Pregnancy At An Older Age

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Pat Dambe - July 10

1. Going into my second marriage, I am 42 years old and wanting to have a baby almost immediately. Is this safe


Lois - June 24

I am 42 years of age, i am 14 weeks pregnant. At this age, the chances of all complications and risks are higher but this does not make pregnancy neither possible nor enjoyable, tests can be carried out to eliminate potential problems.


Lynn - July 9

I also I am pregnant at age 39. I will be 40 when baby (God Willing ) is born. I am just 6 weeks and am having an episode of brown spotting. I have had 7 prior m/c's. I am a nervous wreck the only difference is that I have NO cramping. I did have one healthy PG my first is now 13 yo ds. Good luck


stacyann36 - July 9

I am 36 and just found out today i had a miscarriage at 8 weeks,,i am more devastated than anyone can imagine...i knew the risks were high because of my age...i had no cramping at all, and no blood loss except for some light spotting...please insist on your doctor giving you help, advice even with just spotting..mine told me it was normal for women my age and things were ok ( last week), then now i have miscarried...i told her it wasnt normal and things were not right..they did not believe advice if something seems wrong, insist they help you out..good luck to you all,.,,and Pat there are some great articles on web md about the risk of having children over the age of 35 and message boards like this one, so that women can share information..god bless u all


marion - July 10

i have just turned 38 and im 24 weeks pregnant with my seventh child, apart from sleeping alot and nasty pelvis pains im doing fine and looking forward to seeing my baby boy in november. it puts alot of strain on your body and the risks are higher but you can get tests done to check for certain things like down syndrome and spinabifida which is increased in older women so you dont have to worry x.



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