Pregnant With Twins One Molar And One Fetus

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aries11 - July 13

Hi i was just told today by U\S that i;m 8 weeks pregnant with twins One is a molar and the other was a normal fetus. They said it is extremely rare and that I should terminate the pregnancy immediately. Please has anybody gone thru this I? I would like to continue with the pregnancy but need to know if anybody out there has had this happen to them.I have already decided that I will have a hysterectomy immediatly after either way. From what I've read today the chance of cancer is to great otherwise. Is there anybody out there that has gone thru a similar situation? any advice would be greatly appreciated


BriannasMummy - July 14

A friend of mine was pregnant with twins.. and one of them turned out to be molar.. and one was a normal fetus. No one ever told her to terminate the pregnancy. She carried to term and she now has a happy healthy four year old boy.


d16mond - July 16

Hi I haven't had the exact same experience, but my first pregnancy was a partial molar, I had a d&C. I think the risk which it sounds like you somewhat know, is that a molar is a turorous pregnancy and it can cause cancer which grows up into your lungs then into your brain, so it is very serious. I'm sorry you had to experience this, I was 19 when I went through it. I had to have blood test weekly for about a year, to make sure it didn't grow back. I then had pre-cancerous cells on my cervix after that, which were successfully removed. I had two daughters though a few years later :-) everything turned out good for me. You take care, only you can do what is right for you, good luck.


aries11 - July 16

Hi I'd like to thank you both for your insight and well wishes. I'm going next week for fetal a__sessment and then to see the specialist I'll let you know what happens. Again thaks for being there



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