Pregnancy Test Amp Tubal

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Susan - November 8

Will a tubal pregnancy show up as being pregnant on a at home urine pregnancy test?


celeste - November 9

Sometimes it will someimes it won't.


Christine - November 11

Yes sometimes it will and sometimes it wont...if you are concerned call and ask your doc for a sonogram...I was having cramping when I found out I was preggo...doc gave me a sonogram, found out I had a large cyst..not a tubal..good luck


stefanie - November 16

Call your pract_tioner immediately if you have any of the following symptoms during your first three months of pregnancy or while you're trying to get pregnant. Ectopic pregnancies are most commonly discovered at six or seven weeks but may be found as early as four weeks. Not all ectopic pregnancies register on home pregnancy tests, either, so don't wait for a positive pregnancy test to call your pract_tioner. Symptoms can vary greatly from person to person and depending on how far along you are and whether the ectopic pregnancy has ruptured — a true obstetric emergency. Though rupture can occur without much advance warning, you're much better off getting diagnosed and treated before that happens. Here are some symptoms to be aware of: • Abdominal and/or pelvic pain or tenderness. It can be sudden, persistent, and severe but may also be mild and intermittent early on. You may feel it on one side only, but the pain can be anywhere in the abdomen. You may also have nausea and vomiting , though since it's so common normally in early pregnancy, it's not a helpful sign alone. • Vaginal spotting or bleeding. If you're not sure you're pregnant yet, you may think you're getting a light period at first. The blood may look red or it might be more brown like the color of dried blood, and it can be continuous or come and go. If the ectopic has ruptured, you may have very serious, heavy bleeding into the abdomen that's not obvious by the amount of the bleeding from the v____a. • Pain that gets worse during physical activity or while moving your bowels or coughing. • Pain in the tip of your shoulder. While cramping and bleeding can mean many things, pain in the shoulder, particularly when you lie down, is specifically characteristic of a ruptured ectopic pregnancy. The pain is caused by internal bleeding that irritates nerves that happen to go to the shoulders, but may not be felt in all cases. If the ectopic is ruptured, you may also have signs of shock like a weak, racing pulse; pale, clammy skin; and dizziness or fainting. Needless to say, you'll need to get medical attention right away.


Lea - November 16

stefanie you had a really good post thanks alot, i am sure it has helped.



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