Premature Ruptured Membranes At 29 Weeks

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Naomi M. - March 4

I am new to this site, loving all the positive support--When I was pregnant (8 years ago), my water broke at 29 weeks. I was put in the hospital on terbutaline and magnesium sulfate drip to prevent contractions. I was on bedrest in the hospital for 2 weeks, then at 31 weeks, the contractions started despite the meds. I delivered at 31 weeks, my daughter was 3lbs,10oz,17 inches. (She was in the NICU for 3 weeks, then discharged home-she was fine) My husband and I are now trying for another, but I'm scared of this happening again. There was never any real reason given for this. I didnt smoke,drink, do drugs. Doctors have told me that there is a 50% chance of this happening again. Anyone have any similar experience or insight? Thanks.


chel - March 7

My first daughter was delivered at 31 weeks because my water broke. She did fine. She weighted 5.5. With my second child, I worried the whole time that it would happen again. I carried her full term. I actually went into labor on my due date. I am now 7 weeks pregnant with number 3. I am already worrying about preterm labor. I guess it's always in the back of our mind once you experience it.


Naomi M. - March 7

Hey, Chel, thanks for responding--did the doctors tell you (the 2nd pregnancy) it may happen again? Did they give you a reason for why your water broke the first time?


chel - March 8

No, they said there was really no reason for it happening. I was really worried with my second that she would be born premature also. But, the doctor said it's rare when there is no underlying medical problem that causes premature birth. I did not receive any special care during my second pregnancy. Just regular ob care. hope this helps calm your fears some.


chelle - March 9

I had my son at 31wks. He was 3lbs 2oz. I went into labor for my daughter at 24 weeks and laid on bed rest until I had her at 36 wks. She had a very low birth weight because of the meds I was on. Procardia which is a blood thinner/heart pill every 4 hrs around the clock. She weight 3lbs 15oz. Thankfully she was completely developed because of the steroid shots I received for her at every doc visit. Now I am 7 wks preg. and scared to death. The neonatologists told me that their only logical explanation could be my size. I am 5'4 and weigh 97lbs. I eat like a hog(always have) yet I have weighed this since I had my son at 16. I am now 24. They tell me unless I put on about 20lbs my chances of carrying full term are slim and that is 20 lbs not pregnant. I am not looking forward to bedrest and another preemie. If anyone has any tips to gain weight, please let me know. Good luck to you Naomi. I know exactly how you feel.


Naomi - March 9

Chelle- thanks for your info--I know exactly how you feel, being scared and anxious. You know, my OB told me to start drinking milkshakes if I couldnt gain weight. So I did. I gained 11 pounds in one month! I will be praying for you and your pregnancy...Are you taking Procardia for BP? Just asking, because couldn't they subst_tute another one w/ less side effects?


julie - June 18

hi with my last pregnancy i had ruptured membranes at 29 weeks they kept me in hospital for 6 long weeks when i had my son at 36 weeks and would u believe that my son is a heathy 2 year old and i still want another baby.



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