Problems From D Amp C

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Ivan Tam - February 22

My wife and I just had a miscarriage, and are debating whether to do the D&C procedure or just let nature take its course. Although our doctor says a D&C is safe, we can't help but to wonder because a friend of ours had it done which caused complications in her subsequent pregnancy. Also, a doctor friend of ours also had a miscarriage and chose to do it naturally for the very same fear that it might cause problems in the future. So we were wondering if we can get some feedback from people who've gone through a D&C procedure in the past, are pregnant now, and whether or not they're having complications in their current pregnancies because of the procedure. Thanks in advance!


Krissy25 - February 27

I know this post is about a week old and you have probably made a decision by now but if it helps I had a D&C and I am glad i did. i was bleeding for so long and i was in a lot of pain but i still wasn't pa__sing anything. It was an incomplete miscarriage and the procedure gave me a lot of relief and there were no complications and we waited a few cycles to start trying again and got pregnant on the second try. I am now 14 weeks and everything is going well. I'm not saying you should have one just because, I really wanted it to happen naturally but it just wasn't happening so i think it was best for me. It's your decision though and if it seems things are progressing on their own I would't get one. Good luck I hope everything works out if it hasn't already.


Krissy25 - February 27

By the way, I am very sorry for your loss. (I should have said that 1st) Losing a child is never easy even if you wern't that far along. I found that people can be very insensitive when they find out you have had a miscarriage. If they have never experienced one they think it's not really a big deal and you can just try again. But it is a very sad thing. I'm still sad even though i am expecting again. Just remember you have eachother and together you will get through this.


Ivan Tam - February 28

Thanks, Krissy25, for your comments and your kind words. Yes, we've made the decision to do it and it's scheduled for tomorrow. After hearing what everyone had to say, we felt more comfortable about it. We're also just tired of the waiting. I'm sure things will turn out fine. Thanks again!


Krissy25 - February 28

I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I'm sure the both of you are scared. I know i was but really it wasn't that bad, more emotional than anything. I wish you and your wife the best and hopefully the next time around things go better.



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