Pregnancy Gone Bad

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Steena - September 1

I am 19 going to be 20. This is my first pregnancy and it is horrible. I am 14 weeks. Since about week 5 or 6 I have had horrible stomach aches, it feels like when you have the flu and you need to throw up but you cant. And it cramps up sometimes real bad. I cant eat anything because i get really sick. Could the baby be dead in there? Would a pregnancy test be negative if i took one? I also have really blurry vision and feel really nauseated. Any help would be great. I dont think most of this is very normal since it has been going on for so long.


Shelly - July 17

Im 16 and in my first pregnancy and it sounds like u need to ask u doctor about, i have stomach aches and they are from him geting bigger inside, if you are worried maybe you should ask your doctor


Kathleen - July 25

If the baby were dead you would have experienced a kind of period or menstration that usually comes with a miscarriage. You should probably see a doctor as it will ease your mind and there may be something he can do about it.


brittany - August 30

hey steena- i am 16 and currentl 5 months pregnant..i was like that the first 3 months of my pregnancy ( i didnt know i was pregnant) but it runs in my family, they were all the same way when they got pregnant... you should ask your dr about it, but its probally just bad case of pregnancy symptoms :o)


Nan - September 1

you need to call your obgyn and let them know what is going on i periodically get light headed in the shower or if i stand for long periods, I am now on bed rest due to being a high risk pregnancy i have posted a warning in general questions feel free to read it i was 16 with my first he is now 8 then the next year i had a miscarriage at 17 1/2 weeks then the following year had another boy he is now 5 this is my 4th pregnancy but any pregnancy can have problems i was told by my doc that usually once you get out of the danger zone (12 weeks) your chances of your pregnancy going to full term get better every day! Congrats, good luck and God bless!



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