'm trying again, but this time taking an aspirin a day for clots. Oh I didn't mention, I'm 44.


Kate - April 18

Tory, im 43 and 44 in October this year. Im gona keep trying as well. Good luck to you and yours lets know any outcomes ok!


tory - April 18

Hey, Kate. I took the hpt and got three with faint pink lines! It's weird because I haven't even had AF yet. Don't know if DH and I are up for this so soon. We're kinda numb because we don't want to get hopes up yet. Good luck to you:)


Cathy Botha - May 6

I do not have an answer.My question is the asme as Tammy's.


Cathy Botha - May 6

I do not have an answer.My question is the same as Tammy's.



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