Pregnant After 2 Miscarriages

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Melanie - January 28

In early August '04 I had my first miscarriage @ 4 wks, my second miscarriage was on this past christmas which my Dr called a "chemical pregnancy" because I was literally only 2 wks pregnant. Now my period is late, I have tender br___ts, the usual little cramps and 2 positive pregnancy tests ! I was so devastated by the first 2 miscarriages that i'm afraid to tell anyone or even go to the Dr because i guess i could say im expecting it to happen again. I do have a healthy 3 y/o daughter and the Doc said because i've had a pregnancy w/out complications he knows i can yet have another. But yet i'm so stressed out that i'm running to the bathroom every 5 minutes to check for blood.I will go literally go insane if i keep doing this. Any advice will be wonderful. Thanks !!


Melanie - February 4

I know how you feel. I had my first miscarriage in Oct. 04 & just found out that l am 6wks preg. Every 5 min, l keep running to the toilet too & checking for blood, but l am finding a brown discharge coming out all the time, which is scaring the living daylights out of me. All the Dr.'s keep telling me is to think positive, because if l think negative, it will happen again & stress isn't good for me or the baby. They also keep telling me that you can't have 2 miscarriages in a row (which l know isn't true), but unlike you, this is my first child (so, there is a possibility that l am not be able to carry children!!) Hopefully not. I am finding that the best thing helping me is trying to keep as busy as possible & getting regular scans (every wk, 2 wks) to check on the progress & development. It does put your mind at ease!! That's the best advice l can offer you. Best of luck. Mish


Bonnie - February 6

Melanie, I have also suffered from 2 miscarriages, in just under a year. The first one in April. I didn't even know I had been pregnant until the doc let it slip a few months later. I thought I had a pelvic infection(thats what the doc told me), then the second one in November. That devastated me. I fell into deep depression to the point the doc wanted to put me on anti-depressants(I told her no). I already have 2 kids and I am pregnant again(just found on the 4th) and I wasn't even due for my period until the 6th Feb. I am already getting pregnancy symptoms, feeling sick, bloated, sore b___bs etc. However, with my last miscarriage I had a sore lower back and I have it again which is bumming me out. I'm trying to ignore everything I'm feeling but its hard. I am also running off to the loo every 5 minutes to check if theres any blood. I really dont think this one will go full term either. So far I've only managed to get to 6 and a half weeks so if it lasts after that then I'll go all clucky. If it doesn't then I'll go back to the specialist and have an scan done to see if anything is wrong down there. I cant wait to much longer as I'm 37. I really think you need to get to the doc to check your HCG levels and put your mind at rest. Its great that you have succeeded in getting pregnant. While I cant practice what I preach, try to stay positive and try not to worry. All the best to you both


Stefani - February 6

I too have had a miscarriage this past Oct. I am pregnant again and scared. I went to the doc last week thinking I was 8 wk....the US says I am top it off they found a heart beat but it was slow. My doctor didn't give us much hope, so I guess I am expecting another miscarriage. Everyone say be positive and try not to worry. That is hard to do. Although I know if it isn't right this is how it must be...I am still scared. I don't have any children and they are something I want VERY much. I am about to celebrate my 1 year wedding anniversary in a few weeks, and here I am a basket case. Anyone else experience a pregnancy where the babys heart beat was slow?


JF - February 7

I am so sorry to hear about all the m/c's you ladies have suffered. I am almost 5 weeks and I had a m/c in Nov. I have 2 year old son so my doctors know I can carry a baby full term. I am scared to death. I have been having this terrible low back pain and am not sure if it is normal and my b___bs are not sore. I don't know how I am going to get through the next couple of months. How can I not worry?


Stefani - February 8

I had a miscarriage in Oct 04 and I am going through one right now. How many can I have? I know that sounds like an insane question, but I thought this pregnancy was going to be a success. So many people say they have had one and then the next one is perfect. Has anyone had more then 2 in a row?? DId they test you for anything specific? I don't know what to do at this point. Any thoughts??


Karen - February 9

We lost our baby on January 24, 2005...I went through rolls of TP daily checking for more blood. Finally at 8weeks 6 days the US said I had a baby with no heartbeat. One had been present a week earlier and beating 158 pm. I am devastated. ON top of it all I am 43 and if I am going to do this I need to do it now...any words of wisdom?


Tara-T - February 10

Karen: So sorry about your especially must be hard having felt the hope of knowing there was a good, strong heartbeat. I'm not sure how I could deal with that. Both of my miscarriage happened early, one at 5 weeks, the other around 6. With both, nothing was seen on the ultrasound (probably because my Hcg levels never got high enough). I know how you feel. I'll be 42 this month, no children and got pregnant for the first time at 41 (last March) It was like a miracle because I never really thought I could get pregnant since it didn't happen in my 20's when I was having unprotected s_x (a lot). So, although I was really upset about the miscarriage, it was kind of like also a bit of a blessing, because at least I knew I could conceive. So after trying for 8 months, in mid- December, we got pregnant again. I was pretty hopeful with this one, since all the stats. suggest that sucess rate after 1 miscarriage is 80-90 %. But, I was just so scared the entire time, I wanted the baby so badly, and like you, I just felt that it HAD to happen now because of my age. I was DEVASTATED when my first hcg number came back at only 180 at 5 weeks...I knew that was too low, and everythign sort of went down hill emotionally for me from that point. By 5.5 weeks I was spotting, and although my numbers were doubling, at 6 weeks, there was nothing on the ultrasound, not even a sac. So I knew...a few days later, the miscarriage began. That was Dec. 19 (last Hcg number was only 1490). I'm still waiting around for my cycle to resume....and for the first week, I told myself there was NO way I could go through this again, I can't bear the thought of another loss. That's when I found this forum, which has been very helpful to me. Knowing that I"m not alone, that so many other women can share my pain, and experience, and together we can all try to make some sense of communal cry for answers. We really do help each other by telling our stories. As for me, even though I said to myself I couldn't do it again, last week I'm pretty sure I ovulated, and my hubby and I just went for it. I feel like the universe is calling me to be brave, and open myself to another possibilty. I hope by telling my story it helps someone out there, and that for all those suffering the loss of a baby, know that my thoughts are with you.


Lori - February 11

I think it's hard to not be afraid after a miscarriage, especially if you're older. i'm 41 and the doctors dont seem to want to give me much hope. I think most women who post here are younger and cant relate because when i've said i'm 41 and asked questions, noone responds even though miscarriage effects women of all ages.


nina - February 22

Stefani, I know how how you feel. I had a miscarriage in Oct. 31. and just had another miscarriage on Feb. 11. At my eight week visit I saw the heartbeat on the ultrasound. The doctor said it was a strong heartbeat. I thought this pregnancy would be successful. Two weeks later I miscarried. My doctor is sending me for more bloodwork to test my hormone levels and to rule out any genetic problems. I'm also going to a fertility and high risk specialist. I want to find out what's going on so I don't have to go through this again. I am so sorry for your loss and just wanted to let you know you're not alone.


Kylie - February 23

I'm sympathetic to you all as I suffered a miscarriage in Oct 04 it was our first pregnancy and as much as i'd like to fall again I can't help but be scared to death that it will happen again. I've been told I should feel happy that I can fall at all but deep down I'm not sure if I could go through it all over again.


Stephanie - February 23

Hello ladies, my heart goes out to everyone of you. I had a miscarriage in Nov 2000. My husband and I have been trying ever since to get pregnant. I have done the fertility pills and all. I was finally refered to a fertility doctor Jan 2005. To our surprise we found out we are pregnant! We are 11 weeks pregnant. I'm scared to death! Since they consider me high risk, I have to get a sono done every 2 weeks. It does ease your mind alot seeing the progress of your baby. But I go nuts sometimes, wondering if the baby's heart is beating and if it has grown. I wish everyone luck and will keep ya'll in my prayers.


Steph - February 23

I would also like to add, my progesterone level was very low. It needs to maintain above 20 to help the baby intake itself in the uterus. My husband has to give me injections once a day of progesterone until my 12th week. This has also been determined to help females at high risk of miscarriages and premature birth


Michelle - February 25

I have a 19 month old and have miscarried two times in the last 3 months....last miscarriage just two weeks ago. I know what you mean as far as being scared and going to the bathroom to check for blood. I'm scared to even think about getting pregnant again. Right now the doctors are running all kinds of tests to try to find out whats going on. I had NO problems with my 19 month old, it was a Great pregnancy! Good luck, I'll keep my fingers crossed.


lucy - February 28

i too had two miscarriages and right after the second i found out that i was pregant again and everything is fine i am 9 weeks you just have to let nature take its course and dont worry because if your stressed that can be bad on the pregnancy


twana robert - March 7

i fell the same way


Sher - March 7

Hi everyone, I just wanted to give us all a sense of hope. I am going through a missed miscarriage right now. There was no heartbeat at my ultrasound last week, at 8 weeks along. We will try again, we went can, and although this was my first pregnancy I will still be very nervous when I get pregnant again, as I am 38. I just wanted to let you all know that my boss had 4 miscarriages from the ages of 38-40. She then went on to have a heathly baby girl at 41 years of age. The pregancy did have some complications. She was on total bedrest for several weeks in the last weeks, but she still had a beautiful baby. This gives me great hope, and I hope it does the same for you. Sher



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