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Martina - September 13

I have had two previous miscarriages. Both happened in the first trimester. My doctor has sent me to a specialist but my appointment isnt till Nov. 7th. We wanted to figure out why I kep miscarrying. well Its been two months since the last miscarriage and I am pregnant again. I know I should be closley monitored but HOw would I go about doing this? Since my appointment isnt till November. Has anyone gone through this before? Anythin sort of advice would help thanks so much.


KK - September 15

How are you doing? You probably should contact your doctor right away. It would be your doctor to determine how closely to monitor you. I would get to the doctor ASAP. You want to do everything you can to keep this pregnancy going, so since you are still in your first trimester, and if history repeats itself again, please get to the doctor! Please also keep me posted on how you are doing. I am also trying to get pregnant again after miscarrying 2 months ago - but darn I just had my period! Good luck to you and I hope you have a healthy pregnancy!


Jolie - September 15

Keep in mind that weather you see the doctor or not does not mean this pregnancy will go to term. If there is something wrong with the fetus and your body determines to expell it (m/c) there isn't a darn thing the doc can do. I have had 4 m/c at various stages to include one ectopic. If you are worried, you can try what I did this time... When I found out I was pregnant I went to the doctor who said they didn't see anyone until 12 weeks or later. I expressed to them that I had cramping localized in one spot on my left side and since my ectopic I lost my right tube and I wanted it checked - they saw me right away. Of course, that's probably due to the ectopic, but if you express cramping (localized) and you really want to check it out, any doctor you would want to stay with will see you. Again, remember that they won't be able to do anything if it is not meant to be. I don't mean to be such a downer, but after losing 4 with no explanation other then that's what the body chose to do for some reason, I am more realistic. I am pregnant again (13.5 weeks) and will probably not breath until after it's in high school... I have had three v____al ultrasounds (the first they couldn't see anything as I was 6 weeks at the time so they had me come back to make sure it was a viable pregnancy) and even though I have seen my little one and have seen it move around like a little bean non stop and saw it's little heart beating, the images of the other m/c I've had never leaves. Anyway - sorry... As much as you might want answers as to the why - sometimes there are no answers - sometimes it just is. BTW after my first three m/c I had a textbook perfect pregnancy and had my beautiful boy who is now 10. Remember - your appointment with the specialist isn't until November, but you can get an appt with a gyn/ob before that... good luck..


Leanne - September 17

Hi Martina, I'm in the same boat as you. I've had 2 early m/cs this year and I found out I'm pregnant again last week. My HCG level was 157 last week and now it's 3465 @ 5.5 weeks pregnant. It's doubling which is good but still on the low side. I don't have alot of preg symptoms. Just tender b___bs and cramping on and off (no bleeding, thank god!!!). It's such an emotional rollercoaster, isn't it??!!! I didn't have much support for my previous pregnancies and finally forced my dr. to refer me to an OB-GYN. She's amazing and I'm so lucky to have her. Martina, please tell your dr. to refer you to an OB-GYN. You'll feel so much better knowing in your good hands!! Good luck!!!


Martina - September 22

Well I went to the clinic.. the doctor gave me an ultrasound and a blood test... havnt got the results yet and my appointment with my Ob-Gyn is on nov. 7th. But I did see sack with the yolk... the ultrasound person showed me... I'm finding out on Saterday all the results....


Emily - September 23

Keep us posted Martina. I had a miscarraige in Aug. It was my second preg and I was about 10 weeks. THey did a D&C because my body wasn't pa__sing the tissue on its own. I had only light spotting and no cramps. I am hoping to get pregnant again soon. My obgyn told me that everything looked ok and that this is jsut something that happens somtimes. My uterus is oka nd my overies are fine. It is only my first miscarriage so he wasn't too worried. I am! I still cry for my baby. I have a daughter who turned a year old in Aug, about two weeks before I miscarried. This second preg was a big suprise! But we were so very happy and then so very disappointed! I just started my first period five days ago. I should be about finished. I am hoping to get preg this month. We decided to try this time....I hope everything goes well with you this time. I will be praying for all of us.


Martina - September 26

Well a few days ago I had spotting. but it was just once after I went to the bathroom... no signs of it since... but I was soo scared I figured it would just happen all over again.. I wore a pad for like 4 days thinking it was gonna come but nothing ever did... soo here I am hanging on again till my next apppointment.....


Erin - September 26

Hi Martina - I totally understand how you feel. You should call the office and tell them your history and say you must be seen RIGHT AWAY. If the doctors are at all compa__sionate, they will make the time. If not, call every specialist in your area. Also call your doctor - he can do tests to tel you if your progesterone is low, or if you have antibodies, and can start you on treatment immediately. You need to have a sonogram at least every two weeks, if not more. I have suffered three miscarriages since February. The first one was a normal early mc at 6 weeks. Didn't think much of it. The doctor did a scan and found an endometrial polyp in my uterus. He also noted that I was about to ovulate. Well, I am hyperfertile and DH and I had s_x the day before - and sure enough i was pregnant again. This time it was ectopic. Finally I had surgery to remove the polyp and got pregnant two months later. That pregnancy ended just Thursday at nine weeks. It was quite a shock as we had seen the baby with it's heart beating just a few weeks before. I was on progesterone supplements since my progesterone was the very low en of what is considered "normal" and I had some spotting week 5. The doctor however thinks the supplements were doing their job and the fetal demise was caused by a chromosomal abnormality. The tissue is being tested at a lab, and this can tell you alot about the nature of the problem. Whether it is just bad luck or something in your body. This is a big reason why you need pre-natal care immediately. If you miscarry again you want the doctor to catch it on ultrasound before you expell the tissue (this usually takes a few weeks), otherwise they will not be able to send it to the lab. If your pregnancy ends in mc again (and I hope not!) you do not want to miss this opportunity to learn valuable info about your condition. You also would want blood tests for immune and clotting problems. I am going to do this, too. Good luck.


Erin - September 26

Oh, Martina, I should mention that I also had another mc about nine years ago - ,blighted ovum. That brings me up to four. BUT I did get pregnant again two weeks after the D&C for that blighted ovum and do have a beautiful eight year old girl. So go figure. Some of us just have to roll the dice a lot it seems. But I'm 37 now, so I won't be able to stay in this game much longer, so I am getting myself and the tissue from the last mc tested. I need answers FAST.


Martina - September 30

Well, I spoke with my doctor yesterday they said everything seems to be going nicely and my HCG levels are doubling perfect. but the ultrasound was too soon and they didnt see a fetal pole.. which they said is normal at that stage soo they want to do another one. SO I have another ultrasound on October the 8th. where I will be 8 weeks .... I'll keep you posted.


Kaz - September 30

If I were you I'd make a nuisance of myself with my local Doctor and get an immediate referral to your hospital for an early viability scan and blood tests. You have every right to be anxious and every right to demand closer monitoring. Miscarriage is so heartbreaking, I too have been through 2, the second was ectopic which is very serious. Remember that miscarriage is very common in early pregnancy, the majority of the time theres nothing wrong with us its just natures way if something isn't quite right with the foetus but if there is an underlying factor then it needs to be found and treated. Good luck sweetheart, I hope you hold this baby in your arms one day.


Martina - October 11

Well I went to my other ultrasound over the weekend... I got to see the heart beating and the baby was actually moving which is weird cause I'm only 8 weeks,.. it was quite funny,.. the ultrasound tech was like oh the baby is moving, I was like GET OUTA HERE and I moved close to the screen and I could actually see it moving... it was sooo tiny... well all I can do is pray and I'll be going back to the clinc on friday to see if they want more montioring... but my appointment with my OB is still in Nov 7... the clinic has actually been really good.. giving me all the appropriate care... but my ob I guess is packed full... must be a good one.. LOL.. I sure hope sooo... thanks for everyones input.. I'll keep posting for those who are interested...



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