Pregnant With Fibroids

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LC - August 30

I'm at 11 weeks, and have at least 2 large fibroids. Before pregnancy the ultra sound showed the largest at 17cm. My first post conception ultra sound is this week. I would like to hear from anyone who is going through a pregnancy with fibroids. My morning sickness and fatigue seem to be worse than any of my friends had, and I am wondering if this is part of the complications with fibroids? Also, has anyone been advised of the need for bed rest? At this point everything is showing healthy for me, but I am aware there is a risk for that in the future.


Mindy - August 30

LC- I was 11wks last week when I had my miscarriage and have a 12cm fibroid. I also had a subchorionic hematoma (blood clot under the placenta that was measuring 4cm at 9wks and ended up detaching the placenta) My doctor is saying now that my baby never had a good latch on because of my fibroid even though the hematoma got too big and detached the placenta. I can't see why this would be. My fibroid is in the wall of my uterus on the left side and the baby was on the right far away from the fibroid. I don't think the fibroid had anything to do with it the hematoma had every thing to do with it. I went in for weekly scans and the baby was doing excellent with a strong heartbeat and measuring ahead. I did not know I had a fibroid until I went in for my exam (no symptoms) I just wanted to know is your doctor supportive with you getting pregnant with your fibroids? Where are your fibroids at? I'm scared to try again and wondering if I should get the fibroid taken care of first. I have heard of women carrying to full term and not having any problems even with large fibroids. My doctor made me feel like a freak just with this one fibroid like I was the only one in the world being pregnant with a fibroid. Also, I don't think morning sickness and fatigue has anything to do with fibroids. There is another thread on this board where the ladies on there seem to be having great success with their pregnancies and living with fibroids. Good Luck with your pregnancy and God Bless!!


LC - August 30

Mindy so sorry to hear about the miscarriage. I am not a doctor so all my comments are only second hand. If your doctor is not supportive the first thing I suggest is look for a new doctor. My decision to get pregnant before myechtomy was well thought out. When fibroids were first discovered, about 2 years ago, my doctor refered me to a specialist. The specialist is actualy a fertility specialist, even though at the time that was not my concern, he has hundreds of patients with fibroids. As the years progressed my fibroids grew, and though there was no pain the specialist did advise me to consider surgery. The reason is that fibroids can (but not always) cause fertility problems. I am also blessed to have a very good friend who is a doctor that specializes in women's health. My friend advised me that she has hundreds of patients some with dozens of fibroids who have had no problems at all with pregnancies. She cautioned me against surgery as the after scarring can create infertility. When I went back to my specialist I went over the points my friend had made and asked several more questions about the risks of trying first before surgery. His ultimate suggestion was to try and conceive first, and then if conception is a problem consider surgery. He told me that US doctors (I am in Canada) tend to be more negative on the increased risks of miscarriage, but that though there is an increased risk, and an increased risk of preterm labour, pain to the mother due to degeneration (no harm to the baby), and increased likelyhood of cesarian, in general fibroids are not considered a significant risk to the health and well being of the fetus. My husband and I decided that since the down side of surgery is permanant we would try with the fibroids first. Surgery can always be an option later. Based on what you have told me, if it happened to me, I would try again without surgery. And I would find another doctor. The two fibroids I have, one is on top of the uterus, and the other is on the right side. Both are attached to the outside wall. Good luck with whatever decision you make.


SAJ - August 30

Hello, I think am in the same boat. I miscarried a month ago at 19 weeks. I have a 12cm fibroid on my uterus wall. I met with a specialist today and he told me to try again with out the surgury. The other specialist said the same thing. But I am very afraid of having another miscarriage. One piece of info that he gave me today was that a cerclage is going to be needed regardless. You see in my case the cervix was tricked by the fibroids weight that the baby was full term. So it opened up too early. Well if I have the fibroid removed or not, a cerclage is going to be need. It was my first pregnancy and am still not over it. Any little disappointment sends me to tears. I keep wondering what was I suppose to learn from this. The other thing that people keep telling me is that I better hurry up and try again. Am only 30 years old, but they say that you are way more fertile after a baby. I dont know though.


Mindy - August 30

LC- Thankyou so much for taking the time to post to me. The past week and a half has been so hard. I really don't want to go through surgery but I will get a second opinion. I already have three children (5,7,and 9)and this pregnancy was a welcome surprise to us all. My other pregnancies were so perfect. I'm afraid to get pregnant again but I know in my heart that I really want another one. I will not be able to get rid of this baby feeling. Another question I wanted to ask you is did they put you on progesterone? Did you pop out quick? I looked like I was 5 month along (I'm a very small person). I have never had any problem getting pregnant, so it is something I want to talk to my husband about. I'm not sure he wants another one after this m/c. It was very hard on all of us. I will be praying for a healthy pregnancy for you. God Bless!!


Mindy - August 30

SAJ- I'm very sorry to hear about your baby. My m/c was last week on Aug 22 and it was very shocking when I got up on that table to hear that I did not have a pregnancy in there especially since I was going for weekly scans and seeing my little person waving at me with a strong heartbeat. I was dialated also. What kind of specialist do you go to? Take your time until you are ready, it is so hard to get over a loss like yours. I will be praying for you also. God Bless!!


LC - August 31

Mindy: No Progesterone, no prenatal vitamins, only folic acid suppliments. I am 11 weeks now, and yes I look about 5 months. I am really hoping the morning sickness and fatigue are going to correct themselves soon so I can go back to a normal working life. SAJ: Listen to your own body and emotions. Get pregnant when it is right for you. I am 36 and most of my friends did not start their families until they were into their thirties. Unless your doctor has told you otherwise fertility will not lkiely be a problem for many years to come.


Irina - August 31

LC, I have at least 5 fibroids. Now I am at 31 weeks. Everything was OK untill this week. I started to feel sharp pain in my right side where biggest fibroid is. Doctor said I am under risk of preterm labor and gave me some medication to relax uterus. I hope I will be able to prolong this. Good luck to you.


jess - August 31

hey LC - I started out with a 12 cm fibroid, and now with pregnancy it has grown to 17cm - I am 33 weeks and the baby is growing well and is a nice healthy weight! i am starting to feel pretty crammed in there mind you, but aside from that no major complications due to the fibroid- i am having a scheduled C because the fibroid is in the bottom of the uterus, so v____al would not be possible, and i will have to have a high C section - up and down, so that kinda sucks, but oh well! i too decided against a myomectomy, considering the risk factors with scar tissue and uterine rupture............and we concived quite easily!! my first dr really pushed surgery, but my present ob said its better we didn't!1 I am in Canada too!


Bridget - September 2

Hi, I figured I'd share my story here since some of what I've been going through might help someone. I had fibroids removed surgically on May 4th, mainly because they were causing my periods to be VERY heavy and I had become very anemic, dangerously so. The fibroids were about 5 cm (golf ball) and 3 smaller ones. On May 26, my husband and I had s_x after waiting the 3 weeks after the surgery and guess who wound up pregnant after not having used birth control for almost 7 years?One of the fibroids was blocking my cervix, apparently and others were distorting the inside of my uterus and making it an inhospitable envirnment for a fetus to grow. I'm 39 and fairly healthy but still very scared because of my recently incised uterus. Also, on my last US they discovered that I had new fibroids that have formed because of the surge of hormones due to pregnancy, but they aren't too big, yet. And then I get a message from a doctor in my OB/GYN office (not my regular dr.) to let me know that I also have placenta previa, but since I'm only 15 weeks, the condition may improve or clear up. I was already scheduled for a c-section because of my weakened uterus, so that's no biggie. I was a bit surprised that the message was left on my answering machine and when I called I was told not to worry.I'm sure some women can conceive with fibroids, it just depends on where they are I guess. And I suppose we'll see how things go for me with my new fibroids, too bad there is no market for these things since I seem to be able to grow them like weeds. I had a friend years ago who had her first child at over 40 and she had a huge fibroid while she was carrying the baby. Her dd was a preemie but is just fine and is almost 18 now. There are many variables and everyone is different. I'll pray for everyone, including myself. I joke around because I'm actually very scared because I figure that this could be my only chance. I don't know if I or especially my husband could go through this again. Good luck to all, I hope this helps and e-mail me if you want... [email protected]


LC - September 2

Thanks everyone for your comments. I had my first US yesterday. Fibroids now are on all sides, but baby is healthy, and moving arms and legs. Will wait to see how the next few months work out.


jess - September 2

lol bidet- yes if we could only market these badboys!!!! yes, i bet your fibroid will grow when pregnant, seems to happen!!! there is some interesting treatments being done by a DR here in BC Canada- instead of surgery she treats fibroids with an increase of prgesterone, to balance to estrogen i would imagine- and it seems to be working very well!! and none of this grow back business!


LMD - September 3

Hello Ladies...I thought I would share my story with you guys. I recently miscarried in late June at 17 weeks. It was discovered after the miscarriage that I have two fibroids, one 7cm and the other 3cm, both in the wall of the uterus. I have been seeing a specialist that thinks the miscarriage was due to the fibroids growing at a rapid rate since they were not there before the pregnancy. However, my ob thinks it wasn't the fibroids. Specialist first suggested surgery but the risks are to high and my husband and I decided not to go that route. Specialist then suggested that for the next pregnancy, she would prescribe medication that would relax the uterus. My ob is totally against the surgery especially since we do not have children yet and the risks of surgery are great. My husband and I have decided to start trying again but of course we are terrified. That was our first pregnancy and the emotional rollercoaster is not something we want to experience again. During the pregnancy, I had no complications, no pain, no bleeding, no spotting, and no cramps. Cramping started the day before the miscarraige. That day before the miscarriage, the pain was so unbearable it sent me to the ER. Of course the misdiagnosed me with sciatica and sent me home only to miscarry the next day. In my next pregnancy, God willing, I want to know what I should look out for. Is anyone experiencing uterine cramping during their pregnancy with fibroids? What is your doctor doing to stop the cramps/contractions of the uterus due to fibroid degeneration? I wish all of you a safe and healthy pregnancy.


Mindy - September 3

LMD- I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage. What kind of specialist do you go to? My story is up above. I had to go back to my doctor at the end of this week because I was exhausted with a headache everyday and was losing weight. Thank God they worked it out to have me come in when no pregnant women were there. I refused to see the doctor that cause more emotional pain to go with my miscarriage. I told the new doctor that I saw that night that I wanted to go see a specialist about my fibroid and she kept repeating that they were specialist so I guess I will have to find a specialist on my own. I don't believe them because of that one doctor left that impression on me that they didn't know what to do with me because of the fibroid that I had. They sent me over to the ER to make sure everything was expelled and everything was. Have your fibroid shrunk since your miscarriage? I bleed alot before(because of the sub hematoma) and after my miscarriage that they have me now on iron and b-12 supplements. I had no cramps or pain before and after my miscarriage just the subchorionic hematoma bleed and it was such a shock to find out that there was no baby, no nothing when I went in for my ultrasound. My fibroid did shrink down to 10cm when they measured it at ER this week. I know in my heart I want to get pregnant again but I'm so scared to go through what I went through. Were you on progesterone during your pregnancy? They told me that my baby did not have a good latch to begin with because of the fibroid so they put me on progesterone which I was never on with my other full-term pregnancies. My progesterone levels were perfect with in a week of taking the supplements but my hematoma (blood clot under the placenta) was growing 1cm every week until the placenta detached. I still can't stop crying every night because of it. Anyway, thanks for listening and God Bless!! I hope you have a happy healthy pregnancy next time.


LMD - September 3

Mindy....My fibroids shrunk slightly since the miscarraige. I was never on progesterone. My pregnancy was normal with no complications up until the day before the miscarriage. The pathology report came back yesterday. It showed that the baby was a girl and she as well as the placenta was normal. Life is a mystery and I guess we will never know what truly caused the miscarriage. All we can do is pray that God will bless and allow us to become pregnant, carry safely to term, and deliver a healthy baby. We are definitely going to try again this month despite our fears. We are just going to put our faith in God and trust that everything will be OK.


bridget - September 3

LMD, I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I too am in my first pregnancy, my full tale is a few posts up. I was having slight cramps during the first trimester and still have them sometimes (before I knew I had new fibroids growing) but read in many places on the internet that this is common, some women have them throughout their pregnancy with no other problems. I also am having no bleeding or other events that would signal a potential miscarriage and am still scared since I am high risk due to age (39),borderline anemia, surgery for fibroids 3 weeks before becoming pregnant, and now placenta previa. Since I am only 15.5 weeks I've been told to stop worrying (since p.previa tends to clear up often)but when I asked questions about worst case scenarios (like placenta accreta where the placenta grows into the wall of the uterus and have you need an immediate hyterectomy, I asked if I could keep my ovaries, a reasonable question)the doctor who called me back responded curtly and acted as if I was doubting her qualifications and I was so upset at hearing yet another frightening bit of news (that she'd left on my ANSWERING MACHINE) I cried for two days. She is not my regular OB/GYN, I've been seeing 3 in the practice and now I'm ready to look for someone who will take me seriously, maybe a perinatologist. Mindy, if your anemia is very serious, you might try going to a hematologist. My red blood cell count was so low in March that I received intravenous iron treatments for it. It helped me a lot, maybe it could help you get your blood count back up, which is important since you lost so much blood.I'm glad I found this board.Sometimes doctors seem to keep info from us when they think it's something we don't need to know or might not understand right away and it's good to have a place where we can share our knowledge, information and experiences.


stephanie - September 9

sorry to all of 24and i had two miscarriage and have a1cm fribroid and just found out in 31|8|05 i kno how you feel,but my doctor tell me to try befor it get bigger im praying for god to bless me again. good luck to you all and pray.



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