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Sarah - October 17

I have had genital herpes for about 3 years, and while I’m thrilled to be pregnant, I am terrified to pass this to my baby. I have had non stop outbreaks since I got pregnant, and I can't stop thinking about maybe giving this to my child. My doctor is going to put me on suppressive therapy at 36 weeks, and she told me not to worry, that the medicine will keep me outbreak free and the baby will be fine, but I am a wreck worrying. I feel like I can't even enjoy this blessing that’s been given to me, because I'm always so worried. Is there anyone out there that can help me ease my mind and stop worrying?


dear sarah - October 17

There will be quite a few women interested in this (1 in 5 adults have genital herpes).Yes there is medication to suppress outbreaks, it is not 100%. I have had two babies and no problem with herpes. Your pregnancy may be contributing to the outbreaks, try some natural preventatives too, such as lysine. And yes i worried too. You may wish to opt for c-section if your outbreaks are too severe as it is pretty lethal if a newborn gets this virus. You may be able to start suppressive tablets sooner, think they are safe when pregnant. I took them for 3 months several years ago and not since, they seemed to kickstart my immune system and now there is over a year between outbreaks (never had a cold sore since either which is nice, having them on your face is much worse). Enjoy your pregnancy and you are definately not alone.


Sarah - October 17

Thanks for your help. I asked my doctor about the c-section and she told me she would rather wait and see if I have an outbreak. She told me the risk to my baby was close to none if I don't have an outbreak, and if I do, she would do a c-section right away. She said even if I do have an outbreak, as long as I get to the hospital right away after my water breaks, the baby will be protected. The risk is waiting more than 4 hours to do a c-section after your water breaks. And even knowing all of this, and educating myself and being prepared (I live right next to the hospital and will be there ASAP) I still seem to worry. I just know if the baby got this that it is so serious. Just the thought makes me sick.


Bohnwin - October 28

Sarah, I think that your doc has the situation under control. Personally, I don't put a whole lot of faith in natural therapies (I am a healthcare professional, and although I don't discount the positive effects of homeopathic remedies, I distrust them because of the lack of scientific evidence as to their effectiveness, as well as their interference with more conventional treatments.) Start your treatment when your doc says you should, and don't take any other supplements (i.e. Lysine) with out asking your doc. If you have an outbreak when you go into labor, make sure you tell the OB ward when you deliver in so you can get a C-section. I don't know about Herpes being deadly to your baby, but it can definately cause loss of sight. (Hospitals routinely administer drops in the infant's eyes to prevent this, as well as Gonorrhea.) It could possibly cause herpetic viral meningitis (Which could be the deadly effect that "dear sarah" was warning against), but this is in a VERY small percentage of live births. By having the C-section, you are by-pa__sing the cervix (Where herpes virus likes to hang out) and preventing your child's exposure to it. Of course this decision is between you and your OB. Make sure you are very open with your doc about your concerns, and the two of you have a good conversation about it so that each knows what the other feels and thinks. The two of you need to reach the decision together. Make sure the two of you make a plan for a "perfect delivery" and another contingency plan for "if everything goes wrong". Your doc sounds pretty seasoned, so I don't think you'll have a problem with this. As for your baby catching it... The miracles of modern medicine are that we can significantly lessen the effects of this virus (no cure yet, but working on it.). I'm sure your baby will be fine. Best of luck!!! (MOMMY DUST>>>)


kay - November 24

don't worry everything will be ok, i had two, both c-section i had an outbreak at 36 wks so they opted not to wait the 40 wks, she came 4wks earlier, but she is the biggest child i have. the second child went 40 wks


Concerned - November 28

I had what seemed to be a herpes outbreak 3 years ago but my tests came back negative & I didn't have any problems again so my OBGYN told me not too be concerned anymore. I am now 5 months pregnant and after shaving my bikini/pubic area( which I've done for years) I have noticed an itchy red inflamed bump. I have very sensitive skin so I am hoping that I just nicked it or irritated it by shaving but am concerned that perhaps my doctor was wrong & I do infact have herpes? What does anyone else think?


Concerned - November 28

P.S I've had the same partner for the past two years and he shows no signs of infection


Deena - November 29

I delivered my son with having a break out 3 weeks before delivery. I had to be induced due to preeclampsia and it was feared I had transmitted the virus to him because of the v____al birth. If you are concerned maybe the best way to ease your mind is to go the route of c-section, that way you won't have to worry. My son was given antibiotics for a week after his birth to be safe and he came back negative for the virus. He is a healthy happy 1 year old now getting into all kinds of mischief. Take care.


lilmama - December 11

did any of these people with hsv2 infect your partners or are the partner already infected?



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