Pregnant Again After Miscarriage Experiencing Discharge

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Roberta - January 5

I'm pregnant again after having a miscarriage in early November. I'm not late for my period yet and the only reason why I know I'm pregnant is because I spotted for a few days....which was quite unusual for me. I took a pregnancy test (suggested by a nurse I spoke to) and there it was to my surprise!!! A positive result. The spotting stopped a few days later but, every so often, I have this very light brown/pinkish translucent discharge which only appears on toilet paper. No tissue, clots or cramping. Does anyone know what this could be from? My doctor hasn't given me much to go on except following up on blood tests to make sure my hcg levels are increasing properly.


Amy - January 5

I have has 2 misscarriages and from my experieneces the doctors are the ones that never tell you whats really going on like they deal with it all the time so its no big deal to them like it is to you. I would be worried also if that was happening to me. Any kind of spotting would make me nervous after losing 2. I don't have any children yet so i would not know how normal any of that was since i never got past 9 weeks. I hope evryting turns out o.k for you. get back to me! Good luck


myox - January 7

I just experience the same thing. You need to get into your doctors asap and make sure it is not a tubal pregnancy. I underwent a reversal in sept, found out pregnant in december and it turn out to be a tubal. The spotting start off that way, then NOTHING and then went right into heavy.. go get checked out!


Roberta - January 8

I started to bleed a little today....I had some cramping last night which lasted about 5 or so minutes. I believe I'm having another miscarriage..too bad this makes 4 in total.... :(


myox - January 9

Roberta, have you been to the doctors? You really should get in there there are so many thing that can go wrong with mc/tubal pregnancies. Michelle


Roberta - January 9

Hi myox, I did go to the doctor's office last week....this was basically to confirm whether or not I was pregnant. Since I've read your experience, I am very concerned about my situation and I will definitely make an appointment on Monday to confirm what is going on. I find our health care system to be soooo slow. I haven't had any bleeding since the little from yesterday. Do you think this is something I should go to emergency for? I'm not having any you think they would take me seriously?


beth t - January 9

hi ladies.don't know if this will help. i just went through a m/c last week. i was 6wks and terrified of it being an ep.i drove my ob nuts along w/ another dr. in the practice. tuff sh*t as far as i'm concerned. and that's the way you all should feel too. we pay way too much $ for health insurance. anyway, the one thing that i learned is that hcg levels are important and you should insist on having them tested periodically. If it is an ep.they don't usually become symptomatic until your levels reach 1000. by that time they should be able to see something on u.s. Remember,normally levels double every 2-3 days so keep track of them and then ask for an ultra sound. Demand it if you have too. It's your $ and your body! Best of luck to all of you!


Myox - January 9

Roberta, I was only 5 wks along and I experience NO signs/symptoms that this was a tubal, the only reason we knew was the HCG levels decreased rapidly. I would be concerned as I bled little, then heavy, then none, then heavy, and then really hard BROWN discharge. So I would say we are all different and we should NOT take over a wks bleeding as normal. I would say go in and ask to have your HCG levels checked, if they are not doubling in 48 hours I would say yes you have a tubal! Better safe then sorry right? Michelle


beth t - January 9

my hcg level was 34 the day of my missed period.only 48 2 days later. 5 days later i started to spot which gradually increased for 3 days then I miscarried. the next day my hcg was 139. Went down from there. Slow rising hcg levels can mean ectopic or impending miscarriage. Don't forget you can have normally rising hcg's in the beginning and still have an ectopic. Best way to tell is to have an u.s. as soon as your eligable to. My dr. says when hcgs reach 1000 or so.


Roberta - January 9

I thank all of you who are helping me along with my concerns. I'm from Ontario, Canada so I don't really know how much $$ in taxes I'm paying for health care - I'm a__suming alot. You are right's my body and I deserve whatever medical attention I require. I will give you an update on Tuesday where my hcg level is at. Thanks again.



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