Pregnant Over 40 Yikes

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valorie - January 24

Just found out I am pregnant--over 40 and lets just say quite a bit over...was not planned and I was quite content to be a wonderful Aunt- Frankly I am scared to pieces about the risks and complications I have been reading about. Anyone have similar experience?


Tara-T - January 24

I just turned 42 and became pregnant for the first time at 41 (which was also a shock to me). Unforntunetly, I have had two miscarriages last year, but I also know several woman in early 40's who have had uncomplicated births. It is true that after 40 miscarriage rates go up (50 %) and the risk of congential defects also increases. And Dr.'s, at least in this country, seem to harp on the negatives (probably due to malpractice issues) so pregnacy after 40 is often considered "high risk." I happen to believe it's a negative stigma in the U.S. It's much less so in other countries. Check out this website full of sucess stories of mothers' over 40...and best of luck to you. Keep us posted.


Tara-T - January 24

Here's the link to website:


ONE MORE TIME: - January 24


Valorie - January 25

Tara-Thanks so much-that website is great and I feel so much better after browsing it.


Frederica A. Mobley - January 25

I am 41 and 6 weeks pregnant I am happy and scare but I have a husband who is so excited. I take good care of myself and pray for a healthy baby.


Judy - January 26

I am 47 and just found out that I am pregnant. I had my only child at 42. At 42 it went fine. Have you found any sites that have charts for our ages and risks factors?


Valorie - January 26

Judy, That site Mothers over 40 is a great site--lots of info and reading it really made me feel tons better about this. It does address the risks but puts it in perspective. gl to you.


eyebeeablessing2u - January 27

Thanks so much Tara-T for that website... It'll keep me busy for a long time..... thanks muchly for posting it and sharing it...


Ro - January 27

I'm not pregnant but I am planning to. I am 43 and would like to have another child. I am also worried about my child being healthy, especially since there is a 1% chance of having a down syndrome baby -- my husband says he willing to take a chance with these odds. I've had two other children and they are very healthy. But I had them in my early thirties. And as you have been doing, I too have been reading about risks and complications related to late pregnancies. I guess we must also have hope that amidst all the unwanted baby's killed during abortions, God will bless you with a healthy child. You must believe this, in your heart-of-hearts! I know it is easier said than done, but try to stay focussed on the "positives" of your pregnancy and leave the rest to God. He will lessen your load and ultimately bless you.l


Tara-T - January 28

Ro: I'm not sure whether it was a typo or not, but I'm afraid the risk factors for downs is much higher than 1% after the age of 40. I think you might be referring to the risk of Amnio and miscarriage, which is a little higher than 1%...but in that area. Unfornunelty, the risk of down and other congential defects is more like 1 in 40 after the age of 42....I know that's hard to hear...I'm having to cope with those statistics myself. But, I also have to say that I know many moms who are over 40 and delivered perfect little babies. And the one mom, who happened to have a little girl with downs, feels quite blessed by her daugther, (she's a little angel, if you ask me). Good luck..


Ellyn - February 2

I will be 40 this month. Yes it is very scary as I have expierence 3 miscarrys in the past. I am 7 weeks today and hoping to get through my first trimester. Age is an att_tude! If you feel good you will be just fine! Good luck! This is your first baby?


Tara-T - February 2

Ellyn: WAY TO GO! Check out the website I posted for good vibes. My hubby and I are still going for it, so maybe we can get something going. Hey, waht about an over 40, (or maybe 35, since we're so rare, it seems) forum catagory. Would anyone be into that? Keep us posted Ellyn.


teena - February 7

i will be 42 in april i have three healthy children 18 16 11 i am desperate for a baby i had a miscarriage last year and i am now seeing a specialist maybe fertility drugs should i take them or leave it in gods hands and dont test fate?.


Nancy - February 28

I am 43, will be 44 in Sept. I had my beautiful perfect, HEALTHY son 20 months ago. It is great having a baby in your 40's. I have two other children 13 and 16 (that's more of a challenge). I was very worried when I become pregnant, but my doctor was great and had other patience over 40. At 12 weeks they took a test call BUNN(I think that's what it is called) It is an ultrasound that checks the skin on the back of the head for thickness, this checks for downs. I had the test and it was a big releif even though I had decided to keep him, unless there was something really wrong like no brain or something. He is perfect. I wish all of you the best and don't give up. I have to tell you all I am late right now, but the hpts have been negative. My husband is saying whatever, but I am a little scared about turning 44 this year. I feel really good, but I just worry about later, when I look like Grandma at school. God will give us only what we can handle. God bless all of you...


jodi - February 28

I'm over 40 and pregrant too things aren't looking to good but we will try again good luck and thanks for that web site


angela - April 12

yes i just turned 41 and am due any day now. i too had settled on being just an aunt after having a miscarraige at 39. but my husband and i are very excited about this pregnancy . im now at the point i just want my body back. at 39 weeks i find it very hard to sleep at night , and very anxious



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